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  1. This is the new norm right now. Coaching gonna have to change a little too. I have won a state championship on a staff never worked sundays and another one and went 4 rounds deep. Been on one thay work the most hours ever and went 1-9. Not about the hours but quality. With all the technology and such long weekends need to dewendle to a few hrs on sat/sun not both and go to zoom to help with family time and burnout.
  2. Hard to compete with dfw and houston pay. Hard to get coaches out to smaller and rural schools due to facilities issues. Hard to get coaches to move with gas prices and such right now. Just keeps compounding. Its crazy. Texas gonna gave to do something. I can see a pay raise by the state next year to help fight inflation. Cuz some small schools can't pay much above base. At least you can try to get involved in the TIA and try to get pay up that way.
  3. Brilliant way to build culture and winning. Hard to prove to kids they are important when there is such a revolving door.. SMH.
  4. Stepp Tweeted Wiginton to Allen.
  5. If you had the old school hudl upload Mercury or before after the away game could be up there till 2 or 3 doing intercuts as well.. Freaking scoreboard shots!
  6. 6:00 am-8pm monday-wednesday - 42 hrs 6:am-10 Pm (quick home game) Thursday-16 hrs 6:am-12am Away game- 18 hrs That Alone is 76 hours Then weekends lets say quick and do 12 hrs total for the weekend that's 88 hours. Its real, Outsiders wont get it.
  7. That they have to abide buy all rules and laws by the state. If not an employee of the district they don't have to. Much easier to recruit if you have a job that takes you around. Have to be there day in and day out of get subtracted pay. There's several layers of accountability that ties you to coaching and teaching.
  8. accountability,the ability to have a athletic period, and the "pay" not to have to have another job.
  9. Ever since a shift that happened from it being the kids and parents responsible and Admin actually helping. To today where its all the teachers fault and Admin put more and more on teachers plate and don't protect the teachers from parents. All this causes burnout and really good people leaving the profession.
  10. Both get it done I have worked with and had both. Wilder redid the one at henderson they have all sorts of addons and options. Really depends on budget and warranty and what you want out of it. Iv Seen Terrell's and they have Promaxima and is super nice too. Ultimately what do you get, for what price, and how long does it last.
  11. Definitely agree. only way you get a good staff at this point( and this isn't always the case) is for the new guy to be able to bring in people that have said i will come with you once you get the job. Its very late for this type of job. New guy needs at least 3 years to develop kids, culture and strong staff. Sadly Wins is what keeps ya..unless you win with the "wrong" kids.
  12. tough place to win in the district, good facilities for the size and area. Think the town pressures for wins and has delusions of grandeur ( i think all towns do). Need a guy to stay for 3-4 years to build something build a culture to get the kids to buy in and play above their level.
  13. Whoa gonna go get the gem of a job ? Leafs dad was awesome coached forever.
  14. You can take them out the period yes but i know if an instance where a school had to change the athletic policy in the handbook that required two sports to play another to where it said two sports to be in the period. This was by the uil beacuse it was challenge by a student and parent. Its very merky water just be careful.
  15. Yea Dixon been running the Katy Offense for years! maybe time for slight change. maybe Power RPO or something to get some of the kids out of the halls and back into football.
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