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  1. I think we all did exactly what Coach King was preaching for his players not to do. We looked at the common opponent scores and said blowout with no challenge at all. During the game that old Longview fan mentality crept back in for lots of fans. Bottom line is every game will be different and we are not the same team as last year. Things are not clicking yet like we expected, especially with the passing game and penalties. I hope we get it going. Sometimes Haynes misses the throws, then he hits them, and the receivers drop a few. It’s hard to get in sync when that happens, and it ha
  2. Last game of the year 1998 at Nac we won 27-0 had like 29 kids suited up that night
  3. Chris Butcher rushed for 200 yards in that loss. Three quick scores in the first 3 minutes of the game off turnovers. It was all Longview after that.
  4. Prayers from our Lobo family. I live in Carthage now and our hearts go out to his family and those who were touched by his life.
  5. Great news on Merideth!!! Still on cloud nine after watching the defense destroy Rockwall. Like I said the other day, I've been watching Longview football since 1978 and other than 1980 this is the best defense I've seen. So proud of our Lobos and I know we still need to improve, but dang when and if we do get it all together..... LOOK OUT!!!! GO LOBOS beat Horn!!!! #starthale
  6. Lol. Every squirrel 🐿 gets a nut every now and then. I said 42-21 I was hoping we beat them worse and look what happened. Just like last year we all thought Marshall and JT were really bad and look what happened. I really think we all don’t know how good this team is.
  7. I’ve been watching Longview since 1978. 1980 was a really good defense but this is the best I’ve seen since. Great job D. Shoutout to JT and Marshall tonight. Great wins for both.
  8. Rockwall is either really off tonight or not as good as I thought.
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