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  1. So let's say the "jogger" got the gun from them and pointed it back at them. So could they then try to get the gun back and claim self defense? This whole situation is just dumb. You need to retract any statements approving of citizens arrest. If the suspect can fight back and the citizens get convicted of murder, then it's pointless. Last word. Enjoy the rest of your evening with your fellow comrades.
  2. If that were so you could articulate it. Typing EVIDENCE i all caps dont make it so.
  3. Please. You're siding with folks that would be making the same arguments if the "jogger" would have been shot by cops. Im not playing the right or wrong game, I'm just asking questions about what REALLY happened.
  4. Pretty sure when the story broke it was reported that the former cop knew the "jogger" from his criminal past.
  5. Asking questions isnt whining. Still in shock KR was found not guilty. That's one lucky dude. It's worth noting that the deceased in the KR case were white. So it's kind of apples to oranges.
  6. The court that was surrounded by blm ready to do their deal if they didnt get the desired vedict?
  7. Do you have a theft related criminal record and are known as such by former law enforcement who see's you out for another "jog?"
  8. Folks getting their panties all in a wad because I seek truth. Who knew that was so offensive?
  9. Did you really call me a neocon? Like seriously? Just. Stop.
  10. Ok. Thanks. Some on here are having problems answering basic questions.
  11. When critical thinking = brainwashed we live in clownworld. Dont worrry man! The clowns are most definitely in charge.
  12. Yes. Still attempting to make sense out of nonsense. Best jus let em jog loot and burn. After all this discussion not a single person has answered my question if they rolled up guns blazing or not. I think I know why. The truth dont jive with the narrative this poor, inmocent, defenseless jogger got killed by 3 racisists.
  13. You refuse to answer a simple basic question. Did they roll up and open fire or did they shoot him while he was trying to take the gun and avoid apprehension by the popo. You say they "attacked" him. So now being made to stay put is the same as being shot at. Clown world nonsense.
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