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  1. I fail to see why this is a big deal. It's not exactly a secret this guy's out to pasture, unless you're a NPC like our friend @BarryLaverty who'd have us believe Old BrainDead JunkMail Joe is Einstein reincarnated as well as the most popular President EVER.
  2. Spent 3 hrs last night trying to watch this. Would only play for a couple of minutes before "technical difficulties." I finally gave up. Score was 2-0 at the time. Looked like Bullard pitcher owned the night (I think.) I might request refund. 3 things certain in life; one of them is NFHS suckage!
  3. There's simply no words to describe the incredible stupidity of this statement.
  4. At this point one could make the argument that this is intentional. Let's not forget JunkMail's in the oval office because Republicans allowed it to happen.
  5. JunkMail Joe is demanding NO audience for the debate. What a bunch absolute clowns these fools are. And the first debate is in June? Something smells fishy here.
  6. Dude loses battle with teleprompter with regularity. They'll drum up some idiotic excuse to bail him out of debating. I can hear them spouting some nonsense like "Trump's too dangerous to democracy to be allowed in a debate."
  7. I know at least one woman who'd be perfectly content with "just being a homemaker." I don't have any stats but it's not a stretch to say that the overwhelming majority work out of necessity. Change my mind...
  8. Greed is good. Without it, we'd live in a horribly mediocre world! Greed drives innovation and invention.
  9. Finally Barry posts something worth the read!
  10. They've no sense of humor whatsoever where politics is concerned. They take everything literally. It's quite boring and sad, really.
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