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  1. Lindale is scheduled to scrimmage Whitehouse on August 18
  2. I believe the DT started against P G(used 5 linemen) and maybe another game or 2.
  3. Saw a picture of him yesterday……he has had a BIG growth spurt since last year.
  4. My guess is at least 3 sophs/fresh, and probably 4 or 5..............One of those you remember might change positions, but I have not started my Tuesday night phone calls yet.............I do know that Carthage's offense will miss the guy who was behind all of the offensive play calling in recent years.
  5. I think someone took too many hits to the head carrying the ball about 40 times in a game against Tatum back around 2005-06. Just saying.
  6. With 54% enrollment Carthage has compared to Marshall, it should be a win for Marshall……….Marshall has about 67% enrollment of Longview and the size difference is the reason Longview wins, according to the Mav. experts.
  7. Not the same offense……couple of new faces on line……2 good/really good athletes new to Carthage…..and one of the returning skill players is bigger but quiet a bit quicker. Offense may stink up the world for 10 games, but has the potential to be way better than 2021.
  8. May be a 4 hour game with all the passing BOTH teams will do.
  9. 247 has him at 6’3” and 200……..nice size for a 4A defensive end or safety
  10. Div I and Div II are only done in football...........Alto is basically in the middle, size wise, of 2A
  11. Bad for the seniors……..But worse for the juniors IMO………..Seniors had 3 years to make the playoffs…..Juniors only had 2 years to make the playoffs………Bad for both
  12. Will be interesting to see if any of the district teams decide not to play them…….might happen if a few starters are banged up and need a week off for the rest of district or the playoffs.
  13. West Orange Stark against any of those 3 mentioned would be an all East Texas final.
  14. Get enough money now, pay for education yourself later.
  15. At TCU, Gary Patterson seemed to find guys that needed a position change to become a better player........sometimes after getting to TCU to make the change, and sometimes from a high school position to a different position in college...........For those who keep up with the Horns more than I do in the offseason, did any on campus players make a position switch during the spring ?
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