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  1. "Show me the man and I'll find the crime." Stalinist's gonna Stalin.
  2. Funny how every where you look China keeps popping up as a factor.
  3. Given that "the state" is now a 3rd world marxist banana republic....yeah ok.
  4. The Mrs wants to sell our fairly expensive home and buy a shack on the lake. That might not be a bad idea lol.
  5. And the bought and paid for politicians who enabled it. I'm of the opinion that if you want to make your stuff in China then go ahead, it's a free country, but you're going to pay a tarriff for foreign made goods. Same policy as the founders. We just had a man who tried to do that and look at the steps that were taken to make sure he was sent packing.
  6. Agree 100% although they really didn't need to stop them as much as not enable them. Wanna move? Fine. Pay your tarriff. We export our jobs to china and in turn they build up their military, pay off our politicians and business leaders, steal our intellectual property, and for the final cherry on top, they export fentanyl to us.
  7. Supply chain = China. I found out yesterday that a person who needs a new battery for their laptop will have to wait until October to get it. This is what happens when you willingly sacrifice your manufacturing base to a foreign adversary/enemy on the alter of nwo globalism.
  8. I think I'll need to login using my pc to use the feature. I've not figured out how to work the mouse on my phone yet.
  9. I've heard people talk about this blocking feature. Is this really a thing? I can think of one poster in particular I would block immediately.
  10. JoXi would be a national security problem even if he weren't brain dead. Something about China...
  11. Another reason to replace them with kiosks.
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