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  1. It sore city though, im sure they’ll be fine.
  2. I have seen decent coaches squander all state talent. Guess you could say Surratt knows what to do with his players.
  3. You’re right, although I believe he will be here longer than he was at those schools and have a chance to build something. I don’t like the coach bashing either, but at the end of the day I believe Iske is a great staff coach because of the championships in the playoffs that he was a part of, (even here) it’s just I don’t think he’s the best HC for here. We have a lot of different avenues for students now days and not many are wanting to play football here. Just found out we had over 150 students sign up for the newish culinary courses lol. Wish we can get some great numbers in football again. Over the last few years we’ve had some quit or transfer out and many want to quit, even during the season. The HC here has to walk the halls be enthusiastic and get kids to believe. Change was needed and it looks like an outside hire was the right choice although I believe he won’t be able to hire just anyone he wants on his staff. It’s a step a lot of folks believe in the right direction.
  4. Coach Ludlow’s son jaxsen passed for 1500 yards as a freshman in a 4a district. His highlights are below. I’ve yet to hear anything negative about Ludlow, so we’re all in, and looking forward to getting things going in the right direction.
  5. need to look at years before and after him as well since he’s only been a HC 3 years. GS hasn’t been very good the last 2 decades. 2004 (3-7) Greg Carpenter 2005 (4-7) Greg Carpenter 2006 (3-6-1) Greg Carpenter 2007 (4-7) Kenny Phelps 2008 (2-8) Kenny Phelps 2009 (2-8) Kenny Phelps 2010 (1-9) Kenny Phelps 2011 (5-5) Michael Ludlow 2012 (1-9) Michael Ludlow 2013 (0-10) Michael Ridge 2014 (0-10) 198-482 Michael Ridge 2015 (5-6) 275-352 Michael Ridge 2016 (4-6) 361-454 Michael Ridge 2017 (1-9) 246-435 Michael Ridge 2018 (7-4) 255-260 Michael Ridge Robinson has been better but in recent years they’ve struggled 2015 1-9-0 270-419 Tommy Allison 2016 R 9-3-0 592-489 Tommy Allison 2017 2-8-0 276-432 Tommy Allison 2018 F-- 5-6-0 295-334 Tommy Allison 2019 5-5-0 374-288 Tommy Allison 2020 2-8-0 128-405 Robert Rubel 2021 2-8-0 181-369 Robert Rubel 2022 3-7-0 207-378 Mike Ludlow Ludlow has been on stanfords staff at Tx high, also Marshall, mesquite poteet, and north north forney. Stanford recommended him and a lot of ppl here still like him. I’ve seen a lot of ppl over the years speak highly of him. Despite his record he seems to be a good offensive minded coach that is enthusiastic and outspoken. We’ve missed coach muellers enthusiasm and stanfords as well here. Iske was quiet and didn’t make adjustments or get the kids hyped up like those others did. @Mavgrad98 or any marshall ppl care to chime in on Ludlow while he was there?
  6. ludlow has been announced as the new coach Coach Michael Ludlow is an East Texas native and a graduate of Beckville High School. He received his bachelor's degree from Stephen F. Austin, where he also ran track. While at SFA, he met his wife, Jennifer. They have been married for 16 years and have 3 children. Jasen is 15 (9th Grade), Tucker is 13 (7th Grade), and Kyndal is 10. Jasen was a 2nd Team 11-4A All District QB as a Freshman this past season and also plays baseball and runs track. Tucker plays football, basketball, baseball, and plays the trumpet in the band. Kyndal is an elite track gymnast. Michael's wife has a Composite Science certification and has most recently taught Honors Chemistry. She was also a coach until their third child. Prior to stepping away from coaching she served as a Head Girls Track Coach and assisted in Volleyball and Basketball. Coach Ludlow will be coming to White Oak from Robinson, where he served as the Head Football Coach. He has 17 years in the education profession that, prior to Robinson, most recently included North Forney. Texas High, and Marshall as the Offensive Coordinator. Coach Ludlow comes highly recommended from area coaches including former White Oak football coach and current Texas High football coach and A/D Gerry Stanford, as well as Carthage head football coach and A/D Scott Surratt. According to Coach Suratt, " Coach Ludlow is a great leader and role model for all age kids as well as a person of high moral character. It is without reservation that I give my highest recommendation for Coach Ludlow. Mike is someone that will make any organization that he is involved with better immediately." White Oak ISD Board of Trustees President, Dr. David Ummel on behalf of all trustees said, "We are excited about adding Coach Ludlow to the Roughneck family. Coach brings an energy and expertise to his assignment that will effectively serve the students in our district. We look forward to him beginning his tenure and offer him our full support." Coach Ludlow is scheduled to begin work at White Oak ISD on March 1st.
  7. Solid freshmen Qb. Saw his stats on MaxPreps and not bad although he only had 53 rushing yards, so I’d assume he ain’t a runner. He doesn’t look like a freshman though.
  8. Yeah EB just likes stirring the pot. Tadumb was a 3-7 team not long ago.
  9. Yeah from beckville with stints at Marshall, Tx high, and North Forney.
  10. The reverse Longview ran on the last possession looked like a poorly designed play to me.
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