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  1. The Problem is in almost every small 4A down there are breaking Federal Law. If they fall asleep at the wheel god forbid they can loose there license and lively hood. All because the school wont shell out a few bucks for a driver. And the overall shortage of bus drivers makes this even harder.
  2. Thus Why I think the DOT or FMSCA look the other way because of the impact this would have state wide. I'm sure other states would have issues too. Even ones with other jobs that drive. Those other jobs are on duty time.
  3. Goldstar is used in DFW area as well. Problem is overall bus driver shortage even for those big companies.
  4. Heard some of those players who quit where some of the same that would have sat the 1st half anyway due to ejection in the Joaquin game. Again, Friday will be the day to see if the rumors are true.
  5. Classroom you are working. If you are at work ( doesn't matter if your there reading the paper and having coffee) it is considered on time. Conferences included.
  6. week 5 ,6 or 7 is good. Get 4-6 games under your belt have a chance to get healthy then make a run at the district opponents if not already in district.
  7. Marshall runs a similar scheme as Terrell and they barely came out of that one with the W. if they havnt cleaned that up be a long game.
  8. Wow.. must be closer than i am to that date then.. would be nice to get paid what i heard they paid they them. Havnt done a FOIA but if its close thats crazy money at a small school.
  9. interesting. Question is who hires these guys after they leave TB that allowed this to happen. definite stain on the resume
  10. Craziness! Tx has yet to separate CDL infractions from class C infractions which they need to do ASAP. At least be able to do defensive driving and deferred adjudication at least once each.
  11. They have to do something, bus drivers are becoming less and less common. Killeen is trying to do something about it by having a course where 18 year olds can have their CDL by graduation. Can drive a big rig or Bus or whatever. More places need to look into doing this. The federal program that bus drivers have to do now that 3500-4500 dollars is ridiculous!
  12. wow! that's insane. yet 100's of coaches and school districts do this every Friday.
  13. What is the penalty for the driver or the employer for going against this?
  14. According to FMSCA : Maximum Driving Time for Passenger – Carrying Vehicles – § 395.5 No motor carrier of passengers shall permit or require any passenger-carrying CMV driver to drive: More than 10 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty, or For any period after having been on duty 15 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty. No motor carrier of passengers shall permit or require any passenger-carrying CMV driver to drive, regardless of number of motor carriers using the driver’s services, for any period after the driver has been on duty: 60 hours in any 7 consecutive days if the carrier does not operate CMVs every day of the week; or 70 hours in any 8 consecutive days if the carrier operates CMVs every day of the week. On-Duty Time – § 395.2 On-duty time means all time from the time a driver begins work or is required to be in readiness for work until the time the driver is relieved from work and all responsibilities for performing work. Performing other compensated work for a person who is not a motor So get to work at 7:00 Monday- Wednesday leave the field house at 6 ( 33 hours) , home game Thursday arrive at 7:00am Leave field house at 10:00(15 hours),Friday away game arrive at 7 am you could drive to the game because most start at 7 but after the game you have more than 60 hours.. so its technically against federals law for any coach to drive back that's been working all week. Wonder how many schools have to risk this to play sports.
  15. Have to have selective hearing, be strong with your calls and understand your there to protect players and make sure the game is played as fair as possible. No calls are personal, no calls are vendictive, it is what it is. And its hard cuz you have a coach giving you an ear full if your in the sidelines. Bless refs it takes special people
  16. My buddy coaches in Warren and they sat 8 starters in the hull game and had a couple more hurt. They had everyone back vs Garrison. He said if not for two dropped td passes they would lost. Plus He said Garrison sat players for missing practices. Expect a Great game Friday.
  17. Dangerfield dropped because of lone star steel closing. I'm guessing LK is dropping due to lack of jobs in the area and cost of fuel to get to Atlanta and other bigger cities. With gas in some areas dropping under 3.00 they should be fine. Still higher than used to be but its the time we live in.
  18. LO is a long way from its glory days. Maybe with a few new coaches in this year they get those kids out or coming from Greenville. Time will tell.
  19. two running teams. bet this one was quick..lol
  20. Long season see who comes off with the championship this year.. Manchester united not looking good.
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