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  1. Terrell , Aubrey and paris all run Wing T.
  2. Could have said seen this coming.. but I think we all did.. thus why the former left as well..not a kid problem here. Upper and outside influences.
  3. him at PSG is crazy. That's definitely a super team now. But without out the FFP in place could be many of these formed.
  4. ...wow..thats crazy. Wish I had thay kind of money to throw around. I don't get it for Haalwnd. Maybe better options for cheaper. Have to look into this one.
  5. Just stinks for the new guy being so late. Got to install or try to get a base over over thr summer or something just cuz if you don't your behind the eight ball thing to get stuff in during two a days.
  6. I agree. Sometimes money speaks over everything. I mean Aguero is going to barca? Man city got a shot next year and his style fits them better. I question a lot of things and moves around the league.
  7. yea great win and having a mid season manager change made it that much better. If leicester didn't choke they would have 5 total teams in next year. I can see a healthy Liverpool and Chelsea in it next year. UEFA this year should be good. Got world cup coming in november gonna be fun.
  8. I heard he had a stock pile of 250 4x4, 500 2x10x16, 300 sheets of 1/2" ply wood and used that to buy his retirement.
  9. Now the question becomes when will they get a new high school.. thing is ageing.. yea they made a fancy sign at the entrance but need a whole new facility.
  10. D line maybe 2 guys for tackles and ends, backers coach , corners coach, saafties coach and the coordinator gonna coach one of those so yea 5 sounds about right. Plus they used to have 4 freshman coaches.
  11. Detroit job is listed as the boys AD
  12. cant find it but a gif of a revolving door with a dumpster fire spinning in it sounds about right here.
  13. back to east texas wood goes.
  14. At that level with that amount of pay and probably having classes ( unless its like Head football/ JH assistant Principal) this will never get good interest or have staying power.
  15. yes sir. that was a crazy. great legs with smooth transitions.
  16. Congratulations to dangerfield on winning the boys 4x1. And Mineola on there gold as well.
  17. wow.. no words..like how is this still ok..thats all I have to say.
  18. I know Woodville's is nice doesn't get nearly as hot has the wood fibers in the fill and it has to be watered like once or twice a week.
  19. Chester....wow..really bad grass field. had to have 2 buckets of sand to fill one hole in the field.
  20. This would have been bad for everyone not included. UEFA was upset because they were left out and would get money as well..
  21. this is an interesting thing at forney. its definitely just like Midlo and heritage, The good athletes and stuff go to one school and the rest that cant just pick up and move go to the other ( football wise anyway) . Everyone like the "new" shiny school and stuff. We will see in a few years if the redistricting fixes it.
  22. The people in "power" need to eat some humble pie.. admit what's up get the best available and move on.. kids or what this is about..period.
  23. lol.. new town motto..Mexia...Like no place else...craziness.
  24. lol yup.. and if you play them and lose. A.) you weren't good enough or B.) should have played the right people. So either way your fault. Double edged sword there.
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