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  1. No clue how Orangefield is just receiving votes. Two no-hitters in the Tatum tournament including one over 4A #10 Spring Hill. Also beat #3 Carthage 6-3. Those dudes are hot right now… Their ace had scouts from the Yankees and Dodgers checking him out a couple of weeks ago. Committed to A&M…
  2. Already open. Does more harm to Porter than New Caney
  3. That’s the locker room at Randall Reed Stadium, which is shared by New Caney, Porter, and the newly formed West Fork HS.
  4. Not really, but it has dropped more than I expected. The big drop also coincides with the renewed push for vouchers…
  5. The number for these teachers raises keep dropping...Started at $15,000 and the last number I had heard was $5,000. I knew $15,000 wasn't going to happen, but geez...
  6. Hardin grad Ryan Snell with a pair of homers in the win...Snell also hit a walk-off two-run shot in the Cards season opener
  7. Still are. We will battle again for Chief Caddo this year.
  8. They are more than welcome to pay us for a game, just like any other FBS program... Not sure where I feel about this team. A lot of turnover within the staff. I think the talent is there to be good, but after last year's team failing to meet expectations, I just don't want to get too hyped up.
  9. Orangefield was a 4A Regional Quarterfinalist last year and is now 3A. Surprised not to see them on any top-10 or even top-20 rankings. Buna is another team in Region 3 that will be sneaky good. Maybe not top-10, but will be very good come playoff time…
  10. That is only if you have Atavus 1.0 and 2.0 completed. If you did 1.0 in 2022, you must have 2.0 done before August 1, 2024. I did 1.0 last year, so I will still have to do mine before the season...
  11. PPR is the way to go. As for app, I like CBS, but it is a paid app. ESPN and Yahoo! are good as well. Postponed games...Sore subject... I petitioned to use Jamar Chase's Week 18 stats in another league. I do like the cancelling the counterpart idea.
  12. List is up to 5 NFL assistant coaches the Texans have requested to interview. Ryans is my favorite, but I wouldn't be disappointed with most of the guys on this list. Eagles DC - Jonathan Gannon Eagles OC - Shane Steichen Lions OC - Ben Johnson Broncos DC - Ejiro Evero 49ers DC - DeMeco Ryans
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