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  1. Freshmen Dawgs won 52-6…think that was the score.
  2. If it's incidentally then it had no baring on the original statement. It would have just been the part you stated above. You just wanted to throw that in.
  3. So do you base your opinion of defense lawyers on their clientelle? Isn't every person supposed to get representation in court?
  4. The Sandy aid package was for about $50 billion, about $17 billion was for aid the other $33 billion was a slush fund for pet projects. That's not voting against aid, but it's a good way to make someone vote against extraneous spending and say they voted against aid. The Federal Government has no right to determine if it will send money back to the people that gave it to them EXACTLY FOR THIS PURPOSE! But it also should not use events like this to get unrelated projects passed. It's using political games to tie up what should be a straight forward thing.
  5. There's plenty of former abortion workers who are staunchly anti-abortion now. They aren't hypocrites. Now, if this stuff about Herschel is true, then it is not good. The timing of all of these bombshell revelations are pretty interesting. I have to believe that he will vote for laws that align with his campaign promises. Besides, it's not like the guy on the other side doesn't have his fair share of issues.
  6. I kinda figured that, but I don't know enough about the situation to throw any stones. I guess I was really saying I don't understand how a coach doesn't go .500 there at least.
  7. Man, as much as I don't like our former rivals down 79, it's hard to see what's going on in Henderson right now. I picked Athens, but hopefully this is a game where Henderson can get a win and some confidence. I don't know what the issues are, but it's hard to believe that the talent isn't there to wind some games.
  8. A vote for Canton already! Now where are the posters???
  9. I haven't seen them since the Carthage game. Have they changed personnel or are they just playing better and getting the schemes down on defense. Do you think they have improved drastically since then? I picked Kilgore to win, just need to know if my money is safe! (Just kidding. I do not gamble on sports, especially high school sports. Please don't report me to the man. @RETIREDFAN1)
  10. I heard Brooks had rocks in his pocket when he did his official weigh in... Don't shoot the messenger.
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