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  1. I am a big fan of Coach D at LE. I hope he is able to pull this one off.
  2. Better hire a guy with East Texas roots.
  3. If I am SH I model Exactly what Pine Tree did with Coach Lane. LOTS of patience and resources needed.
  4. MV may win this game but I make it a habit to never bet against Coach Finney
  5. Crazy how certain places can be so difficult they can run off quality coaches so soon
  6. How is Pitt that much better of a job than Mexia?
  7. I'm not so sure Connot could not land a better job than this one.
  8. All this code talk has me confused.
  9. Baca is a very good young coach. Great reputation.
  10. Buddy would be a good hire. I realize he has been there before but a very good coach
  11. Even more specifically: https://govsalaries.com/salaries/TX/atlanta-isd?year=2018
  12. Look it up yourself. https://govsalaries.com/state/TX
  13. Matt Mcclure Overview Matt Mcclure in 2018 was employed in Atlanta Isd and had annual salary of $107,527 according to public records.
  14. Any ex Tigers applying?
  15. Is Corey Pate still in the area?
  16. Davis is a very good man. However if PG keeps taking all the elite athletes out of the city then LE will continue to struggle.
  17. Sad deal. Clarksville was middle of the road 3A in the early 2000's. Town dried up. Robert Manley had the place rocking a few years ago. Had major talent at the time. I thought firing Coach Dawaski Davis was a mistake. There will always be athletes in CV. Just motivation and grade issues will always be an issue. No clue about current admin. Wish Clarksville could return to better days.
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