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  1. ### are you even saying? So anyone who has ever done anything wrong can't stand up for something that is right???? Anyhow, dude being kinky and wanting to have a threesome has very little if anything to do with protecting kids from pornography, but you can equate the two if you want. If he raped a woman, then rape him and kill him.
  2. Wow, you two just throwing blankets! I appreciate the stats to back up your "why are the cultural zealots so often also freaks in hiding" and also Peepee's "probably closeted freaks as well". Both of yall acting like anyone who tries to stand for morals and values is really a rapist behind closed doors. That's pretty cool of you both.
  3. His argument is that you are racist because you don't like people moving to a place in order to change that place to be like the place they came from. It's the argument they come up with to try and silence people who love their country and don't want it changed because a bunch of people who don't have the same morals and values move in.
  4. So if a bunch of "white" people move to a highly black area and start to make changes to the neighborhood, it's gentrification. If a bunch of foreigners, who don't believe in the same way of life or governing style as the natives, move to a country and start to change it, what is that?
  5. Japan's "foreign population" per wikipedia is 2%.
  6. Didn't the government collude with Twitter and Meta to do that during the "pandemic"? I mean, I know they are illegitimate, so maybe you have a point.
  7. Maybe you should get out of your feels that someone called your coach good and not great.
  8. At least maybe I won't finish behind them in the overall standings
  9. Yeah, cuz we can all take off 3 days of work to go watch football every single year. The fact is they offer a broadcast, which is not a bad thing. If you don't like it, don't watch it.
  10. It's definitely climate change and not the crap in our foods or the chemicals in everything. Also, we still gonna keep lumping wildfires into climate change like a bunch of idiots.
  11. Yeah, in a time where so many people are getting away from Dish/Directv, to not be able to find games by just paying for a streaming service is absurd. Bally has really been a let down. I saw the Rangers were ending their deal with them. Hopefully it will lead to more availability. It's just not worth it to pay for those networks just to see Rangers/Stars/State Championships.
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