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  1. yes very. I only know the on staffers did not get a second interview. So it will be someone from the outside.
  2. Moving the qb back makes it look spread to the laymen and everyday fan in stands and community. Still can ground and pound, but you don't get as many complaints about being an old school offense.
  3. I know how you feel. Liverpool has been banged up and underperforming this seasons. Wrexham is doing well so I'm hoping for a promotion 2 games in hand and tied in points for 1st.
  4. On THSCA, Riesel Head Football/ AD is posted. Good kids and facilities there. This is few times in the last few years this has come open.
  5. Kind of like the seeding at the state tournament, doesn't matter to who just look at wins and losses.
  6. Day got a lot of colmesneil.. they made it to the playoffs. See if the next guy can build on it.
  7. So talking in laymen's terms then ?
  8. Per Matt Stepp's twitter. Overton is open. This be a big draw or a Struggle to get 25+ applicants ?
  9. wow. This is taking way longer than initially thought. Even if hey start interviews next week hire wouldn't come till April. If this goes into mid April just give the Job to the Interim. He doesn't do well. Start the process early January with interviews you have a whole year to search and look for who you want.
  10. From head coach to AD/HFC, so I guess so. Maybe better athletes to compete with.
  11. so....whos going to apply for this.. looks like decent facilities right by the lake. Hecks I may just to see what its about..lol.
  12. I know a 6 man guy head basketball, OC, Assistant Track and make they make 69K. they are out there. blanket statements don't work for all. I work for a rural 2A and I make 66+K , 3 sports.
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