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  1. L-K maxed out around 360 kids in the 70s and 80s and started dropping enrollment afterwards……Some have said Cville had about 750 in high school years ago. L-K was in the same district with Gilmer, P G, Atlanta some back then, but never had the numbers to be 4A now.
  2. L-K will be in same division as Clarksville this coming fall.
  3. His wife is from Atlanta and still has family there....probably a little factor.
  4. “From” Linden and “Live in” Linden are 2 different things…….. Don Henley, Scott Surratt and Edd Hargett are from Linden but don’t live in Linden.
  5. Supt. did not want anyone with L-K ties last year….may have changed since then.
  6. Look at the Facebook page of Johnny (Johnnie)Hendrix and the post/picture of him on February 28 and then get back to me.
  7. Just a few years ago, for several years, you could count on Baylor having outstanding pitching. Times do change.
  8. Wasn’t Stutsman just a freshman ? Was he on the 1983 squad ? Vic and Johnnie H were srs. in 1983-84 and played for SFA.
  9. If Gary P is heavily involved with the team, I don’t see mental letdowns/quitting on the team happening until the last game or two, if at all.
  10. E Everett was a D1...........I think three or four went to Stephen F. Austin
  11. The way high school, college and NFL have gone to marking the ball, it is rare they ever have to measure…….a punt can very very very slowly roll out-of-bounds where everyone can see it is out on the 20 1/2 yard line……when they mark the ball, it will either be on the 20 or 21 exactly. Just an example but happens 99% of the time.
  12. Assistant coach hires and girls coach hires can be really important also…..especially when they bring starting football children with them - at least 2 East Texas schools got these.
  13. Legal for citizens but against the rules of the NFL.
  14. Supposedly because the Cowboys would not guarantee his pay during his upcoming suspensions.
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