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  1. Texas High with solid victories over Tyler and Denison, they are the favorites, hands down. Game tonight could have been much worse.
  2. They should come back, however, for many, many years L-E was lousy and lucky to win half of their games. It was stupid to schedule the difficult schedules they have had the last couple of years. I could see where transfers would be a problem with L-E.
  3. When I was a child the 1965 Texas High team. Started the season with an upset of number 1 Galena Park and became number one in the state. Went undefeated and remained number one until the playoffs began. Defeated Dennison and Dallas Hillcrest before facing Odessa Permian in Ft. Worth at TCU. Lost the game after falling behind and then rallying to just fall short. Permian went on to crush San Antonio Lee the next week for the championship. This was the first state championship for Permian. Some of the players from both teams attended U of Texas and were major contributors to the 1969 Nat
  4. Looks like this. Texas High, Mount Pleasant, Marshall, Pine Tree, Hallsville, Jacksonville, Nacogdoches, Whitehouse. At least Texas High should be the favorite and won't have problems with non district games anymore. Arkansas High and somebody else. This is football only.
  5. Sir, finally looked up this conversation and I was wrong. It was TXK85 who made the comment. You have my sincere apology. I should have been more careful before posting. Again, sorry to upset you.
  6. I very well may know nothing at all. However, one thing I do know is that you are "The Village Idiot." And just an FYI for you SeriousDogpoop7, its not what I know...Its WHO I KNOW.
  7. I knew it would not take long before you came out of the closet. Wow, your credibility ####. That is why you are the "Village Idiot." By the way, FYI, BN won a state championship and came close to others. Just saying. SMDH
  8. I'm CEO of my families company and I'm very busy. Don't have all day to spend playing on the internet. However, I mentioned that with all the layoffs in the Texarkana area recently don't be surprised to see TH drop to D-2. Then Sirius Dogpatch replied that the only layoffs were at RRAD and they would not effect enrollment at THS. I came back and replied to look at all the empty buildings in Texarkana and that it looks like a ghost town. I mentioned the Pier 1 building that has been empty forever off the top of my head. You replied with sarcasm a blazing that "Wow, that Pier 1 building
  9. No sir, never mentioned "conspiracy." Simply repeated what I was told, then was told by the Smoaky experts that I was wrong. FYI, the hired help was in the superintendent's office, you believe what you want. I don't care. But I was right.
  10. You may well be right. However, it helps when there is somebody within 20 yards to the receiver. If he had stayed home that play would not have worked. By the way, I was on the field during that play, were you?
  11. Well, to me you will always be The Village Idiot. Fits you. Hey, remember back in February when I said on here that THS would drop to D-2. You said that THS numbers were on par with Longview and Tyler Lee? You get a good one off every now and then. SMDH
  12. Believe what you wish, does not matter to me what you think. You do know the UIL does work with school districts who feel they are under travel hardship. That is very common in west Texas. Perhaps that is what happened. And trust me, I was not told this by the hired help in TISD. My family has very deep roots in Texarkana. But probably enrollment just dropped. The guys on "Leaving the yard" said L-E is down over 300 from peaking a few years ago. AHS is way down and THS is down over 100. PG only went up about 45 so much for open enrollment. God, a lot of people bailing out of that
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