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  1. Does anyone know the reasoning behind the proposal to not let Freshmen particpate in varsity sports?
  2. So, who are you saying is the front runner to get the New Boston job? You said MP is the front runner.
  3. Shouldn't it be a down year for Waskom?
  4. Health seems to be our problem every year. It seems like our best player each year has some catastrophic injury.
  5. If Pewitt has everybody available, I will take Pewitt. I think they were without #8 against Daingerfield and Prairiland, which seemed to hinder them pretty badly.
  6. LE is a hard team to pick. They have all the talent, but just can't put it together anymore. I am taking Van to win this game because LE is weird.
  7. We may get beat and our season come to an end, but I am pumped up about this game. #shocktheworld
  8. Give me Tatum by a touchdown. This is a good first round playoff game.
  9. This game should be close, but I will take Sabine. I also believe Mineola can win this game.
  10. I just watched 12 Mighty Orphans and they say everybody beats Mineral Wells so I am taking Celina to win big.
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