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  1. Whewwwww boy. Ya know. I get on here and say stupid stuff for fun sometimes but this one probably (maybe not) beat anything stupid I ever posted... And I was just saying stuff to ruffle feathers.
  2. It's not. He's upset and rightfully so. They'll get em next year. Terry deserves that ring.
  3. I literally said I didn't. I know how Joaquin and Garrison gave Timpson problems and I don't see anyone else giving them problems unless they follow that blue print... Refugio did a little.more than give them a problem. Also no calls didn't help.
  4. Oh I played on the line I know haha
  5. Ain't no IF about it. That young man wearing 10 not only wants it, he needs it.
  6. Also from what I'm seeing. Timpson got absolutely shafted by a ton of missed holding calls
  7. Oh I'm sure he may have got out coached. But if he did it was by the best coach in the history of the classification. You guys have one more chance to get it done. Let him work.
  8. I didn't watch this game. Not a single down. But I'm gonna go ahead and guess Refugio had no trouble running the ball up the gut and got as much pressure on Bussey as they wanted. If that's what happened then you know what happened. Without therwanger this would be like every other Timpson team EVER. Great athletes with no discipline.
  9. Watch out... You'll get hate for that.
  10. Grace has had moments this year where he looked like the best player on the field. I just wanna remind you that Terry Bussey would also be on that field at that time.
  11. After watching pretty much every second of film I could on Refugio idk how this is gonna go. I will say this Terry Bussey will be the best player on the field by FAR. I can't remember the number right off the top of my head but Refugio has a back that is an absolute UNIT and he's not going down without every ounce of fight in him every snap. #7 is probably the fastest kid I've ever seen I'm guessing that's who y'all are saying won state in track last year. This is gonna be an absolute WAR. GO BEARS.
  12. https://www.on3.com/teams/texas-am-aggies/news/where-texas-am-targets-commits-rank-in-the-updated-2024-on300/
  13. They got the #1,3,4 and 5 guys on their team?
  14. Just be thankful Terry was born and raised in Timpson. He very easily could have grew up in any town in Shelby County. I don't ever look for Timpson to be a walk in the park for anyone as long as therwanger is there. But you'll see a huge drop off in success when Terry goes and wins his Heisman in a few years.
  15. Yeah... The number 2 athlete in the nation would be "just another guy".
  16. I think Terry Bussey is the best football player in this state.
  17. You get used to hearing it. With him they're probably gonna win state. Without him they MIGHT win a playoff game. But they have him so hypotheticals don't matter.
  18. I'm about to ask a stupid question... Where is Harmony?
  19. So... Has Mart already turned in their ring sizes?
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