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  1. Texas has taken some lumps, but man...The dragging of ESPN is just beginning. Those dudes have been pulling some crazy illuminati stuff behind the scenes
  2. Texas and OU leaving for the SEC makes the WAC move look better because the long term plans. Part of the 10-year plan is a potential FBS jump. If the SEC and other P5 conferences turn leave the NCAA and form their own alliance, it opens the door for the WAC to join the FBS. Name recognition for basketball plays a role there, but isn't too far fetched to happen...
  3. She quit on her team. She couldn't handle the pressure and snapped. She needs to go home and recover. I hope she does not complete in the individual...
  4. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdWMrUKr/ Thought it would automatically embed like Twitter. Still kinda funny
  5. Very simple for A&M. Meet expectations and there is nothing to worry about. Make the playoffs and you are the big dog in Texas.
  6. I've heard rumblings of Midwestern State, or Commerce jumping to the Southland and could use some money...
  7. Rich?!?!? I'm down in your neck of the woods now. The Kingwood life was a little much. Busy burning sticks in Kenefick now
  8. Three in your pod. Rotate pods for four more games. Play team that finished in the same spot as you in the other two pods. A&M Schedule Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State, Alabama, Florida (Pod 3 3rd), Vandy (Pod 4 3rd) Georgia Schedule Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Candy, Kentucky, Texas (Pod 1 2nd), Ole Miss (Pod 2 2nd) The next year Pod 1 plays Pod 3, with 4 playing 2. The next would be 1v4 and 2v3.
  9. and I don't know many that watch Tech/Kansas State at any point in the day... I think we have hit a point to where fans are looking for marquee games regardless of conference affiliation. Take October 9 for instance. Doesn't matter who you root for, unless you are some type of Big 10 fan that enjoys early morning games (gross), you will tune into UT/OU in the morning and still catch A&M/Bama in the evening. Toss in a juicy FSU/UNC matchup and that is a day that most fans will take on regardless of affiliations.
  10. As long as the Big XII is putting their marquee game at 11:00 am each week, the SEC was going to pull plenty of Texas TV's in the afternoon and evening...
  11. Now you know the grass isn't that short or dry on a Friday night...
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