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  1. Lol yeah it’s surprising sometimes people just don’t get it. It’s like how did they even make it into middle school. When do grades come out? Jeffy gonna have a couple sitting out around that time @TopDawg?
  2. Jeffy fans gonna be throwing stuff again this year, lol look at the down marker getting tossed.
  3. Jeffy fans probably don’t even know what 2a is.
  4. Where’s @Dawg665 @THEDAWGPOUND75657 and @TheDawgpound at? Some of y’all yap real hard going into district then go ghost. Y’all ain’t yapping this year after losing to two 2a teams
  5. We all knew they were bandwagon fans except for golfingnut. Didn’t think 01 would’ve stuck around this long though.
  6. We’ve never lost to y’all. Since the 40’s lol
  7. U awful chippy to be coming from an 0-10 team. What has made u increase your post count by 1000% this year?
  8. Well they scored 55 which 14 came from a pick 6 and another from a scoop and score. Without going into too much detail about our game which I don’t think was a good gauge really. Our QB got hurt in the second quarter, but it wasn’t until our backup went in that we started opening up the run game and doing better. TBH we’re still figuring some things out. We struggle with passing and catching the ball and we still for some reason don’t start our best RB or utilize him or other personnel the way we need to. The backup QB broke a school record 6 rushing tds in a game last week. We need to obviously get the ball to him and #23 as much as possible. Even hopefully do some trick plays with them 2. Possibly run an option with the starting qb when he gets back. But typically we don’t get creative and always run the same predictable stuff. I think brook hill was ok though. I believe they’re a smaller tapps school than TK Gorman and Grace Community. They had a good receiver number 1 I think but other than him I’d say they were ok. If your trying to look at Brook Hill to see if your team is good, I don’t think that’d be good. If your trying to look at us then that’s not good either cuz we are still having a lot of issues.
  9. Man they better be with the money they dished out to buy a new team. Lol White Oak needs to step it up a few notches.
  10. Lol y’all gonna be like me 30 years from now still talking about those 2 y’all won.
  11. I kinda forgot. Can you tell us again? Lol
  12. @FlowJack what are your thoughts about this game? @snuffy thoughts? @OLDHAT u still around at all besides Tatum week?
  13. Shoot even if we get blown out. Talking still gonna happen. What ya need to look out for is errbody that would come on here from Jeffy if they win. They all show up outa nowhere after a win.
  14. Shoot we 4-0 all time against Atlanta. This team better not be the first to lose to Atlanta. We played them a couple times back in the 40’s . We beat jeffy 2 years ago.
  15. I ain’t gonna lie I kinda heard the same thing a couple times here earlier in the year…..then we barely got by Harleton and blown out by Troup.
  16. If Tatum beats GW this year and Sabine beat Tatum a couple years back, then does that mean it’s our turn to break a long series record?
  17. With Jeffy choking all the time I like the odds.
  18. Where’s @Champ77 @CardinalEdge and the Sabine Aggie guy at?
  19. Man some of these posters from Jeffy and Atlanta delusional.
  20. Didn’t say it was nice for us. Lol hopefully we can learn from some of the big plays given up so far this year. We do have a lot of players that go both ways though, so hopefully by now they’re conditioned well and ready for district.
  21. Yeah that’s right I forgot about that. Idk whats worse, having kids go to GW or Scabine? Geez, what’s next? You gonna pop some kids out over in SH?
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