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  1. 4 hours ago, LoboBooster73 said:

    I agree. Neither TexanLive or NFHS is the quality of Gameday. You give up a lot of things like quality announcers, game clock, down marker, yardage marker, play clock, timeouts remaining, and replays. 

    Point......NFHS has it posted like this for a game that will be broadcast by @TexanLive. So to search for it, you already have a problem. SMH


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  2. 23 hours ago, Ace1122 said:

    I hear things about Nacogdoches, about Marshall, about Lindale, about Longview, about every little school in all the small-town communities. It’s not just Whitehouse, you all just choose to hammer them for some reason. So they have a rowdy student section, so does 10 out of 11 schools. Either way, good luck to every team in the 8-5a district, some tough draws first round. 

    You will NEVER see signs at ANY Lobo athletic game, made by students or otherwise that say anything derogatory about a school being uneducated; or referred to by any other name than their school mascot. Nor should the Lobo principal have to appeal to the neutral site custodial services to take down a sign that the WH parents and teachers wouldn't take down.  I was there.....I saw the sign.....I took pictures of the sign....we listened to the chants from the WH students at a volleyball playoff game. I also wrote a letter to the superintendent, explaining our disgust at the behavior of the students.  The kids involved had to apologize but "they didn't mean anything by it". The apology never happened and the kids graduated. The only notice about the "incident" was on Twitter for a brief moment.  

    This is one incident among many, involving schools that have kids of color on their teams. So yes,  complicit is the perfect word for the administration and parents.  And if you don't see a problem with their behavior, then you are also part of the problem. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, RandyJohnson said:


    Once upon a time the Longview Lobos traveled out to

    Lubbock,Texas to play Odessa Permian for a playoff game.


    The year was 1975 and it was a 470 mile trip which saw the

     Lobos fall 10-9 ! I was in the 6th grade (about to turn 12) !


    I still remember that nearly 7 hour haul and was tough after that loss !



    I remember that game because my aunt flew on a chartered plane to that game and I was amazed by that. But, my dad and I listened to it on the radio and he was hollering at the radio the whole time. I would make that haul now, but back then most people didn't travel like that. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Lobo97 said:

    Why are we moving games all of a sudden because of rain? We don't play in the rain anymore? Other teams still do. What happens when there's rain during a playoff game, and we can't move it, and the players are now not ready for it? 

    It is not the rain they are moving it for, it is the lightning and the hours of delays. 

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