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  1. While your headline didn't specify, it only said Tx public schools, the next time you weigh in on public schools, I'll assume that K-12 is your preferred target audience to evangelize.
  2. Top of 6th 2 outs Dawgs draw a walk. And then gets thrown out trying to steal.
  3. I'm watching. Bottom of 5th now score tied 2-2 with 2 outs.
  4. Did I? Headline reads "Texas Public Schools." Tx Tech is a Texas public school. Texas: Public school:Drag queen show: ALL Ages:
  5. Not gonna spend much time on this. One quick search. https://thefederalist.com/2022/04/13/texas-tech-health-school-hosts-all-ages-drag-queen-show-raising-money-to-defend-mutilating-children/
  6. No clue. I'm embarassed to say I've not watched any so far this season.
  7. If an unlicensed drag queen can evangelize by twerking and shaking his junk in kids faces then don't see any problems with an unlicensed chaplain evangelizing.
  8. To be sure, is the KGAS team streaming this on NFHS? If so, then I'll sign up to watch. If not, no way! Thanks
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