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  1. And we all know that legally obtained firearms are the only ones killers use. I'm sure someone who was hellbent on murdering 9 year old children was going to be stopped by a law saying IT couldn't buy one. Just like the law that said It couldn't carry one on campus, discharge it into the door, or use it to murder people stopped It from doing all of those things.
  2. I do believe in personal responsibility, absolutely. But I also understand drug addiction. The ease of access to drugs in our country, caused in great part by our poor border security, puts addicts in the presence of drugs. It's not as simple as saying "stop doing drugs". But the compassionate left doesn't seem to care that we have a free-flowing stream of drugs coming in to our country on a daily basis. I believe drug addicts got themselves into their mess. You can't be addicted to something you have never done. I also understand how hard it is for people to quit drugs. I've seen it first-hand with family and friends. Many have to move away from known places to get away from people they know who do drugs. If they weren't so available, it would definitely stem the tide.
  3. Yeah, we shut down all the state funded mental hospitals....
  4. So let's say you are right, and other nations have the same mental health problems we do, how much freedom are you willing to sacrifice for safety? You a big fan of the patriot act? Should we be allowed to own semi-automatic guns as long as they don't have scary braces on them? Should all guns be single shot? Should we have no guns? What is your answer? How willing are you to eliminate our God given right to keep and bear arms that is protected by the 2nd amendment to the Constitution?
  5. So your argument is that it doesn't affect enough people to be an issue? Kind of like voter fraud, people killed by fentanyl pouring over our open border, or grooming of children. It has to be a big deal for you to worry about it.
  6. Smokescreen for what? Not believing in sexualizing kids? I agree, grooming is nasty and it shouldn't be going on.
  7. But the problem is, we are trying to force it now instead of getting the infrastructure ready to transition to other forms of power. We will always need fossil fuels. They are more than just fuel. They are used in manufacturing the vast majority of products we make today. You can't make an iphone from hemp.
  8. And I believe you are full of it. You know dang well the books that we are talking about are teaching pre-pubescent kids about sexual topics that they have no business being taught about, especially by someone who is not their parent. Keep the grooming books on your personal bookshelf and not in the school library.
  9. Do you have a daughter who competes in athletic competitions? Do you have a daughter who could receive a scholarship based on her performance in sports? Do you have a daughter who competes in activities like boxing, mma, or wrestling? I gaurantee if a dude with a penis and more muscle mass was beating the crap out of your daughter in a boxing ring, you'd have a fixation on it. We fought for years to expand women's sports to give them equal opportunity to compete and now we are saying it doesn't matter. If there is no difference, then do away with women's and men's sports and just have sports. Men will dominate and women won't compete. You women-haters have taken the beauty and grace of the female sex and made it about nothing more than saying "I'm a woman."
  10. Hold up! I was told we're the most fascist Nazis who ever Nazied because we wanted to remove porn from elementary school libraries....
  11. If she hadn't had those "assault-style rifles" everything would be fine. WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY THAT THEY WOULD COMMIT THESE ATTROCITIES?!
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