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  1. We just want everyone to say they think we will win! Quit with all the negativity! Go Lobos!
  2. I do not know to whom or when the memo was received. Obviously no one I saw got the message. We weren't the only ones that were turned around. They even argued with a lady that had diapers and wipes in a clear bag, for a baby. It was handled poorly. But, now we know and will be more prepared on Saturday.
  3. But folks didn't know ahead of time.......hence the trips back to cars to unload a bag.
  4. They are more than welcome to have rules. We have rules, also. Those rules do not need to inflict unnecessary trauma to the teams playing in said stadium, though. Every single person that walked up to the gate had to turn around and empty bags with blankets and slickers and carry them in by hand. It was too inconvenient. That was the purpose of the clear bag policy. So you could see inside of it. I do not know who they thought they were protecting. Everyone of us could have had a knife or gun in our pockets, that were NOT checked. No metal detector to walk through. But that danged ol clear ba
  5. They are just heads. No bags allowed in either. If you have any stuff, it has to be carried in by hand. They don't even allow clear bags like every stadium in Texas.
  6. I think we would surprise you this year. I can only speak for myself, but I am looking at these playoffs in 2020 as an extra game we were allowed to play. For ANY team this year, nothing was promised, for sure. So each week is a different positive addition to this season that I am surprised we got to see. WIN, LOSE OR DRAW...... ALWAYS LOBOS!
  7. Consistent coaching with genuine desire for their kids to succeed. Oh.....and alot of hardware to entice kids to want to be a part of a consistently winning program.
  8. Yes, we are all dysfunctional in our own way. And it will take as long to get back, when a new coaching staff is installed. They will have to start from scratch. It won't be easy and I do not envy that in the least. They will have to find kids that are willing to buy into a new system, too. It happens everywhere. We are unique in East Texas. Sometimes, we don't have the same privileges that these big, rich school districts have. That has always been ok. We have to just do us. Tyler will be back. They will get a coaching staff in there that wants the kids to shine and it will be back on.
  9. I did use to work in Tyler....years ago....you have a great memory. Lol.
  10. I do not live in Tyler. And the team formally known as JT is my #1 team to hate, believe that. But, I also hate to see a once very proud program, be turned into what it is now. And the blame lies entirely with the coaching staff. They are supposed to be the leaders....the shepherds so to speak. If they can't lead, the herd fails. That means is the coaching staff can't get it together the administration needs to step in...if that fails....you need to clean house, top to bottom and start from scratch. Those kids deserve better. Like I said, just how I see it. Go Lobos!
  11. My opinion only....... Tyler has always had exceptional talent and the majority of that talent wasn't coached, it just was. Then, all that talent that comes out of Tyler started going other places. That is when the coaches had to show what they were made of, they couldn't. It is easy to coach exceptional, football minded kids. You just let them loose and they do what they do. Then you have kids that NEED to be coached to get better. They don't have anyone teaching them. In any interview I have ever seen, the coaching staff has never taken the blame for any of this. It is sad that these ki
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