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  1. Bugsuffle bed bugs! Never know have to have lots of move ins..lol.. its after the Cushing district cut off so im not sure if they go to laneville or mount enterprise.
  2. My grandparents have 200 acers in Sacul. I went through nat often, loco vally, looneyville too.
  3. Bugscuffle is 3-0 after beating Nat. They get a test going against Trawick this week. Caro vs loneyville should be a good show as well.
  4. Garrisons year if they stay healthy and keep kids from grades. Should roll until Timpson. Gtown by 14+
  5. Lol...almost the same as uil. They allow sideline replay though. And any further differences are attached. The link wasnt working so i attached it. 2020-major-nfhs-ncaa-football-rules-differences.pdf
  6. Since its in LA are the running federation rules or uil ?
  7. Yea true but they ran a ground and pound that was suitable for there big guys. Havnt seen HS this year but heard last year garrison jv won by a bunch. Ill take gtown by 14+.
  8. According to Matt Stepps twitter, sealy is open.. very late here.
  9. Former head coach and a young gun dc on staff at WH wonder if either would be interested in the gig.
  10. interesting not on TASA or THSCA yet. Listed on region 11. Internal hire maybe?
  11. any movement here? haven't heard a word.
  12. THSCA has Pilot Point AD/HFC open. super later. wonder where the HFC is going? Sure to be an inside hire this late, one would think.
  13. never know in that town. I'm scratching my head on some of the ones who didn't get it. But that is for another time.
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