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  1. It's official. Jared Jones is the New AD/HFC of the Joaquin Rams.
  2. My junior and senior year I was the second largest lineman we had. I was 5'10 223 my Sr year.
  3. He also enjoyed nothing more than knocking the chocolate outta folks
  4. Very curious who all puts in... Jared Jones should be the pick but I'm still interested in knowing all the candidates.
  5. I heard his name mentioned. Butttt5t sounds like he's HC at a big school.
  6. Idk Bickham... but thats a big no on the second one. I'd literally pull my kids outta the district if they made that hire.
  7. Yeah after thinking about it I'm not married to that opinion anymore. Idk in my head this is a "built by us" thing. But Wayne Gandy wasn't from here and if it wasn't for him joaquin wouldn't have won 20 games in the last 20 years. Idk how I feel right now to be honest.
  8. I don't like change. Not even a little bit. Call me whatever you want but I won't be happy unless it's Jared or some other Joaquin Alum. It needs to be someone who understands how important Ram football is to everyone here.
  9. Wouldn't bet on it.
  10. The one thing I can say about Wade is in the... idk 20? Years I've known him. I've never met anyone willing to Work as hard and give as much as Wade Lawson.
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