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  1. Hate to see him go, I liked his vision and he did a lot in his tenure that was very good. That said, hopefully we can build on what he started and replace some parts that need addressing (Men’s sports in general)
  2. Big 12 has definitely been a basketball conference for a while now, but most conferences and schools make decisions based on football.
  3. Big 12 basketball is WILD I know football drives the bus, but losing Big 12 basketball is rough
  4. The Astros are starting to get the reputation as a team that doesn't necessarily negotiate and operate in good faith. Apparently, Springers decision to leave was in large part to the Astros delaying his years of service. He understood it was a business decision, but it definitely played a role for him. He also still has the ear of a lot of guys in the locker room... Negotiations with Tucker are definitely off to a bad start. Failing to renegotiate, going to arbitration last year, the organization isn't doing themselves any favors right now. Hopefully they can right the ship and keep him around. Him and Alvarez are two guys they have to build around...
  5. It was a GREAT night to be a Texan fan. Will and CJ getting their respective ROY awards. Andre getting the HOF nod (FINALLY) The only down part was Demeco getting robbed of Coach of the Year. Tied Stefanski on overall votes, but Stefanski had one more 1st place vote...I'll take a playoff win over a CoY award though...
  6. They should have just paid him, but Crane is very cautious with his money. Not afraid to spend it, but afraid to overspend. The theory I got from 610 is what is more concerning. Giving Hader the big contract, while it puts them above the competitive tax threshold, it also signals they may not be willing to pay Tucker and Bregman the money required to keep them. Talk from both sides doesn't sound promising on Bregman. Who knows with Tucker... They better have a GOOD backup plan in place for either of them if they plan on allowing them to walk. Not a lot of bodies in the minor league system that can replace that kind of production...
  7. Kenerd - Kennard Cyeuga - Cayuga Waskom Liberty Eylau
  8. PalestinIne - Palestine Borne - Boerne Tig - Teague Itlay - Italy
  9. Good move for the Astros Dubon won his arbitration case and will get $3.5 million next year
  10. 6A-4A is a tough road for ETX teams. Chapel Hill and Center have the best shot, but R3 is going to run through Silsbee and Washington. Not to mention places like Huffman and Hamshire Fannett that have some extremely talented teams. 3A & 2A are where ETX have their best chances at making a run.
  11. Grand Canyon 8-1 .889 18-2 .900 9-1 W1 Tarleton State 5-3 .625 12-7 .632 5-5 L1 Stephen F. Austin 5-3 .625 12-7 .632 7-3 L1 California Baptist 5-3 .625 12-7 .632 6-4 W4 Seattle U 4-4 .500 11-8 .579 5-5 W1 UT Arlington 4-4 .500 9-10 .474 4-6 L1 Utah Valley 4-4 .500 9-10 .474 3-7 W1 Abilene Christian 3-5 .375 8-11 .421 5-5 W2 Utah Tech 3-5 .375 7-12 .368 2-8 L3 Southern Utah 2-6 .250 7-12 .368 4-6 W1 UTRGV 2-7 .222 6-14 .300 3-7 L3
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