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  1. Anyone know why he left sooo late in the game ? And is their a coordinator there that could keep it going until they can evaluate it and open in December ?
  2. Per THSCA Warren AD/HFC is open .
  3. Was a good program when Williams and chandler were there.. intresting.
  4. Yea but iv worked places were we had 0-10 talent and went 3-7 or 4-6 heck once we made the playoffs and shouldn't have but do to coaching and schemeing we made it happen. Seems to me if they have 3-7 talent they do that or worse under green.
  5. Allow sideline replay... why limit it... like ablut 55 miles east of my house they allow it.. but.. it is a step in the right direction.
  6. Welcome back from a long hiatus. And yes. He has not done well in low talent teams.
  7. In all seriousness, I feel awful for all the student athletes that play football at Colmesneil. The revolving door the last few years has been moving so fast its starting to blow people away from this place. They can never establish culture or an Identity. For the senior class who is on the 3rd or 4th coach coming up, I apologize from all of us on the outside.
  8. Speculation but hearing they already been interviewing. Interesting to see who gets this one.
  9. Anyone have an athlete go to this is it worth registering and going and competing ? Had an athlete get gold and someone said they were qualified for the meet of champions. I just have never heard of it till this year. How long has this been going on ?
  10. That's why you have the central Texas part.. lol Mexia, Groesbeck and Fairfield and Centerville all are fringe east Texas going down into Normangee. Could be Central or East I don't like just doing east and west. Texas is too big for all that noise. lol.
  11. I like 19 north of trinity as a edge marker. 19 to crocket then Turns into 287 to Palestine then 19 all the way up to Paris.
  12. eish....not a good look.. very very interesting. see how this one works out.
  13. Bro...... extra points if this turns out to be true.. hilarious
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