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  1. I am hoping that the Blue Eagles have a good year but after the scrimmage with Tenaha they are in a world of hurt. Coach Russell I hope you will show a little mercy to the East Eagles. You and I both know that the boys from ND will someday be legit again, but not this year.
  2. Valhalla, you are right, last year was the most successful season ND has ever had and I am proud of them for that. But look at all the seasons Willie Hargett had and compare the seasons since he left and see what you have. If ND does not come up with a defense they are in for a long year. I hope I have to come on here and eat CROW, but only time will well.
  3. No but he should be, the Blue eagles have not been the same since he left.
  4. New Diana lost way too much last year, could be a long season for the Blue Eagles. On another note it's funny when you say Harmony had a better team than ND last year but it was the Blue Eagles that beat the team that knocked the Red Eagles out of the playoffs. Oh such a short memory. BabyGotDak..
  5. Well I know I am going to bet blasted on here but the bottom line is New Diana had better hire a defensive cord. because if they do not come up with a defense I see another 0-10 season coming. It has been all offense the last 2 years. They lost 14 or 15 seniors this year and there game plan was to outscore you. Well that will not happen next year. Good luck to the blue Eagles but I see a long year ahead for them.
  6. Cannon 1995 is the last good defense ND has had, went to 3 rounds deep and was beat by Groveton, That is the last time ND could stop anyone.
  7. Lambo, no apology needed, any time a child is hurt there is a reason to be concerned. Maybe I was out of line too.
  8. Lambo, I'm praying for the kids, and I trust they will be fine, just stating facts.
  9. I hope the 2 ND players are ok, I was told that ND defense had really improved, . ND will be lucky to win another game. I don't blame the kids, they have the athletes, but the defensive coordinator or the head coach simply can not coach defense. I don't care if you can score 100 pts a game, if you give up 101 you still lose.
  10. ND should beat DeKalb, but they will have a hard time winning district. I hope they are the district champs because it has been a few years since they have won the district outright. But if anyone can pound the football and keep it away from the Eagles then it will not be pretty for the Blue Eagles. Go Big Blue.
  11. Time will tell, I hope I do not have to come on here and play Randy Travis, I told you so.
  12. I hope ND wins but I really don't understand how people think they have a defense. They have given up 54pts to WO, 22 to GS, 20 to UG and 40 to WR. Guys that is not a very good defense. PP, Daingerfield, and 2 other teams in this District will give ND fits. I hope that I have to come back and eat crow, but I will be real surprised if they make the playoffs, really and to think they will win District. When ND plays PP and the Bulls come running out of that field house that game will be over, as with Daingerfield. Offense sells tickets and defense wins c Championships bottom line.
  13. You sould be ashamed, ND has been going downhill since 2002, and I really do not see much improvement in the near future, I wish the new AD luck but it seems that for some reason this board we have now seems to want ND to be the stepping stone for coaches who want their first AD job instead of hiring a proven AD,
  14. Well I must be seeing things because 2 years ago when they played waskom it was 57 -0 at half time. It could have been 100-0 at the end if Waskom had not pulled the dogs off. As far as the turf goes it would be great, but if people do not have a place to sit what good does the turf do. Nobody is going to what to use New Diana's stadium for the playoffs if it cannot seat more than a 1000 fans. New Diana needs lots of improvements to the School and I will say that the Kids need better class rooms, but for some reason you have a Sup that wants to improve the Adm. Building, He will never get a bond passed until he and the people on this bond issue come back down to earth. New Diana has a long way to go before it gets back to the old New Diana way of being respected on the Football field, they used to beat people 7-0,12-6 14-7 but that wasn't good enough, we wanted to score lots of points and still get beat. Well I would rather win 6-0, 12-6, or 14-7 and be in the playoffs than to score 40 points a game and still get beat. I don"t know who is calling the shots there anymore, but it looks like a couple of board members have a buddy that is running the show and the people on the outside can see this. New Diana is the laughing stock of East Texas right now so Sup and Board members stand tall and proud because it all comes back to you. The pride at New Daina is gone and that is a shame.
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