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  1. Hey Doomer. Why don't you just get with the administration and talk Sloppy's way back on the site in time for kickoff?
  2. Not if the Bears bus arrives at the venue! Bears
  3. So sorry to hear this. Good person.
  4. Waskom and EF would be a tough draw but dang, add in DF and WR, what does seeding really matter?
  5. Over 25 yrs since Cowboys won the Superbowl.
  6. Doomer don't need to be out of state after dark......if ya know what I'm sayin?
  7. I choose my battles wisely and have decided not to pick on a dude named powerlifter to call out on the way he spells Eagles.
  8. Anyone know of a place close to Shelby or Panola Counties that may have DC Football Magazine?
  9. I have no tats, piercings, hair or remaining real teeth.........if anyone cares!
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