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  1. Needs to hire Gary Patterson as assistant head coach …… Sark be offensive play caller and recruiter…….Patterson be in charge of morale and the defense(or at least help with the defense).
  2. I saw several Northeast Texas people, not from Carthage, at the game - guessing I saw 20-25 that I recognized……..probably a bunch more I didn’t see or didn’t know…….those folks are probably not going to be overly vocal……and it was a small crowd on the Carthage side for a 4A 3rd round game.
  3. With some different players getting to play now, I will take any bowl game we can get.......More practice time and one more game to see the different faces play
  4. Hmmmmm........Most on Smoaky consider tonights game between Waskom and Newton a tossup...........So, If Carthage schedules Waskom for 2022 and 2023, are they scheduling a relevant opponent, since Newton is relevant to WOS ?
  5. WOS would win 6A 4 out of 5 years………All Hail The Mustangs.
  6. Went to the Longview-Bryant game earlier in the year……..Debit/credit at gate but cash only at concession stand.
  7. This thread started by guy who gets on here advertising his stadium for playoff games because of all the extra stuff they have and do for the teams………and now he wants the state championship games to not have the best facilities available……funny stuff.
  8. Was just thinking how times have changed..........Carthage has scored no less than 27 points in any game this year, and their offense is considered mediocre............Go back 30-40 years or so, and in the 1970s and 1980s those numbers would be hailed as really good.
  9. Jacks get after it on defense……Gave out a little in the 2nd half but conditioning will get there……If Kingsmil was 6’9” with the same skills, he would be an All American - I think they are stretching it to say he is 6’7”.
  10. If the wind is not blowing like crazy and C S runs the same scheme against the spread as they ran last week, Carthage will throw probably 70% of the time - at least until they have a comfortable lead............It won't be all long passes, but the ball will be in the air unless C S changes
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