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  1. If he can enroll in Ohio State and take classes, along with work with the strength/conditioning coaches, I don’t blame him. That being said, he is not a normal recruit talent wise and endorsement wise.
  2. Oklahoma has had 7, dating back to 1952.
  3. Assuming the move to the SEC happens in 2022, the 2021 product on the field could be huge for the Longhorns………If Sark has the 2021 Horns playing well and wins 10+ games, recruiting and transfers probably goes really well. 2021 Horns win 7 or less games, it probably is going to be very few 5 stars and really good transfers coming to Austin until winning(somehow) picks up.
  4. If/when Texas and Okie join the SEC, I can easily see Texas getting 2 or 3 more big time in-state recruits instead of them going to Bama, LSU, etc……….Will not be able to prove on an individual basis if being in the SEC helps Texas get these big time players to stay, but will be able to compare long term stats. Last few years the Horns and Aggies have been pretty equal in recruiting and the product on the field. I think Texas probably gets back an edge if both are in the SEC.
  5. I would hate 9:00 or 9:30 start times in football and basketball.
  6. Longhorn basketball got another transfer commitment today……looks to be a nice get.
  7. The move-in lineman should help Waskom a lot. Strong young man.
  8. You gonna make a few of those Lobo posters grumpy if they read that. Lol.
  9. Atlanta lost a probable starting lineman to Waskom late spring/early summer that could hurt them.
  10. I know Surratt can coach any position really well(especially offense)…..And Endsley and Watson know how to coach the offensive line…….If those 3 coaches get the offensive line even close to the last several years early in the upcoming season, those 3 deserve another raise.
  11. Crosby, S A, P G, Gilmer - 2s probably don’t get more than a quarter, if at all. Jasper might be iffy. I take under 10. Lol.
  12. Has to go undefeated ……..First week will be a good measuring stick if that might happen.
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