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  1. So "people" (you didn't use a number, so it could be two or it could be 20) didn't want kids to experience something that kids have been doing for over a hundred years in the name of safety? The fearmongering has really gotten to some people pretty badly...
  2. Yeah, we should all stay at home forever!!!! This living life is reckless! Can't wait until the CDC tells me it's ok to go back to living without fear!
  3. I called it a place like BC, because that's how you said it. I can read just fine. You came out guns blazin on this hire and you have based everything you said on very limited information. As I said very early on, you may very well be right. But your basis for it all seems to stem from the fact that he worked for Dodge and you don't know him.
  4. If a place like BC could find a coach who meets those 5 criteria, i bet they would hire them... And now you go from judging him because he works for Dodge to assuming his reasons for leaving Westlake. You assume nobody would leave more money as an assistant to become a head coach. I know plenty of people who would much rather live ANYWHERE than Austin...as a matter of fact most Texans think Austin is the worst place in the state. Maybe he's looking because he wants to be a head football coach and he isn't scared by the challenge that is BC? You may be right, but I don't think you
  5. And most importantly doesn't change the offense!
  6. I'm not saying you are wrong. You made some good points. But it seems like most of your ire is directed at Todd Dodge, and that's not who they hired. Was the three seasons under Dodge his only coaching experience? (Asking because I don't know) Are you for sure that he hasn't coached in "losing" places before? Is that a badge of honor to be able to say "I coached for several bad schools and made it through!"? Again, I understand why you wouldn't want Todd Dodge to come to Bridge City, but what about this guy, besides working for a short time under Dodge, makes you think he ca
  7. Based on what we know, I like the Kilgore hire. He's been with a winning program and as a DC his unit performed pretty well. From what I have seen on the Henderson side, his last stop was not successful and as an OC they didn't perform very well on offense. Now, PG had some horses on defense during tenure there. Guessing Crowley wasn't stacked with top talent.
  8. In this day of 12 classifications and 4 teams going to the playoffs, that's not the accomplishment it used to be. Historical comparisons are great if the comparison is right. Not taking anything away from him. He's a good coach, but not great. Just my opinion. I am not in a position to hire him, so it don't really matter what I think.
  9. Yeah, time to get over what's happened and get behind the man brought in to coach the kids. It's done. If you don't like it, vote out the school board members. Castles was a decent coach. IMO he probably should have done better with the talent he had on those 11 win seasons. As was said before, people like to go to number of wins in a season. Don't you have to look at competition? If you got all those pre-district wins against lower classification schools that aren't very good, that's kind of padding the ol stats, right? District championships and playoff success are what yo
  10. Well then that makes it alright...
  11. Nobody on here is against hiring the best person for the job! Good job understanding that we don't just think hiring the person who has the most wins as the head coach. You have to look at where those wins were and how they came about. How will that person run the program? Will he make his system work no matter the Jimmies and Joes? Or will he run what will work for the kids at the school? Does his attitude and way of coaching fit at your school? When you say qualifications, people think wins and losses not intangibles.
  12. "Most Qualified" is a load of ####. By that logic, nobody else would ever get qualified because the "most qualified" would get all the openings. The board is to look at the candidates and choose the best fit for their position. You can have someone who checks all the "Qualifier" boxes who #### at their job or just isn't right for what you are doing with your program. The brain surgery question is bull also. First of all, as important as the position is, it ain't brain surgery. Also, you make it out like you can either have Joe Bob and his homemade operating utensils or the dude of Gr
  13. Oh we're in court now... Who on this thread is passing out direct first hand knowledge?
  14. I understand that time is at a premium. I have a full time job, as does my wife. As a parent you have to make quality time with your kids a priority. I don't care if you WANT to discipline your kids. It's your job. You are charged with raising them up in the way they will go. That means correcting them when they are wrong because you love them. What is discussed in that article, is a learned behavior. They weren't born thinking someone is less than them because of their skin color. If it's not learned at home, it's tolerated at home. We do not do our children any favors by letting beh
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