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  1. What defines religion???? I would argue that the LGBTQAAIP2+TUV agenda is a religion. These looneys work harder than any Sunday School teacher to try and get kids to follow their beliefs. The climate crisis people are part of a religion. They call anyone who doesn't agree that climate change is 100% man made heretics and want them silenced. All of these things take place in our schools among others. Also, we were founded on Judeo-Christian values. The founders clearly believed that, whether they wanted us to be overtly Christian or not. We weren't founded on Muslim values. Our system was based on the morals that are taken from the Bible. So, that should be taught.
  2. Underfunded schools only affect the black community? Around here we go to the same school. Health care and health insurance is only a black issue? What working conditions do you speak of? Does the government set salaries? Oh you mean inflation causing minimum wage increases. Diminish the study of African American history? That's a bold faced lie. There's a lot of history of all kinds that is left out. There's only so many days of school. I'm sure there's more that could be taught, but it also has to be historically accurate and factual, not some made up BS that is really about denigrating others. Please name the continued inequities in our society and culture and economy....especially the culture part.
  3. I find it funny that the left is up in arms over this harmless speech. He didn't get up there and say that women shouldn't be in the workplace or don't deserve equal pay for equal work. He simply told them that they have been lied to. For some reason, and I believe it to be nefarious, we have told our young women for decades now that being a homemaker is a lowly and degrading job, and that to be truly satisfied they need to go to college and get a degree and a successful career. Well, when the country has turned marriage into a temporary situation where a woman will have to take care of herself, and likely a few kids after a period of time, that makes a lot of sense. That's not the design that God has in mind for us. He is also right about men. Our job is to take care of our families. To be masculine and to provide. It is the job of the man of the house to allow for women to have the opportunity to be stay-at-home mom's and care for their families. We all know that kids are better off when both parents are in the home and able to spend quality time with their children. The left has made "homemaker" an insult and insinuated that women who stay at home are being held there by some patriarchal force that is designed to make women inferior to men. I would argue that a stay-at-home mom gets the harder part of the deal and does more for the family. She should be the cornerstone of our society. But I'm sure we're better off with Taylor Swift and the Youtuber of the moment raising our kids while both parents run the rat race.
  4. I doubt that any of the pay "great", but yes, the larger districts pay better. But if we took the money from the district directly and used it, you are saying that there is not enough money generated from our property taxes to properly fund our education system? You are saying that we need to raise taxes?
  5. And I agree with you 100% that local government should run their district. What I do not agree with is that it's a limit in the amount of money that the district has. I believe it is still a mismanagement of funds at a local level also. But either way, it is due to the design of the public education system from top to bottom.
  6. And it would be one thing if it was just at Carthage ISD that this was an issue, but it's statewide. So what is the reason that it's the same across the state?
  7. I still don't see what in your explanation there keeps XISD from paying their teachers $100,000 per year. And again, you say all of the above, but still advocate for a public education system run by the government.
  8. That's the biggest load of horse manure you've trotted out in a while. How many teachers and their spouses are Republicans? It's just completely stupid of you to think that people are not paying teachers more because they think it's a hobby. Conservatives hate anything that is wasteful and tries to tear down the family unit and the country, which many public schools have proven they want to do. But you are acting as though we aren't paying taxes. You are acting as though I set the teacher salary. Do I? Who writes teacher contracts? Why are they able to low-ball teachers on salary?
  9. So she has denied it multiple times, but now that she says it in a courtroom to condemn Trump, you believe her? And also, what bearing does any of this have on the office of the President? Remember when Slick Willie was bangin an intern in the oval office? That didn't seem to matter. Look, I am not a fan at all of Donald Trump's personal life decisions, but it has no bearing whatsoever on how good a job he did as President. I am in agreement that the details of their sexual encounters have no bearing on the case and were just trotted out to get the reaction from above. It's a hush money case. They didn't have to spell out the details of what happened.
  10. My question again is, why aren't teachers paid more? And I don't mean "why doesn't the legislature raise the minimum?" I mean, what is the limiting factor on teacher salaries in the areas that you live? There's no law that says they can't get paid more. So what is setting the rate?
  11. What exactly do you agree with? His post made no real statements other than it's teacher appreciation week, which i think we all should celebrate. Most teachers are wonderful and do a job that they don't get paid enough to do and there aren't enough of them to carry the burden. But I also think you have to agree that the public school system is woefully mismanaged from the top down. Giving more money to the system isnt' going to get the teachers raises.
  12. She has a Master's Degree? She should be a billionaire! Those things are highly valuable to society! Maybe she shouldn't have spent 7 years at a university to go into what she surely knew was one of the poorest paying jobs in America. I don't believe that she thought she was going into a lucrative field. That being said, teachers don't make enough money, but that's the problem with working for the government. As a veteran, I know that. Only elected officials get rich. But you and yours believe that public schools are the answer to all our problems. Private schools are terrible and only care about money while the government is only concerned about our well-being.
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