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  1. Yeah, how many times has the team that won the district been put out of the playoffs by a team from their district when they meet the second time? I know the 2016 Carthage team finished 3rd in district and beat Henderson in their second meeting on the way to a state championship. I know the 4 team thing gets a lot of teams in who have no shot, but I like the extra football!
  2. Well, I don’t play for Carthage, but I am less than concerned about the future of the Bulldawg program. Coach Surratt is still there, unless he Lincoln Riley’s his way out. Carthage will be a contender as long as he’s there.
  3. Once every few years we get the chance.
  4. I'm gonna have to agree with the last statement. Jasper's defense is very good, but with the offense they don't have, it puts their defense in bad spots and leaves them on the field all game. CS was able to shut down the Carthage attack in a way Jasper was unable to. Carthage was unable to move the CS defensive line.
  5. China Spring had some big throws. They aren’t gonna drop back 20 times and beat you, but they mix it in enough to catch the defense off guard. The QB threw some great passes. He’s more than capable of dropping them in to a receiver who’s in one on one coverage. I was highly impressed with his passing ability. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are just one dimensional.
  6. Good win Timpson. Keep going. Great season Beckville. No shame in this loss.
  7. Can’t fault them for this game. Offense screwed them over on most every drive. Say what you will. The defense was great. China Spring played hard and executed.
  8. You are right. Good game. China Spring is legit. Worst offense Carthage has had in Surratt’s tenure.
  9. On second thought, hope y’all lose. The overrated chants changed my mind. The leaping call may have been right, but the refs have been calling terrible calls all game. Plus the non-calls.
  10. We’ll be right here after the game to congratulate CS if they win. You can count on that.
  11. Started every drive in Carthage end. They are halfway there. Good on em. I also said if they score 28 they got a chance at winning.
  12. You mad bro? I got no problem. You asked a question you clearly knew the answer to in order to make your point. Don’t play innocent.
  13. I’ll tell ya what I want. They ain’t wadded over here.
  14. Can’t you read the scoreboard? Carthage been down before. Nobody expected a cakewalk this year. Ain’t gonna quit either.
  15. China spring students with the “Overrated” chant after going up 7-0…
  16. Truly right, but that’s one season. Most years they would struggle in 4A due to lack of depth. Newton would make the playoffs most every year in 4A. But these days that doesn’t mean much.
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