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  1. But look at how clever my offense is!!!!!
  2. May understand his beef if he hadn't referred to himself as the modern day Jackie Robinson a few years ago. In that context, I would say at best it's a disparaging remark about him thinking he is somehow doing something along the lines of what Robinson did. But not racist at all. Does he go around calling all black players Jackie? Is that his code word for black players? Clearly not.
  3. Shouldn't be happening. That's for sure. And those committing these atrocities should be punished to the full extent of the law. What I want to know is, has it increased? I beleive that it has, but we have much easier access to information now than in the past. I think we are in a culture that makes it easier for these things to happen. Social media is a big culprit here. These teachers are communicating with young boys and girls on Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and more. It creates much more opportunity for inappropriate interactions.
  4. It's too bad all these coaches didn't go into other lines of work where we all love our jobs and only work 40 hours a week. In all seriousness, it's a hard enough job to be a teacher, especially one who cares about kids and their education. Add to that all that comes with coaching sports, and it's gotta be tough. But, working for the government is always going to be underpaid and underappreciated (Unless you are in congress or Dr Fauci). We have allowed them to screw it all up. We pay plenty of tax dollars to pay our educators good wages, but we blow it all on stupid government required BS. Best of luck coaches....
  5. Who gives a rats TobinFrost about planning or whether they are black or white? What difference does any of that make? They are taking innocent lives either way! To act like one way of killing 4, 8, 20 people is worse than another is ridiculous grandstanding to try and prove your political point! I'm talking to everyone on here. We have issues of the heart and mind here. It's not about guns. People in this country have been given over to their flesh, which is naturally evil. The fix is not gun control or gun-free zones. We need love, truth, and morality in this country. Unfortunately we won't get it because we have run God out of our lives. He is Love and He is Truth. Without a relationship with Him, we are a compass with no true north.
  6. Haha, I didn't say everyone. I am certain that through the years there have been babies that died from a lack of milk. I said not every baby has a breastfeeding mother available. Way to jump to hyperbole as though I said every baby ever born needed formula. Don't be ridiculous. You have any wet-nurses on standby?
  7. Some women cannot nurse their babies. Some babies are dropped at shelters or fire stations and don't have a milk-producing momma. Some babies are adopted. It's not as simple as just breastfeed em. I agree it is what's best for the baby and the momma, but it's not the only solution!
  8. I think that number is a little high... It's definitely a part of grooming. I will agree that teacher may not be grooming that student for themselves, but it is grooming them in to a future relationship. In this instance instead of a single person grooming a child for their future abuse, it is a systematic grooming handled by many people.
  9. Good point....and actually, kinda is my point. We don't need to talk about making changes and rewriting the constitution. We need to enforce the laws as they are written and see what happens.
  10. There are other ways to prevent it from being an issue than taking away something that is written into the constitution. Maybe have the legislative branch of the US government do their job and get some updated immigration laws on the books. Hold the Executive Branch responsible for enforcing the laws of the land not just the ones they agree with.
  11. I don't think we want to change that. People born in the US are citizens and always have been. We can stop the anchor baby situations by controlling the border without changing the constitution.
  12. From the moment of conception, that baby has a unique DNA. It is a separate individual. If you want to go down the road of it being dependent on another human being to survive, that opens the door to killing healthy children up to about age 3 maybe later depending on development. It also opens the door to killing any child with developmental disorders at any time. It sounds an awful lot like Nazi Germany. It is a slippery slope as much as most people hate to hear that argument. Lines have to be drawn. Anyone who can sit through that doctor's explanation of what an abortion is and still be "pro-choice" is a #### sociopath.
  13. Consequences of the current economy? I know many of them don't add a lot to the overall tax burden, but most people right now see that they are already spending a lot more on their every day purchases. Rough climate to try and convince someone to build a new weight room.
  14. The people who wanted you to wear a mask while having sex think a condom is too much…
  15. And don't you dare question it...
  16. It's funny, they want kids to play multiple sports until it interferes with the one they want. The individual coach starts punishing the kid for missing practice time in one sport for another and vice versa. It's even worse with other school sponsored activities. God forbid your kid try and play a sport and participate in some other UIL event.
  17. Can't be. We were told by "The Science" that was not true several months ago, and that any talk of such was just anti-vax fear mongering.
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