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  1. Tatum and WO gonna meet up in the playoffs maybe? I don’t follow bball much but looking like we got a decent team.
  2. I guess I missed something. Can ya fill me in? Lol
  3. Dang pee wee coaches, if it wasn’t for them kids wouldn’t transfer outa district.
  4. Miles was given one year contracts in each of his 11 years at White Oak. He’s fond of the Bum Phillips quote that posits, “There are only two kinds of coaches in Texas: those who have been fired and those who are going to be.” “And since I hadn’t been fired,” Miles adds, “it was pretty easy to figure out which category I was going to be in.” Quote from Hall of fame coach Cotton Miles.
  5. Brock has for a while given the region 2 finalist fits for years except Jim Ned did last year. I see this as another close game. The last 3 years the semi finals has been decided within a score. MVU has definitely turned the corner. Back to back semi finalist is hard to do.
  6. People keep talking about talents not there, but don’t realize kids can be taught to be great high school ballers from a young age. I’ve known or seen many kids play exceptionally at the HS level to not even play juco.
  7. I like a good defense like west has, but I think MV will take this one. Props to west on making it this far. Looks like West has only been this far once in 1980 and they went to the semis then. Should be a good game.
  8. Super fan u say? Lol I’ve heard it all now. My post count is low compared to a lot of other posters. Just don’t like fair weather supporters. Over the years we’ve seen a lot come and go and us that love our towns and football would honestly like to see more of the new posters stay around and be involved longer than a couple years. If no one has welcomed you, then welcome to SDC, have fun, and stay a while.
  9. The appearance of being a fair weather fan is high with this one. Coming out to talk smack after a win shows how fair the weather is in MVU. Just joining Smoaky the year after a semi finals appearance smh
  10. Lol geezus fair weather tonight. A winny man had to make the bet since no MVU dude had the juevos too.
  11. Really though koff had this one. Solid program though. If I was a bettin man I woulda gone broke today. Thought GW had it and then all the defending state champs losing today. Crazy.
  12. MVU finally has a tied playoff record with the win tonight and they think they own the playoffs lol
  13. They were more humble then, but IMO not much. I called em Finney Fanatics cuz they were crazy bout him lol. I guess I shouldn’t be talkin on here since my team missed the playoffs. Is there some place I can get a SDC permit to still come and talk on here?
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