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  1. Thanks for the clarification that’s a bit much tho he needs to get a grip
  2. Our HC didn’t officially start until I believe the summer time and had to put together a staff, a culture change.
  3. Lol right.. this staff is doing great with our kids.. just a lot of youth and mistakes that young teams make..
  4. LE will be fine I believe we had some major problems Freeman’s Jr year and then ripped off a long playoff run, My only concern is the offensive play calling idk it may be the personnel, but we’ve had 4 Qb’s play this year. Maybe someone’s injured who knows but I think we should stick with Goodman or Brown and roll with them that’s the only way we will grow. I think with some tweaking we can pull this off, and cleaning up penalties & mistakes.
  5. What is your point?? Why so negative?? Idk why everybody’s so salty these days and name calling these guys really immature..
  6. LE till the wheels fall off lol idc if they have fallen off I’m still riding!!
  7. 21-14 Texas JV LE freshman won LE 8th A won 7th A tied Texas won both B team games
  8. Yea y’all always play us tough regardless.. both state champs lost to y’all lol
  9. Man that kid was amazing, I wish he would’ve had a shot at QB in college.. he’s a beast at smu though if it wasn’t for Argyle he maybe would’ve had a couple of rings..
  10. In my eyes Wells or not the most possible winnable games on the schedule are Atlanta, Spring Hill, Pitt, and it’s possible to sneak up on Gilmer
  11. Yes last years QB had been the QB for his class all the way up to his sophomore year plus he was a senior.. he had came in several times As the backup QB the year before.. the QBs we have this year have never taken a varsity snap, both QBs from last year graduated.. plus the Oline is very young ..
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