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  1. I’m takin my Gunter Tigers in a 17 point win. Coach Fieszel and staff will be ready for the Eagles and their triple option game.
  2. I thought the score would be 46-13. Ended up 35-14. Gunter had a nice TD called back which is part of the game. Holliday was more impressive than I expected. They would beat the Poth team Franklin beat by 30 points. Holliday had a salty run defense. We did seem a little flat at times. I guess due to the fact we beat Holliday often Now on to Roosevelt. They look like waskom with their colors and offensive scheme. They run the triple option. The qb is fast. He runs between the tackles after faking the give to the fullback ( midline option). I’m going with Gunter by 17. Wish it didn’t have to be played in Abifrickinlene though. T P W.
  3. Totally disagree since East and west bust heads late. I like all areas talking about their football. I wouldn’t say bEAST either. The Dallas area and surroundings along with some west texas teams have dominant teams too like my Gunter tigers baby !!
  4. I couldn’t agree more!! Best sporting event at any level IMO!!
  5. Thanks for the hard work and great info Pax. It’s very entertaining reading these facts. I hope we come out with guns a blazin Friday. Take care !! TPW
  6. Semi-finals prediction Reg 1-Celina Reg 3-China spring reg 2-Gilmer Reg 4-Cuero I like china spring to win the ring.
  7. Figured y’all would have got a closer venue. I know there wil be tons of folks there.
  8. Me neither. They had some big stocky kids and played hard. They did move the ball they the air. Ramirez was a hoss
  9. Lol !! You got that right. Kinda uncomfortable 1st qtr in the Dublin game, but we got rolling and did our thing. Ready to smoke Holliday for the holidays.
  10. Hope Gunter comes out swinging early and often this week. Waiting for a Pax analysis on this one.
  11. Heck no to asstin. I’d rather play in bugtussle than there.
  12. Yes sir. You’re right.. That defense is tenacious. They swarm to the ball and strike you pretty good. I just want them to stay healthy.
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