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  1. I think Carthage’s only 2 way starter was on crutches after the game last night…….If unable to play, would mean Dawgs are down to their 3rd tight end and missing the most versatile defensive player…….others will probably need to step their games up a notch.
  2. A lot of teams chant “We Ready”….I guess that is implying the other team is not ready and insulting the other team……they should stop saying that, it might hurt feelings…..lol.
  3. P G will be very competitive - playing much better the last few weeks. Silsbee has the athletes/speed like Gilmer. What Gilmer had that most teams don’t is cornerbacks that were like glue to #13 and #88(most catches were contested) and of course the NG.
  4. The ref on the line of scrimmage on Carthage’s side gave Gilmer a full yard on several occasions - made a difference on Gilmer getting a first down on 4th down once…….but they are high school officials for a reason.
  5. My guess is P G takes Mt. Pleasant and Carthage takes Lobo and they “flip”
  6. Tells me the coach for Gilmer liked what he saw at QB last week and in practice and thought he was the best option to win.
  7. My guess is they flip for “neutral” home…….Kilgore takes Lobo…….C H takes Rose or Tomato Bowl
  8. Black uniforms makes it hard sometimes to pick up the ball on good fakes…….But on the other hand, if offensive linemen wear black gloves, harder for refs to see to call holding.
  9. Just a reminder - no cash accepted for tickets or concessions at Lobo(at least that is the word).
  10. Bulldawg Stop in Carthage………at Lobo before the game
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