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  1. Gotta let GW catch up to our district titles.
  2. Lol I ain’t worried about no yard birds this year. Y’all the new choke artists of the district.
  3. Y’all starting to come out of hidin I see. Y’all making another batch of cupcakes over there? Still rebuilding?
  4. I heard WO played SH yesterday with grant and we lost 20-6. I don’t know much about 7 on 7 though.
  5. Yea I have a good source that says grant says he’s a roughneck again. It would be good for WO. Morgan imo has a lot of potential. If it were up to me I would have ran him at RB some last year or had some running plays designed around him. He’s a sr this year and has to be one of the swollest high schoolers I’ve seen. Kids jacked right now and supposed to run a 4.3 40. I’d definitely give him the ball sometimes at RB to see what he’s made of, but then again what do I know.
  6. Well white oak will be a big ? Mark this year. The soft schedule will not be a good gauge to see what they can do this year. I’ve heard that landyn grant the kid that was at WO and ended up Swapping in at qb at Longview is back. He didn’t play football last year though only baseball. Hoping he suits up Friday nights for us. If we could also get reddics brother back 6’4 250 we’d be lookin a lot better. Carter wheats bro is also a sophomore this year on the line. His older brother was bigger but we have high hopes for this youngest one. We have an Owens kid also on the line as a sophomore which is promising too. I believe those two sophomores started last year as freshmen as well. We seem to be losing a kid to baseball again this year though. Man if somehow reddics brother came back we’d probably have the best line we’ve had since 2016 atleast and if grant was the qb we’d be looking pretty competitive. There has been some rumblings here about an OC change so maybe they’ll be switching some stuff up.
  7. We had likely the biggest ol (I’m understanding a 6’5 kid) in our schools modern times transfer to pt and start for them as a sophomore. Also had an upcoming qb supposedly recruited by coach king transfer to the view. He started some games for them as a sophomore a couple years ago. We had it rough just like y’all. Tough for sure. Y’all getting a fresh start and we still haven’t figured anything out yet.
  8. Playing tougher schools will build character. I’d rather be tough and have a losing season, than some powder puff wins and a weak team. We all know the powder puff teams do nothing for confidence and a lot for padding records. Us beating the brakes off Ore city and ND last year certainly did nothing for us in district. I have played in games where we were beat 55-8 and beat teams 42-7 and 35-7. Playing smaller schools doesn’t help us beat GW or Tatum. To me playing smaller schools is a sign of defeat before the season even starts. Being a Roughneck used to mean being tough and having grit. What is a roughneck with out those 2 things. Now people look at our schedule, laugh, and call us the Softnecks. Tired of the participation trophy,snowflake, helicopter parents that have infected white oak. Back in the day WO was a blue collar town. Now I fear there’s too many salesmen, realtors, and healthcare workers living here. Just saying this from possibly one of the last true Roughnecks in WO. I’ve been in the oil patch for 15+ years.
  9. I believe we’d all like to know why it was done this way. Doesn’t build much confidence when u play small schools.
  10. WO schedule canton scrimmage west rusk scrimmage troup Harmony harleton brook hill elkhart open Jeffy tatum atlanta Sabine GW I sure would’ve liked to see us schedule MV, Daingerfield, SH, Winny, & Minny. Or throw in EF in there.
  11. Hopefully y’all can make it back to the final this year. Carr needs one.
  12. For anyone interested in WO bball history here’s a link. https://ibelieve.wonecks.net/2013-class-2a-state-champions/ couple interesting things won 49 consecutive games. 2nd longest streak in the nation at that time at least. Also first team to win a bball championship in Gregg county.
  13. Yea. I understand we’ve had some close games with them in Bball over the years. I hear we missed a 3 to tie it up
  14. Tatum 54-50 10 sec left
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