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  1. Actions speak louder than words. Don't be fooled. Expect no less than ACTION.
  2. Better late than never, I suppose. Will they be turning them away, or providing MRE's and blankets? I guess we'll see. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/gov-greg-abbott-sends-in-texas-national-guard-to-assist-with-invasion-at-border/ar-AA1h3zmO
  3. Invasion update https://texasscorecard.com/state/two-texas-lawmakers-call-for-special-session-to-secure-the-border/
  4. Indeed! Ya know I finally started teaching myself the acoustic maybe 8-9 years ago. Got addicted to it. Now I play that song at my gigs from time to time. Out of nowhere started writing my own stuff few years back. Now I can't turn it off. Glad to see there's still some of us around. We've lost some good ones.
  5. Speaking of the tundra, I'm glad to have a 2019. 1 reason is it was made before the world went full blown nuts and 2 the new body style is ugly to me (no offense meant for anyone that has one, just my opinion.) Best riding truck I've ever had. It's fun to drive.
  6. Raisin' hell and havin' fun we're the Seniors 91!
  7. Hey at least you lost to the State Champs! No shame in that! That seems to be a regular occurrence back in my day when we'd make playoffs. Wilmer hutchins knocked us out 25-0 my Sr year but at least they won state title.
  8. You must've missed 2010 semifinal vs Brownwood.
  9. That was quiet a clinic that he and Ingram put on that night.
  10. Opened up district play with back to back losses vs Kdogs and Hendo. Made playoffs as 3rd place team. You know the rest!
  11. Doubtful. I only bought it because I work from home now. I might use one tank every 2-4 weeks on avg. and when I do drive, it's pretty much grandpa mode.
  12. https://nypost.com/2023/09/18/nyc-council-advances-bid-that-could-yank-monuments-honoring-washington-jefferson-columbus/
  13. That's why the founders gave us tariffs. Use them. DJT did and the swampy sellouts lost their minds.
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