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  1. Congrats Carthage on your win. Congrats to Kilgore for making it this far. Two great teams but someone had to loose, again congrats to both teams for coming this far.
  2. May the best Bulldog win. Hope both teams are injury free and hope they have safe travels to and from game. I hope someone keeps the updates coming on here. I hate that I can't make it.
  3. Seems like I was drinking the real good stuff... Maybe I should have guessed more points. lol
  4. I think Kilgore wins by 21. Can't wait to watch Kilgore and Carthage go at it for the State title. Go Red Dawgs!!
  5. Two good teams playing against each other and one has to loose, I hope CH is on the winning side come this Friday. Good luck to both teams. Go yellow dawgs!!!
  6. Please tell the Boss to do it...lol j/k. Tell her to text me if you are so I can try and get off early. I hope she still has my number..
  7. Are you going to be tailgating at this one?
  8. I think this will be a close game, hopefully with the Dawgs coming out on top. Good luck to both teams. GO BULLDOGS!!
  9. I like this video, I was wondering who created it. but I guess I got my answer lol
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