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  1. Well I’m gonna eat my crow now. I really thought it would be much worse. It was an awesome performance by the lions I was impressed with their grit and athleticism, not to mention their youth playing in a big setting also, congrats to Canadian for winning it all my Gunter tigers will be back in the saddle next year , along with Franklin and Canadian and who knows who else great gm, God bless y’all and have a Met Christmas
  2. Good info. Very much appreciated! thank you
  3. Does FSSW still exist with ric renner Craig way, etc. I’ve got hulu and haven’t seen them. Can’t make the gms.
  4. Canadian by 33. Beat my Gunter boy’s soundly. Gunters mistakes were caused by Canadian. Gunter will be back. Canadian is a powerhouse for sure. Good luck to both teams, congrats on being there, and stay injury free.
  5. I agree. Gotta love that Chris Cochran and company. Hope they win it all. Good luck !!
  6. Hey Jett, sometimes it’s hard to beat a bathroom 10 feet away, a fridge 15 ft away, and a big ol leather recliner at the house in front of the tv !! Am I lazy or what ? Lol.
  7. Yes sir. 2 of the best programs. All 4 semi-finalists are very good. Can’t wait for the next two weeks!
  8. I don’t think any of the 4 are. They’re all proud and confident. All are great programs. I just think Gunter will win. I’ve been wrong before, but rarely when it comes to the Gunter Tigers
  9. Going with Gunter. They have plenty of speed. If Sloan gets the corner turned , he’s gone. Gunter does an awesome job with their o-line, and blocking on the edge. Their defense is relentless. I also think coach Fieszel and staff are the best at adjusting.
  10. This game should be over quick as far as the nature of both offenses. The clock won’t stop much I’m thinking. Never seen franklin live. They look fast on video. I’ve seen Waskom 3 times. I like both styles. Hope I can get a ticket that doesn’t force me to “ sit on the hill “ this week.
  11. Scary thing is there’s only a handful of seniors. ( 6). Of the 10 skill kids touching the ball any, 8 return next year. The lower levels keep winning big too.
  12. Great stuff Pax. I know it has to be a job processing all that info. I’m taking Gunter by 17 , but I’ll take 14 too. TPW
  13. They’ve won a pair of 4A state championships running this stuff
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