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  1. So why would he leave PT as AD to Buckeye land...
  2. Heard Gilmer Board approved it !
  3. If they would do away with taking 4 teams, it would shorten the weeks, which would not put state games the weekend of release. Personally I prefer the old school - Win your district advance to playoffs, everyone else sits and watches. And I know that will be unpopular.
  4. https://cbs4local.com/sports/sports-headlines/canutillo-wont-pay-coaches-if-seasons-are-cancelled-07-08-2020
  5. I think if J Traylor can get a few more years under his belt, and when Herman is finally let go. Just don't think he will be the one to get Texas to the glory days, J Traylor will then come back and get that job. As a non loving Texas fan, he has what it takes to get them to the top, js.
  6. Have never liked Mond, and he has been the biggest contributor to an unsuccessful 1st half.
  7. Changes have to happen.period. Will be ugly, but necessary.
  8. Gilmer was held scoreless in the state game against Navasota in 2012.
  9. Depends on what great means to you. Did we win a lot of games, yes. Did a.lot of junk come with that, yes. Did a lot of players get scholarships, yes, but a lot also couldn't handle the academics,.not sure that is winning. Did we spend TONS of $$$ to win, yes. Not sure we can REALLY afford all those coaches, all those salaries, AND the Sup's as well....????
  10. Internal struggles are taking a toll on the team, not good. Discipline and accountability need to be part of the daily grind. These Sr's & Jr's played exceptionally well at JV ranks, have some talent, not sure where it went. Traylor vs Turner coaching styles are night and day, however we don't hear all the cussing from the sidelines, and appears the booster club doesn't have as many families " helping out" players in need. Tough time for the Army of Buckeyes, as many are not showing up to support these kids. Look for it to be ugly Friday night with Newton.
  11. Oh I know, but that doesn't make it right. A teacher, teaching PE for 3 -5 periods gets as much as a teacher in a core classroom. Ridiculous.
  12. Yes,but how many are teaching a core subject, much less multiple classes.
  13. But let's not forget, it isn't just his salary you have to factor in. What are the number of coaches in staff, base pay at What $38/40K for 1st [email protected] coaches. Ton of money spent. What percentage of scholarship students graduate with their degree versus don't. If we are going to buy State Championships, then let's get it out of the public education bank account, and go straight pay to play.
  14. Taterhead, but the nail on the head. Albritton needs to go, along with many on board that allowed salaries to climb to high. For the $ spent, still not sure it was worth the success as the HS building deteriorated. For the 18+ coaches salaries, we could have paid for a good chunk of a new building. Discipline and accountability is definitely lower, and that has equaled losses.
  15. So who are the options to fill the vacancies in Gilmer?
  16. You winning at one school is not going to guarantee wins at another. Look at Jacksonville. I have complete faith in Coleman & Canady, just a little time is all that is needed.
  17. Oh, it's a fact. As any player, coach or parent in Gilmer.
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