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  1. Guessing someone thought Luke’s times where important enough to update then.
  2. It’s cool, I’m all for sharing facts. If you have info share it then. It lists Luke’s time from last year so why wouldn’t it have the other times you’re saying? They updated his but no one else’s? Doesn’t make sense goofy.
  3. Who’s running the 100 from jeffy this year? Goofy!
  4. kam would be running the 100 if he was under 11 seconds. But we see he isn’t running it so
  5. It does look like white oak does have some speed according to the track 100m times. Faster that Watson from Tatum, and Jeffys kam ran Williams.
  6. That’s good. Our qb had 900 passing yards and got 2nd team all district. Who got first team all district? Between Watson and sparks?
  7. Man that speed in high school is likely to take some heads off. Tradarian ball isn’t even 22 mph. Hopefully it’ll translate to making some great hits on defense this year. #Ibelieve
  8. I hope so. I think we’re a little small. Hopefully hitting apec and the gyms to pack on the pounds. Need to be eating a lot of calories and getting cut.
  9. Please dear lord baby Jesus let the speed translate to the field.
  10. Idk about the bandeleros in town but you’re sorely mistaken if u think my redneck, dirt track racing, bass fishing self would ever get close to nail polish. I’ve had my suspicions though about ole @Bclove05 .
  11. Man I hear them shindigs over there give off deliverance vibes.
  12. Idk who the coach scheduled. Hasn’t released it yet, but I’m dead certain he’ll have us ready for this district this year.
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