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  1. Woah Zeke and Pollard both gotta couple touchdowns each. Vikings don't look like they wontnomore. It's just 8:23 3rd quarter already 37-3. Seen coach hand the read flag to the assistant and head over to the bench. I think he maybe going to get a towel and broomhandle to make a surrender flag.
  2. Biden is unfit for office....... Is this topic an actual a thread or just a very short statement of the obvious.
  3. Since this is football I call Bulldogs. If it was sausage making...............
  4. November 4, 2022 - Shelbyville vs. Centerville, Friday, November 11 at 7:30pm in Diboll.
  5. Covered Timpson and Shiner at the Tomato Bowl. It's 100% improved and one of the sweetest venues I've been too. Plus there's a Burger King right across the street! That's important for a vegetarian. Try the Ultimate Whopper Trueblue82.
  6. Garrison ISD site says Timpson @ Garrison is moved to 7 p.m. Thursday
  7. The Battle of the Attoyac has had some fairly unpredictable results sometimes. I think it was around 2010, coach Washington's final season at THS. Timpson (1-7?)went to Garrison who was undefeated 8-0 I think. Lorenzo Young broke a long run for a score and a big kid playing defensive tackle ( coulda been a relative of Bussey's I believe) picks up a Dawgs fumble and races 95 yards to set up another score. State ranked GHS escaped with a narrow win 22-21 despite being highly favored.
  8. Tigers. They aren't state finalist now but showing steady improvement .
  9. Well if that's the case there have been several 'quality winners' this season!
  10. Absolutely. That Logansport team too but they graduated their majority of starters and we got them the next year. They were athletic as anyone stout and looked like a college team compared to our squad. I was absolutely ecstatic we competed well with them.
  11. 1997 Logansport at Tenaha. Logansport consistantly gained huge leads but THS reeled them back in. Players on the Tigers teams that played both ways just had to do what they had to do to get a break including faking a injury and getting down on both knees in the huddle to take the slightest of breaks. Tenaha scored at the final buzzer and had a chance to tie the game with a 2pt conversion. McCallister scrambled and threw a dart which only his guy had a chance to bring down. Ball barely skipped off his fingers and out of bounds. Tenaha Tigers fell to the LHS Tigers, if I remember right, by a 61-59 score.
  12. Just like I said before the Alto game. This will be much closer than you may think. Alto had them down 36-7 and started to try to get some celebrating, and a couple of extra pushes in after a play or two, Tigers just got tired of taking it! True Story.
  13. Why is the boy's bicycle the one with that danged bar?
  14. As a small -time backwater correspondent sportswriter I have been commissioned to cover Friday's game between these two Shelby County rivals. I love my job!
  15. Check the scores, Tenaha played better the time it was spelled T-e-n-a-h-a than they did when it was spelled T-e-n-e-h-a. Just sayin'.
  16. Game may be closer than stats would indicate! Or it could just be my delusional hopes.
  17. I think the Rams have a chance.
  18. I would never know this if it weren't for USAF survival school. Crickets and grasshoppers aren't all that bad if roasted. They need to be separated first though by removing the head and innards at the neck. You then cook the legs and body and throw away the head and guts. There's also a lot of a pine tree that's edible but not super tasty.
  19. I have a suspicion that I qualify for the lefts version of uneducated. I graduated high school and couldn't go to college without working too or burdening my family financially. So I joined the Air Force in 1980. Went to technical school at Lowry AFB for a year. Gained another year through correspondence training while I served and worked my duty job. Also took classes which intrested me through the Community College of the Air Force. I don't have a bachelors degree but I've never been out of work. I really do believe many leftists would feel I would be better off if I had a liberal arts degree but lived in a van at a commune, received a govt. check, and kept me a service dog handy.
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