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  1. Terry is probably about to win a State Championship playing 7 vs 11...
  2. I just can't get the idea of that line costing Timpson somewhere down the road. Maybe those skill guys are special enough to keep it from happening.
  3. Its scary how good Terry Bussey is... Vosky is almost as good. And the rest of those skill guys are no joke.
  4. I love Joaquin... I absolutely love Joaquin and Joaquin football. But every time we lose the refs are blamed by 90% of the fanbase. That's loser mentality. We have to stop that.
  5. Go Bears indeed. I hope they bring that ring home.
  6. Oh I'm sure they did. That's one thing I'm pretty sure of.
  7. We all pretty much expected them too. Just knew cVille would come at em.
  8. The only person I've ever seen that compares to Terry is Tarlandus Mitchell
  9. Thankfully Terry is from Timpson. He's a fun kid to watch and I think coach T kno snjust how to use him.
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