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  1. I think if the qb gets comfy with the offense early 16-0. If it takes him a while 16-0. Lol. Too much weaponry, tradition, and coach Fieszel at the helm !!
  2. You’re killin me Stoney. Lmao !!!
  3. I remember playing them long ago. They had players like Neal Dunlap , Connie gray , Lee Henderson a big tall kid last name was hogue and tons more. They were always salty then.
  4. He’s a great coach ! How ya been buddy ? Getting close!!!!!!!!
  5. They look ready right now!! Can’t wait for the season to get going
  6. “it’s 102 in the shade…aren’t you glad you’re not in it”
  7. I bet coach j b haggerty could run with all of em !!
  8. Week 5 may be one of their toughest opponents
  9. Anyone heard where coach plunk will be going?
  10. Gunter. They’ll have a couple of spots to fill, but they’ll have those ready.
  11. Gonna be strange with him not pacing the sidelines. Congrats on a great career. Awesome man and teacher of life. Enjoy retirement!!
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