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  1. According to Matt Stepps twitter, sealy is open.. very late here.
  2. Former head coach and a young gun dc on staff at WH wonder if either would be interested in the gig.
  3. interesting not on TASA or THSCA yet. Listed on region 11. Internal hire maybe?
  4. any movement here? haven't heard a word.
  5. THSCA has Pilot Point AD/HFC open. super later. wonder where the HFC is going? Sure to be an inside hire this late, one would think.
  6. never know in that town. I'm scratching my head on some of the ones who didn't get it. But that is for another time.
  7. What I'm hearing is should hear tonight on the man that got the gig.
  8. Did they have ans interim? Or was ir by committee?
  9. Wonder if it while be the Gunter version in the gun or more true flexbone
  10. Just saw on TASA net that Hubbard is open. AD/HFC. This late be an inside hire?
  11. wow..that's crazy. A once great traditional football school falling apart. Rising gas prices, inflation, home market driving people closer to metro areas among other things we may not see. Hope they can compete again.
  12. There is none.. They already building the second 3 story wing for the awesome high school they have. They are not just doing great things there for athletes but for students and academics too. Bonds can't pay teachers more and can only be used for school buildings and projects. You can just have a bond for technology for students but you can have one for technology wing that includes multiple laptop/Chromebook carts that hold 30 or more in each. So you can go one to one.
  13. The Kids moving to Haskell or Knox city ? or is football want to drying up in the town ?
  14. Per THSCA the Moguls are looking for a new coach. Used to be a good job but I have not kept up with it.
  15. Matt stepp reporting on twitter.... BVE hires Brian Ramsey of Morton.
  16. Ronnie pat stomp your hat.. RIP. Was a good one.
  17. Was told by a coach at regionals that they have hired. Some guy from west Texas. Cant remember the name.
  18. It happens, Forney to help pass there Billon dollar bond issue made polling stations at apartment complexes, churches and Parks in town. Some people don't like the school building. Go to the People, not hard.
  19. If its from Frisco high then they will be running the PG stuff. Gibson was at Frisco as OC before PG.
  20. Pretty tough soccer district but with that many thought they would do better than one round and 4th in district. Maybe rebuilding.
  21. Y'all have that haunted hotel too. That has to bring in some folks.
  22. You can do that... but the bad part on the ballet it will say this will raise taxes... even though it wont. Stuiped state law.
  23. They made it to where it was the full build out that would max capacity out at Forney with students plus a % of transfers. They basically said your taxes are gonna suck for the next 7 years but then they will level out. So now at least until 20 years from now they dont have to worry much besides maintenance and renovations maybe. Have to be able to sell your vision.
  24. Iv seen them not passed in districts were the 65+ voted no because they thought it would effect them. Have to get the word out and educate people. Forney passed a BILLION dollar bond cuz they had ground troops, worked hard, had polling stations at apartments, educated all that they could and it worked.
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