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  1. Wouldn't have mattered any way. Senate is lost cause and the Usurper in Chief well...
  2. Lubuntu....for like 10 yrs now. Dual boot with win10 on other hdd. I NEVER use windows. I've been using linux in one flavor or another for nearly 20 years.
  3. He can't even fix the problem of pc viruses I sure as hell don't trust him with this.
  4. Texas, it's like a whole other country.
  5. Then what does "they changed a law school elective to k-12" mean? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
  6. If it's a course that's taught k-12, elective or not, then it's no mythical boogeyman. If someone wants to pay $, say at a university, to learn how to be more racist then they'll hear no objections from me. K-12 kids shouldn't be subjected to this marxist garbage.
  7. They had talked about Dak's having a 14% completion rate when under pressure. Guess he didnt want to be under pressure so he just dumped it off, pass completed and called it a day.
  8. I was just hoping for a jump ball down field....not a 5 yard dump off pass. Idiotic.
  9. That was just so dumb. 70 yards from end zone, dump ball off 5 yards downfield immediately after the snap.
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