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  1. They played Texas Tech 3 weeks ago
  2. Is dislocated hip and he is home now and able to walk some now, accurate? If so, that is good news.
  3. If Lumberton continues to play their CBs 10-12 yards off the ball, Tatum May end up with over 200 yards passing.
  4. Pleasant Grove will probably stop that road before Center gets back to Carthage(or Gilmer).
  5. Bullard looks like a decent 3A Division 2 team - in regards to speed and physical size.
  6. Maud won 41-0 in 2008 and L-K was 2-8……Next year L-K won 39-14 and Newton beat L-K 41-29 in the 3rd round of the playoffs.
  7. Over 60 miles would be the player whose mother moved to Carthage from Atlanta for a pay raise, and the player chose to move with his mother.
  8. North and South have worked for years........No need to mess with mother nature.
  9. 4 or 5 “dudes” can not make subpar teammates state contenders…….. but if those 4 or 5 “dudes” fill a position of need on a team that is already good, might make that team really good/contenders. I know nothing about Panther Creek, just stating “in general”.
  10. Back in the 90s L-K had a guy that ran 4.28 and 4.31 at his pro day in college…….Gilmer had a guy run him down from behind in Gilmer - but that was his 221st yard of the first quarter.
  11. What about the young man from Bay City that ran 10.25 in Austin ? Just poking fun, I know your guy is extra fast.
  12. If it happened, I think the biggest blame would be on Marshall’s security(or lack thereof).
  13. No idea…..I will try to ask coach when he calls me Tuesday evening.
  14. I think the main character of this thread has a brother or cousin In Henderson and one in Gilmer.
  15. Numbers of players dressed out does not determine quality depth………Very few coaches, especially 4A and below, will cut a student or just not let him suit out………Beckville could have 50 suited out for varsity but 30 don’t fit the description of “athlete” or “football player”.
  16. Announcers say the rule is “crown of the helmet” and something about 6 inches from crown.
  17. Week after Alabama, is often tough for any team mentally and physically……..Was not a pretty win, but does not make think any less of the team If next week doesn’t look better, then I will think 8 - 4 is about what to expect. But I expect a better looking team next week.
  18. More than likely, they don’t have enough to fire him and not have to pay the rest of his contract…….and they probably don’t want to pay him a huge amount and him also be able to find employment and be making more. I bet that as assistant AD, he will just be doing stuff like insurance for athletes, watching the lunchroom during lunch, driving to drop a package off at UPS, etc.
  19. And obvious he wasn’t talking to any coach that knows much……The last week in November, if not before, they will play a team way better than Lindale.
  20. Last October’s number were 740 and 271 according to Texas Football mag.
  21. Buckeyes is a plural word, correct ? Football is a team sport, correct ?
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