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  1. Hey everbody, Tune in your radios to 100.7 KPXI. Overton vs. Blueridge. Coverange begins at 8:45 am
  2. So you would rather have kids be fat? I would want kids to be healthy and doing what they love to do play sports, using their talents. If you cut sports, music, then that is bye bye UIL. Kids can still learn.
  3. I think the EPA gotta go! I am sick and tired of hearing about glodel warming and other stupid stuff. Weather happens and its going to happen no matter how much recycling they do. They force people to buy this CFL "which has toxic mercury in it and if you break it then it could kill you. I don't want to buy things that can kill me.
  4. the Central High School in Lufkin?
  5. Wow! Crockett Lady Bulldogs set a record for the most wins in the season then.
  6. I think closed since its going to be cold.
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