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  1. I’m a little shocked tbh. All teams that make it this far generally are good. There was one time white oak shut out Franklin 4 rounds in but generally all teams 4 rounds in are good.
  2. Bandwagon fan or someone’s alias. Spidy sense had me guessing if it was someone hiding and stirring the pot.
  3. Kinda busy right now, but let’s just say I and some others are not Gray fans. Rumor has it he is retiring as well although it hasn’t been confirmed.
  4. Mr Gray went 3-17 as a HC. 2002 Simms Bowie 1-9-0 2003 Simms Bowie 2-8-0 I’m sure he has some insight but IMO we need the insight of someone like 7x state champion coach Todd Dodge to guide the board in the right move. Need to do what PNG did or something similar. https://kfdm.com/amp/news/local/pn-g-hires-legendary-coach-todd-dodge-as-a-consultant-in-search-for-new-football-coach https://www.12newsnow.com/amp/article/sports/high-school/hs-football/jeff-joseph-hired-as-the-next-head-football-coach-at-port-neches-groves/502-a523528d-c89d-4940-af9a-39ee64939284
  5. https://www.ketk.com/sports/friday-football-fever/kris-iske-retires-as-white-oaks-a-d-and-head-football-coach/amp/ https://www.kltv.com/2022/11/22/coach-iske-steps-down-white-oak-after-nine-seasons/?outputType=amp Some links
  6. Y’all fair weather fans are fired up after only being this far a couple times
  7. Y’all finally got y’all’s program running in the right direction all thanks to a white oak coach.
  8. After going 0-10 I don’t get butthurt anymore. Heck we could lose to a little league team and I wouldn’t be hurt about it lol
  9. Glad to see you’re proud of the waiders beating a “jv team” in a practice.
  10. Probably don’t have in titles in any sport besides little league
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