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  1. Donโ€™t want the refs to have an impact? Donโ€™t allow the game to be close enough for them to impactโ€ฆ
  2. Lovelady Centerville Evadale Hull-Daisetta Corrigan Groveton Oakwood Crockett Leverett's Chapel Brazos Valley Summit Christian Shelbyville Joaquin West Sabine Woodville Newton Jasper Livingston Lufkin Hallsville Union Grove Danbury Groesbeck
  3. His offensive play calling late was just as atrocious as last year. He left that defense out to dry again. Easy to blame the officials. That defenseless receiver call was terrible, but we get ONE first down in the fourth quarter and itโ€™s a win.
  4. Warner is a bad NAIA. They got paid well and had a good idea of what they were walking into. Still donโ€™t like it, but there is more to the story than SFA just running it up on a cupcake.
  5. Trae Self (Starter) went 12-14 passing and was done in the second quarter. Preston Weeks (2nd String) went 8-9 passing for 101 yards and was done at halftime. Brian Mauer (3rd String) went 7-10 for 74 yards and was done after the third quarter. Blake Short (4th String) went 2-2 for 37 yards in the fourth quarter. The only problem is each quarterback did throw for a touchdown. SFA scaled back. It could have been worse...
  6. SFA played 96 different players in the game. Starters were done in the 1st half. 98-0 is embarrassing as a fan, but what were they supposed to do?
  7. This is what happened when Lamar bailed on the WAC in July. SFA was desperate to get a home game on the schedule or else they were going to be on the road until October 8. (Neutral vs. Jacksonville State, @ Alcorn State, @ Louisiana Tech, Neutral vs. Sam Houston) I am embarrassed about how that game went, but they went DEEP on the depth chart...
  8. Hull-Daisetta Joaquin Grapeland Timpson Milford Chester Leveretts Chapel Newton Coldspring Diboll New Waverly Woodville Jasper Rusk Brazos Mexia Lindale Nacogdoches Marshall
  9. Colmesneil Deweyville Evadale Hull-Daisetta Lovelady Corrigan Alto Normangee Centerville Garrison Shelbyville Oakwood Coldspring-Oakhurst Mt. Calm Calvert Bracken Christian Emery-Weiner Shepherd Woodville Newton Jasper Madisonville Lumberton West Orange-Stark Lufkin Whitehouse Carlisle Frankston Rice Consolidated Malakoff
  10. I never realized how much we would miss some of these coaches we lost to LaTech and TCU, but man...That said, this better be a shutout. Anything in double digits and Carthel better find some new help...
  11. The stories coming out are wild. It has been widely discussed that he wasn't coming back, but to make the move midseason is pretty crazy. I'm willing to be anything Terrier changes that offense back to what he ran when he was OC...
  12. Colmesneil Anderson-Shiro Hardin Lovelady West Hardin Corrigan Grapeland Mart Garrison Anahuac Timpson West Sabine Oakwood Warren Apple Springs Legacy Christian Calvert Diboll West Orange-Stark Woodville Franklin Spring Legacy Lumberton Longview Chapel Hill
  13. The man went 0-20 as HC at Warren and just led App State to a win at Kyle Field. Crazy.
  14. I havenโ€™t seen for this fall, but last fall we were down 5%
  15. They arenโ€™t in bad shape. President Gordon, before he was canned, was doing an extremely good job fundraising. Ivey does a phenomenal job with athletics. That said, finances could be better. Rumor has it, it might get ugly if enrollment doesnโ€™t start moving up.
  16. I think they will be fine. Almost a completely new defensive staff. Most of last years staff was raided by FBS schools. At the end of the day, Carthel is a defensive guy and I expect him to step in and have a larger impact on the defense if needed.
  17. I think that has been the allure to the Tech system. UT would 100% require a name change, but also I don't think they are a good fit. The Texas State system is awful. That leaves A&M and Tech as the two most likely options. I think A&M might be the best fit, but the chances of a name change keep me from going there.
  18. Never been a big Self guy. Gibson makes him look a lot better
  19. Rich Rod also announced his punter will play Saturday despite being arrested Monday for assault. Jacksonville State Punter Arrested On Multiple Assault Charges
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