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  1. Did Richard Steubing fit that mold? I always thought he did a good job.
  2. Any idea if this job will be filled before Christmas break?
  3. Strange? Thought he would be there for the long haul.
  4. Are any coordinators interested in LE? Hooks HC? Return of Barry Norton to Texarkana? Is the coach from Atlanta? Jefferson HC? I just hope it is a semi-local guy and not a Metroplex guy.
  5. We all know QC doesn't have a chance but their improvement has been incredible. When is the last time QC quallified for the playoffs in FB?
  6. Unfortunately, PP has fallen victim to being small town USA. Kids graduate and leave town for better jobs. 20 years ago we saw the same thing at L-K. A once powerful FB school that was in the conference with Gilmer, Tatum, SH, etc. is now playing the likes of JB, Maud, and Detroit. Sad deal. Include Clarksville in the same catigory.
  7. Does this move make sense professionally?
  8. I'm pretty sure Eddy May is the Supt. at JB. If so I can not imagine a better guy to work for.
  9. Strange to resign without a new job.
  10. Was this job already filled?
  11. DeKalb is a great community as well.
  12. I have not found where either job is officially open. Including TISD website.
  13. I am a big fan of Coach D at LE. I hope he is able to pull this one off.
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