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  1. If kilgore has the mysterious penalties of the last game it will keep Lindale in and could pull the up set. Clean game im going with kilgore. Ross is a beast.
  2. Poor simms had a great run.. but ran into the mart train. Dont be saddened by the loss just see the team you need to get to be like to have a shot to win it all.
  3. Be a heck of a game.. be game from the 50-60's physical ball club on both sides. Misdirection on both sides and the occasional long ball. Be one to watch. A shloberknocker to come for sure.
  4. #4 terrel beats texas high#1 and everman juat to get melissa again. Great run by the tigers. 1st in a long while.
  5. This game could look like it was from the 70's or earlier. Flexbone vs slot t. Be a great physical game thats for sure.
  6. Really.. lol . Great play call.. love it. Should have kneeled on the one. Been even better.
  7. Either lol.. one was a solo tackle at the legs... i was like.. he have three arms.. "facemask" call.
  8. Never seen so many "facemask" calls. Shouldn't be this close.
  9. Strong spotted waiting outside the New Pier to get some lunch. While Swaim is at Moe' Pizza. Could be a knock-down-drag-out at WO this afternoon.
  10. I understand the Travel and such but at least do a Saturday or understanding its a holiday Friday night is fine. Sucks for fans being at 1:00 pm. Good for players and coaches to not get in at 2:00 in the morning.
  11. Last time i underestimated NB they played well. with that said Newton by 21
  12. sorry. I like this game too much..haha.. to Sam and Steve both important figures. hope that helps more.
  13. one of a team of old from the land of the namesake of Sam. Also, One of a land of a good fruit from around the same area as the previous clue.
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