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  1. Look at everyone's preseason ranking prior to the season.. DCTF, FNF, whoever. NO ONE is ever 100% right at the end of the season.
  2. Neither of these defenses are worth a damn.
  3. You know he'll be on varsity in a few weeks. We usually bring around 5 freshmen with us on the road every year.
  4. http://www.kltv.com/clip/12838049/longview-set-to-host-john-tyler-in-the-red-zone-game-of-the-week
  5. Yall got some open seats over there? JB sit by you right?
  6. Got two light coats already in the car.
  7. Which brings about this question...is HK out there?
  8. Beat em 14-7. It's like the OPEN week changed them offensively somehow.
  9. Last time JV loss was 2013 against Coppell Week 0. Haven't loss a district game since 2012.
  10. Must've brought up a bit.. Cause I hear the JV took an uncharacteristic L tonight.
  11. Was it recent? You must be talking about Lathan. 2010-2012. Statistically, one of the best LB to ever wear a Lobo uniform. He was so good, despite him being undersized...D1's still took a look at him. Took many junior day visits. Last truly good LB we've had sadly. LB play use to be a very key component to Lobo defenses until recently. I'm sure the rise of spread offenses have something to do with that but when RB's are running down your throat up the middle at will, something is wrong. And it's been like that since at least 2014.
  12. No coach tells their player to stop playing right in the middle of a play. SMH.
  13. Meh. Keep in mind that our secondary consists of: 2 sophomores - S Lister and S/LB Starling 2 juniors - CB Harmon and S Andrews 2/3 seniors - S Webster and CB Wilson/Taylor In which Webster is the only senior that played a significant amount of varsity times over the years. With the inexperience, I couldn't possibly ask more from them. Reason why I never complain about them. Besides, they've dominated at least a half of every game this season. Only real thing they have to work on is not giving up the big play after playing so well on 1st and 2nd down. Harmon, Webster and Lister ha
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