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  1. Semi-finals prediction Reg 1-Celina Reg 3-China spring reg 2-Gilmer Reg 4-Cuero I like china spring to win the ring.
  2. Figured y’all would have got a closer venue. I know there wil be tons of folks there.
  3. Me neither. They had some big stocky kids and played hard. They did move the ball they the air. Ramirez was a hoss
  4. Lol !! You got that right. Kinda uncomfortable 1st qtr in the Dublin game, but we got rolling and did our thing. Ready to smoke Holliday for the holidays.
  5. Hope Gunter comes out swinging early and often this week. Waiting for a Pax analysis on this one.
  6. Heck no to asstin. I’d rather play in bugtussle than there.
  7. Yes sir. You’re right.. That defense is tenacious. They swarm to the ball and strike you pretty good. I just want them to stay healthy.
  8. I’m ready for some Gunter tigers football!! Dublin may have a good passing gm , but man coverage will allow time for a good pass rush ,gently positioning their qb on the turf. IMO
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