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  1. Very very well said! I think everyone is happy for the bears
  2. I’ll take me and chrisco in Oklahoma drill over any 2 adults in Timpson! Make it happen!
  3. My main thing is I had zero to do with this game except school pride. All my brothers are gone. All my cousins are gone. All the kids I coached... Gone. I hopped on here to get involved in the talk and Mr.big toughmctoughy thought he ran me off. I’ll be here when Joaquin gets beat 63-0 and I’ll be here when Joaquin wins by 63.
  4. Oh we can be whooped up on. We just come back for more when it’s over.
  5. I don’t wanna do it I’m really happy for Timpson. I know it’s a Courtney though. People win and people lose it happens. But to think I’m not gonna show up? Lemme tell ya I could get beat up on national tv and talk as soon as I wake up.
  6. I don’t just talk... I can also drop people on their heads Quite proficiently. I thought we where past that tho.
  7. I know you ain’t talkin to me I’ll be here talkin regardless. It’s not like I lost to Timpson. I was in Shreveport with my wife and kids doin an escape room. I’ll also be here in a year or 2 when all the timpson people are gone. I’ll talk your ear off while I’m gettin beat.
  8. I’ll be in an escape room about the time game kicks off! When I get out it should be decided.
  9. Naw I’ll be honest. With the ticket limiting I haven’t even tried to get a ticket this year. I don’t wanna take a parent or grandparents chance to watch their child
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