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  1. Not being able to cover long passes also took its toll!
  2. From the El Campo Leader News: El Campo has fired on all cylinders in the first half of each playoff game as it has scored at least 30 points or more before halftime. How important will it be for the Ricebirds to come out of the gates early against Carthage? "We really hope to do that and score often,' (El Campo coach Bob) Gillis said. "They are really good and our goal is to focus on making first downs." "They do different things than what we have seen all season," ...Gillis said. Ricebird fans will flock to Beaumont in full force. The Ricebird Booste
  3. The only reason I can think of to have gone to the Huntington game was to see if the Dawgs were going to tie a world's record. And they did - fewest 1st downs allowed in a game (0).
  4. From lunch-time reading: El Campo QB Bryce Brandl has more impreesive rushing statisitics than Silsbee QB Patrick Reed: Brandl - 137 carries - 1,133 yards - 8.27 yards per carry - 17 TDs Reed - 141 carries - 1,087 yards - 7.71 yards per carry - 7 TDs El Campo has thrown 4 passes in each of its 3 playoff games (compared to over 6 passes a game during the regular season). In the first one, a 35-21 win over LaGrange, the Ricebirds didn't complete a pass. That was the second game this season in which the semi-finalist had zero completions. The Ricebirds' a
  5. One can argue about the strength of Region 4, but it would be hard to argue that El Campo had a tough schedule this year. Six of the Ricebird's ten regular-season games were against teams that finished their seasons with losing records. These included Bay City & Needville (both 0-10) & Brookshire Royal (1-9). The 1-win team had 245 yards passing against the semi-finalists.
  6. El Campo led Ingleside by only 3 points (17-14) going into the 4th quarter. Although they have won a lot of football games in recent years, El Campo hasn't been this far in the playoffs in 45 years.
  7. To my knowledge, the last team the Dawgs played that had two players who had already committed to play college football at Rice was the only team to which a Scott Surratt-coached Carthage squad has ever lost a district game - last year's Gilmer Buckeyes.
  8. From what I saw, the Dawgs should have lined up and run for 2 points after every TD.
  9. From pre-season Dave Campbell's 2012 Texas Football: 2011: 7-4 4A DII bi-district finalist/4-2 District 23-4A. Starters returning Offense/Defense: 5/5. Players to watch: TE Cole Hunt (6-7, 235, 4.7), T Trey Martin (6-3, 260, 4.9), FB Montray Johnson (5-9, 200, 4.7). Top juniors: RB Bobby Joe Flagg, (6-1, 210, 4.7), C/OT Zeke Tsika (6-1, 225, 4.8). 2012 notes: El Campo is blessed with size up front in the form of TE Hunt (15-312, 2 TDs receiving in 2011), whom Coach Bob Gillis called a very good receiver and blocker, and T Martin. Tsika will transition into an OT position after sta
  10. El Campo Ricebirds (13-0) statistics from the Houston Chronicle website: Offense: Yards rushing per game - 354 Yards passing per game - 56 Total yards per game - 410 Points per game - 39.5 Defense: Yards rushing allowed per game - 99 Yards passing allowed per game - 133 Total yards allowed per game - 231 Points allowed per game - 14.3 Offensive leaders: Rushing: Jack Davis - 128 carries / 1,347 yards / 10.52 yards per carry / 16 TDs Montray Johnson - 166 carries / 1,167 yards / 7.03 yards per carry / 14 TDs Bryce Brandle - 137 carries / 1,133 yards / 8.27 yards per ca
  11. Stafford was 9 of 10 passing for approximately 180 yards. Although it didn't look to me like much of that came against 2nd-team Tigers, I'll concede that you're probably a lot more familiar with the players than I am.
  12. I've seen both Carthage and Silsbee play, and I think your analysis is right on the money. The wild card is turnovers, as it almost always is when two quality teams meet. If the Dawgs turn the ball over tonight as much as they did against Jacksonville and Palestine, the result might be as unfortunate for them as it was against the former and almost was against the latter. BTW, despite the success Stafford had throwing the ball last week, they didn't have a sophisticated passing game. Their 3 TD passes came from 3 different players, and they only threw 10 times in the game. Given the so
  13. I hope you're correct and the Dawgs successfully run the football tomorrow night. I saw Silsbee play last week, and it appeared to me that their best defensive player is their 260-lb. nose guard, a junior who some of the Silsbee fans say will be a Division I player. He is a "hoss".
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