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  1. Thing is, we do ALL care. Being complicit as adults, is teaching ALL of your students how to behave when they are adults. I've seen this behavior at all sporting events that WH is involved. So until that school district does better, the bad taste and the bad feelings will remain. What I wish, is another playoff game at Lobo Stadium, against my Lobos. This year especially, would be great! Stay classy WH!
  2. Thank you. We usually park by the baseball field anyway and we get there WAY in enough time. Like when the gates open we are standing there.
  3. Can anyone tell us what the parking is going to be like at Rose? Go Lobos!
  4. @LoboFan07 Who was the coach at Sherman that lied about covid to get out of ccominto Lobo Stadium? That puts Sherman on my honorable mention list, also.
  5. How about playing against them in the volleyball playoffs and their students were there with a sign talking about our uneducated black kids. Our principal had to go to the Hawkins janitor and have him take down the sign because the WH school official didn't think it was a problem. And I have more stories just like it.
  6. 5. Lake Travis... 08 & 09. 4. PNG...worst fans even when their team sucks! Even at 7on7! 3. Midway...let me count the ways! 2. Whitehouse...there is not one single redeeming quality. Tell us to take a knee again. 1. Tyler...Even less redeeming than Whiehouse, if that is possible, and for totaly different reasons. Their color is blue and they call themselves Cujo, which is a dog not a lion. I will go to my grave wishing not so nice things. > Honorable Mention: Lufkin...because 13 years is hard to get over. GO LOBOS!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! I hope everyone has the greatest Thanksgiving, tomorrow!!! I will see you all in Mesquite on Friday!!! GO LOBOS!! BTHORYAN
  8. Happy Birthday to our Historian and my good friend, @LOBOFAN07! See ya tomorrow! Go Lobos! #BTHOWEBO!
  9. Wild Thang was child's play. Bwana is where all the mess was happening. We used to ride to Karnack just to watch the nonsense. True Story!
  10. This is what was on the TISD Facebook page. And it nearly burned my fingers with permanent damage, typing that into my Facebook search bar. SMH!! Tyler ISD Athletics Yesterday at 9:04 AM ยท Tickets sold at the gate $8 (credit card or debit card only) @TylerLionsFB @TylerHighLions Tyler High vs Longview Lobos (Lobo Stadium)
  11. Nope to WH.....that is as bad as making me wear a tshirt from the team formally known as JT. I will go nekked first!
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