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  1. Going over everyone's heads...
  2. Some people in their feels two weeks before kickoff! Gonna be a long two weeks!!!!
  3. Didn't know Carthage had so many short fans!!!
  4. Not even close, but good try. I think there is success to be had in multiple styles of offense. Depends on the coach and the personnel. I love a good smash mouth power attack, but the game of football has evolved and changed over the years. They added the forward pass a little while back! I don’t get offended. And I ain’t young or entitled. Love you too! Talk soon!
  5. I am assuming you are saying last week it was a cover up? Who orchestrated this cover up? There were Marshall police on site. There is a photo of kids? What does that mean? I have lots of photos of my kids.
  6. Sweet lord. Do you ever have anything to say besides running a coach in the ground because he runs something besides the veer. Believe it or not, plenty of teams have won running the spread. Week in and week out you’re on here dogging coaches because they run a spread offense. Your input is tiresome and stupid.
  7. That’s crazy. This seems to have come out of left field. Nobody here is accusing kids of misbehavior as in the other thread. This is about grown men paid to do a job.
  8. Not gonna name any names, but 4 people picked Bullard in this poll.
  9. The dude goes to the casino every day for years putting everything on 27 on the roulette wheel...it hits once in 5 years and he thinks hes the luckiest man alive.
  10. Haha! I think the Dawg fans look at every team and try to figure out how they are going to play the Dawgs. Bullard has been very competitive in every game they have played. Their 3 losses have been close. We try not to get too overly confident to the point of just thinking that they win by showing up. Coach Surratt has said many times that if they don't take teams seriously and show up thinking they have it won, things will go badly.
  11. Not that I think it’s gonna be a problem, but do you think CISD has looked at our current setup and how the players walk past home crowd to go to their locker room?
  12. Dang. That sucks. Always hard to hear about those.
  13. Carthage won State Championship in 2019 in 4AD1. Guess all our move in players aren’t pushing us over the cutoff! Try again.
  14. Nobody can see Bally Sports, so it remains a mystery.
  15. Hate to hear anything like this happening. This really sucks. Hopefully Marshall gets things situated going forward. These things cannot happen. Hope all the schools in the area pay attention to this and look for areas that need to be addressed going forward.
  16. I agree with that, but it’s our staff’s job to take care of our kids.
  17. In the words of Justin Timberlake… ”Cry me a River!”
  18. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be punishment handed out, but the kids should not be allowed to be in that situation. Post game they should be escorted to the bus by staff and there shouldn’t be an opportunity for someone to come up and start something. That sounds like a failure on our administration’s part. I will have to hear more details.
  19. What has anyone seen from Henderson in their 4 losses to think they can be competitive in the district?
  20. Yeah, but 4 were quadriplegic and 3 of them had the OQ of Brick Tamlin.
  21. What do they have a bunch of handicapped kids or are they 75% girls?
  22. Center by more than enough
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