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  1. L-K for 50+ years has been blue and white…..football team had an all black uniform in 2023……saw several pictures of him at school, where he more than likely knew his picture was going to be taken that particular day, and he would have black and brown/tan clothes on with no blue or white…….Jerry Bennett was not a hometown L-K guy, but Jerry was proud to wear blue and white clothing while employed by L-K(just an example). Clothing color does not make a person bad, by no means…..not saying he is not a good guy…….But never seen John King at Longview, Scott Surratt at Carthage, or Jeff Taylor when he was at Gilmer wear clothes not in line with their school.
  2. Moving on from the guy - the guy who had no guys powerlifting this year and the one who doesn’t believe in school colors ??
  3. Not a fan of Refugio, but them being 14 - 1 and ranked 20th is a head scratcher.
  4. Unless it has changed recently, Texas state records are from the state track meet only.
  5. Doomie…….Would you trade Dak and his $50,000,000+ salary for a top 6 draft pick in this years draft - to get a QB ?
  6. I timed it from the video, which is a close estimate…..10.20
  7. The last 20-25 years, yes……Before that, for about 25-30 years going back to around 1970, another local school was dominate.
  8. Probably be a better chance that T High would consider it if P G’s visitor side held twice as many people.
  9. Why did the coach, admin, and/or the Ladyjack players elect to not play in a postseason basketball tournament ??
  10. North Carolina State wins 5 games in 5 days - impressive
  11. Probably 99% of the people who read your first statement understood what you were saying.
  12. He was drafted weighing around 330 and played his rookie year around 300……….As far as the NFL goes, unless he drastically improves his burst off the ball and technique, he won’t last many years at 300……At 330 he will/would/could be good at plugging a gap/requiring a double team.
  13. The Speed Demons did have a guy run 10.97 at their last meet……not terrible
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