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  1. Loaded with seniors. They’ll be pretty good up front.
  2. Great rivalry between Gunter and Canadian. Two awesome programs. I’m putting Franklin up there too.
  3. 2 is gonna be very salty. Hard team to beat. I’m opening an account at the Gunter first national bank tomorrow. I also think Franklin is very good too. That would be a great matchup.
  4. Congrats coach Strickland!! Get those cats going again. You know the culture there and you know what it will take !! good luck !! I want a cap when you order them. Lol
  5. I’m so glad the smell of football season is in the air and hope everything is as close to normal as possible!! Ready to watch some great high school football.
  6. Congrats to coach Scott Mitchell and his Bobcats !! One more !!
  7. Well I’m gonna eat my crow now. I really thought it would be much worse. It was an awesome performance by the lions I was impressed with their grit and athleticism, not to mention their youth playing in a big setting also, congrats to Canadian for winning it all my Gunter tigers will be back in the saddle next year , along with Franklin and Canadian and who knows who else great gm, God bless y’all and have a Met Christmas
  8. Good info. Very much appreciated! thank you
  9. Does FSSW still exist with ric renner Craig way, etc. I’ve got hulu and haven’t seen them. Can’t make the gms.
  10. Canadian by 33. Beat my Gunter boy’s soundly. Gunters mistakes were caused by Canadian. Gunter will be back. Canadian is a powerhouse for sure. Good luck to both teams, congrats on being there, and stay injury free.
  11. I agree. Gotta love that Chris Cochran and company. Hope they win it all. Good luck !!
  12. Hey Jett, sometimes it’s hard to beat a bathroom 10 feet away, a fridge 15 ft away, and a big ol leather recliner at the house in front of the tv !! Am I lazy or what ? Lol.
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