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  1. I saw it on Facebook —- Carthage High School Athletics
  2. 2021 Football schedule has been posted by the athletic department.
  3. They drafted areas of need, with maybe the WR an exception.........Good to see them not draft 2 tight ends or 2 running backs Only time will tell if the ones drafted help out.
  4. Number of wins does not determine how good of a coach a person is or how good of an athletic director he/she is --- In either direction...............8 wins a year at Allen in football is not the same as 8 wins a year at Queen City Talent on the football field and other sports, talent walking the halls of the high school and not playing a single sport, how he/she treats the athletes, how he/she does things in the community, etc all have to be considered.............no matter the school
  5. Now trade 12 to New England for 15 and another 3rd rounder.
  6. 3) Or the 3(maybe 4) replacements don’t play to the caliber of the players from 2020.
  7. I have finally figured out Preston ‘s genius.......all last year he used the junior high ploy of having 12 men on defense......lost 3 full time starters and has 9 full time starters coming back.......absolute genius
  8. For several years I have said if the Jacks could get a serviceable 6’9” or 6’10” guy with a little bulk, they would be a top 30 team most years. Not all world, just a 10 points and 10 rebounds type guy with a couple of blocks a game would work. Maybe Aku could fill that roll.
  9. Just leave 6A the way it is now, just simply change the classification name to 7A...........no squabbling over travel............then divide the lower 5(now) classes into 6 classes - less discrepancies in the sizes of each class than it is now but travel will not change dramatically for most.
  10. 3-4 years ago Griff was not able to make the 1st Quarter of the game.........Worst offensive quarter Carthage has had in the Surratt era..........But the last 3 quarters that night were much much better........Tru storie
  11. 2 P E classes or 2 subject matter classes........Football only or have to assist with a spring sport....... Will make a difference to a lot
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