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  1. When the offense jells we have a chance to be really good. Way to go Lobos. Next will be a very good passing offense in Marshall.
  2. I agree Lufkin at Abe is hard to beat. My score was off but a wins a win. Can’t expect anything else when these teams meet.
  3. Lufkin’s run D played better than I expected. Hats of to the Panthers. I was sitting in the middle of the Lufkin south visitors side. The pass interference tackle was one of the worst no calls I’ve ever seen. Lufkin fans were shaking their heads. I stood up and told all of them No way you can deny that.
  4. Watched Katy beat NS 24-21 last night. Katy held NS to -6 yards total offense in the second half. That defense is bad to the bone.
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