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  1. Doubt it. Now, most likely 4th place.
  2. Palestine opened up a 22-0 lead, then Jasper scored 40 unanswered points. After Jasper put in some reserves Palestine scored again to bring the final score to 40-28. My, what a game!
  3. I totally agree. If you would like to know how much talent has passed through that little town, then just Google "NFL players from Jasper, Texas". Or look at the history to track in Texas. Of the 13 running events for which records are kept; all time, all classifications Jasper is in the top ten in FIVE different events. Anyone that knows Jasper knows that there is talent coming through Jasper year after year.
  4. The last time I Googled it; as I remember, Jasper's 1991 time was still the third best time ever run in the United States. Second place time was 40.2 which was no slouch. Luckily, I got to see the race. Brian Bronson got the baton about a stride behind their anchor; and finished at least a stride ahead of that anchor. What a finish. Brian went to the 1996 Olympics in the hurdles.
  5. I am not stunned that Jasper lost. But the way they lost, well congratulations China Springs!
  6. I think you should be able to find Jasper games stored at kjas.com
  7. Hope you are right about Jasper possibly meeting Carthage again. If it happens, hopefully the brackets are so that it would not be before QF. Now that would be a stretch!. Good luck to Center from here on out! Jasper plays Madisonville next week in Madisonville, then the next week the Jasper coach said they will be playing again in Madisonville vs. the third place team from ???. Both games will be streamed live on KJAS.COM if anyone would like to watch a bit of those games.
  8. Final Jasper wins 41-13. Center, you played tough!!
  9. By the way, you can watch the remainder on kjas.com
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