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  1. W20 Lake Creek vs F19 A&M Consolidated G1: LC 10 - A&M 0 G2: A&M 4 - LC 1 G3: LC 7 - A&M 1 (Lake Creek Advances 3-1) R20 Kingwood Park vs T19 College Station G1: CS 6 - KP 3 G2: CS 6 - KP 0 (College Station Advances 2-0) T20 Porter vs R19 Brenham G1: Porter 8 - Brenham 5 G2: Brenham 7 - Porter 0 G3: Porter 6 - Brenham 4 (Porter Advances 2-1) F20 Montgomery vs W19 Magnolia G1: Montgomery 7 - Magnolia 6 G2: Montgomery 12 - Magnolia 9 (Montgomery Advances 2-0) Area Matchups: Lake Creek vs Austin McCallum
  2. 20-5A Lake Creek (W20) wins their first playoff game in school history via Perfect Game over A&M Consolidated (F19). Lost Game 2. Game 3 tomorrow at Consolidated. Kingwood Park (T20) gets swept in a Friday doubleheader by College Station (T19). Porter (T20) defeats Brenham (T19) 8-5 in Game 1 tonight. Game 2 in Brenham tomorrow at Blinn. Montgomery (F20) sweeps Magnolia (W19)
  3. Statistically this is a dead heat...Gonna be a good one...Hopefully Carthel can keep his rooting interests to himself this time...
  4. but, but...They are STUDENT-athletes. wHaT iF tHeY mIsS cLaSs
  5. Depends on which coach has the stopwatch.... I ran my fastest 40's with Jerry Richards on the clock
  6. OC in Jefferson falls into that third gen
  7. FCS. We already have a playoff system that determines a true national champion...Don't drag us into that drama
  8. With any AD hire in Grapeland, I'm sure the DuBose name will come up at some point...
  9. Apparently he doesn't like offense too much and prefers defense. Will have to coach him up some there, but glad to know he is already bought into the system...
  10. What offense do you suggest for Grapeland? I feel like the spread is a good fit for them.
  11. SFA MBB tweeted out a commitment from Jonathan Aku (Texas A&M), but deleted the tweet a minute later. Dude was a 4* (#149 player in country) out of high school and is listed as 6'10" and 260 lbs. Underwhelming at A&M, but a chance at a new start...Hope this commitment holds. Could be huge.
  12. Pretty dead on. It has been a one man show for a while, with New Mexico State running things. Grand Canyon finally made the leap everyone has been waiting for last season. Seattle will be good next year, but not sure what their future looks like (If it is even in the WAC). NMSU, SFA, GCU, Sam, and ACU will be the cream of the conference next year. Lamar made a good coaching hire, but lost a lot of key players to the transfer portal. I don't think it happens next year, but I do think the WAC can become a multi-bid league. Non-conference scheduling should get better for these schools and t
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