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  1. The ace for Kountze isn't bad. They don't do a lot to beat themselves, especially when he is on the mound.
  2. That left side is insanely talented. SS and 3B are very good defensively. As a team they are probably the best 3A we saw this year. I am curious about where Woodville will fit in going forward. I hear they have some injuries. Obviously Central Heights will have a say in the region as well... 4A Region III is loaded. I have Orangefield as my favorite to take it right now, but it will be a battle for whoever gets out...
  3. How times have changed....Man has been dealing as of late
  4. Hardin vs. Boling...Thursday, 6:00 pm, Klein Oak HS
  5. It’s Leon. Posted it on Twitter. Josh Thompson responded with something about a video??? Curious…
  6. The only thing I would say to that is, the coaching staff had those four playing above others for a reason...Maybe they are terrible talent evaluators, or worse, the talent behind them wasn't good...
  7. New Waverly brings a lot back from a pretty salty team. They will give Newton a run for the title...
  8. I liked Gordon, but more and more is coming out about how toxic the relationship was between Gordon and basically everyone else. Started with the faculty and filtered down to the students. All in all, this is a poop show in Nac right now...This all comes off the heels of Gordon leading a $100 million fundraising campaign. Hope they get who they want. There are some big issues on campus that need to be resolved.
  9. Back-to-back bombs from Bergman and Alvarez. Astros on pace for 162-0. Carlos who?
  10. SFA fan board is going wild about hopes of a CUSA invite. I’m still cool with the WAC and definitely not interested in returning to the Southland.
  11. I wasn’t too impressed with him when they played SFA. I’d make a run at Teddy Allen from NMSU
  12. Walk off steal or home and walk off grand slam. Both by the same kid. Dude is living his best life
  13. I don’t expect Louisiana Tech to come calling, but I think someone will. Maybe North Texas?
  14. Keller was a finalist for the Tulsa job, but they ended up going with Louisiana Tech's Eric Konkol.
  15. Flying too high might have been the wrong wording. They were the #1 team and played like it...As you said, they play with a lot of emotion, and maybe that emotion kind of boiled over some. I completely understand trash talk is part of the game, but when they talk trash like they do, and lose, it seems to magnify losses.
  16. The hiccup is the behavior from the team. They seemed to be flying a little too high, and hopefully the South Carolina series loss humbles them some...
  17. At least you got a NIT invite...SFA and Seattle were co-champs with NMSU, and neither got a NIT invitation...Now SFA is a #4 seed in the CBI Tournament.
  18. I'm kind of floored that neither SFA or Seattle got an NIT bid since they were tri-champions. Apparently their NET was too low? I thought SFA had a pretty decent non-conference, but the committee's saw it differently. Nicholls got the NIT invite because they were regular season champions. I'm still 100% for leaving the Southland. RPI rankings have the WAC #17 and the Southland #30.
  19. Someone had a gun in their bag. Went off on the bus and struck a girl in the ankle.
  20. With the news coming out of San Antonio this morning, neither can I…
  21. SFA vs. ACU tonight in the quarterfinals of WAC Vegas. ACU topped Utah Valley 82-74 last night.
  22. I have very mixed feelings on Keller
  23. After the 4-4 start and the team reeling from the Roti injury? Not at all.
  24. SFA finishes the regular season with 10 straight wins and as co-champions of the WAC with NMSU and Seattle
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