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  1. Gonna get ugly real quick. The duo of Jr running backs Newton has Is ridiculous. The most diverse duo Newton has ever had, IMO. Eagles getting better each week......especially on defense.
  2. I think Cody Harris supped it up pretty good. could make for an interesting run through playoffs if we make it that far.
  3. 3 turnovers 28-6 in 1st quarter. Williams hurt his hip so I think he is out. Plus Jasper is #6 and pretty good this year.
  4. Yeah, 3-4 rounds deep blows for the figs. Lol.
  5. Then You obviously didn’t watch the video. He’s 1 yd off the hash when the ball wAs thrown. Not that it changes anything but he was not on the sideline. JS
  6. Wow, I must have missed where you were complaining 2 weeks ago when that old playbook beat the #2 WOS. Laughable.
  7. Newton. Better defensively this year. Plus Sylvester didn’t play against Gilmer last year, if that even matters.
  8. There you go. Y’all should be fine.
  9. They have a DE that is capable of shutting down the strong side and puts a ton of pressure on QB.
  10. “If he keeps his head on straight he could be the best back Newton has ever had” —WT Johnston
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