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  1. You sound like AOC...No place in the world has the upward mobility of the US. Yeah, the rich are getting richer, but so are the rest of us. These kids are in a tough spot and have to make a decision that will affect their whole lives. Hopefully they have family members and mentors who are advising them on what will be best for the kids, but I'm sure they will have some selfish individuals in their ears also. This is a choice that shouldn't have to be made. College coaches should be ashamed of themselves if they are encouraging kids to forego what could be one of the best seasons o
  2. Successful coach. No doubt about it. Anyone who says otherwise is just being a hater. They don't just hand out rings. And who's to say any of those "talented" programs wins without him there. There are probably better coaches out there who weren't in as good a situation, that's how life goes. But you have to acknowledge that he was able to accomplish the ultimate goal multiple times with the teams he had.
  3. The historical section is a national treasure. I don't use the rest very much. Good news updates would be welcome for sure. The Football Friday App takes care of the scores. Any additional "feeding" would be great. As big as high school football is in texas, it is hard to get info on teams outside of the major cities.
  4. I wouldn't put surely on that....there's a lot of Fearmongering going on...just look at this thread... People have become so afraid of dying that they have stopped living. And then they shame other people into not living by saying they are killing people. And the magic bullet is a vaccine that only works if everyone gets it. So you get vaccinated, but still have to stay home, wear a mask, and avoid people because it doesn't actually work. And we have given up so much control to the government in the name of public safety, which is how it always is. We get scared and let the governmen
  5. Whole lotta speed on these two teams!! If only football was just a race....
  6. President Comacho has acknowledged that there is a shortage of french fries and "burrito coverings", but he has a plan....
  7. In his defense, when I first read it I was wondering what kind of rivalries there were running cross-country.....
  8. I feel like Carthage band does that in the stands, but they could do better. Their marching style is very traditional and technical. Requires a lot of practice. It isn't easy.
  9. Source? What part? The whole thing? There was no lightning? The storm was made up? It was gonna clear at 9:30? SA doesn't have a new coach? Clearly, everything isn't a lie, so call it out!
  10. So you prefer one of those bands where they just kind of wander around the field while playing their horns and nobody can tell if they are where they are supposed to be?
  11. Anybody got any more info? That's a weird story. They voted unanimously to keep him 3 months ago? Something happen in the meantime? Schoolboard election?
  12. Now I have been a part of some great Friday night atmospheres at Carthage also, but it aint the norm week in and week out.
  13. Man, the people up there yelling at Surratt to run the ball, punt the ball, stop doing this, start doing that drive me crazy. How many times do you have to show people you know what you are doing before they stop second guessing you? (That question is rhetorical because I know the answer is "no number is high enough to stop all the bleacher coaches.")
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