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  1. Too little too late to get the bats going. Now hopefully things don’t go from bad to worse with Schloss
  2. Right now it looks like y’all are getting the loser
  3. Pierce fired this morning. No coincidence it was announced today…
  4. Didn’t like Cortez going in so early or so long. Either way, it wasn’t pitching that failed A&M. Situational hitting was bad.
  5. You are correct. Prager gets Saturday. Lamkin and crew should be available Sunday.
  6. Lamkin was outstanding, but curious to the approach with him for the championship series. I figured it would be Lamkin going 3 innings tops. Kind of use a bullpen approach. Guessing Cortez gets the start on Saturday?
  7. 5-run lead. Would say to pull Prager sooner than later but his pitch count is sooo low. Let him go 7 and then hand it over
  8. Bold move to hold Prager out of game 1. Paid off there and now they have their ace for a hot Kentucky team. Gonna be a fun one tonight. No Sdao really hurts going forward, but keep winning and pitching depth is saved…
  9. If the Schloss rumor is true, the flip side has Deggs coming to CS from Louisiana.
  10. Just heard the same rumor from a good source. I imagine both Schloss and Vitello are interested, but also angling for raises…
  11. Exciting game but neither team looked great. A&M was 1-13 with RISP and left 14 on. Texas had four errors. I fully expect a rematch tonight if Texas has the energy to get through Louisiana. That game was draining I’m sure.
  12. Extremely accurate except for the Institute of Technology beating UTEP
  13. WAC was collapsing. It was the Utah schools leaving first with the Texas schools left out to dry, or SFA taking initiative and getting out before the house fell. ACU is saying the right things about the WAC, but the rumor mill has them reaching out to the SLC for a spot. Problem is they burned some bridges on the way out.
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