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  1. VILLE’s front 7 are very solid. Both LB’s are big strong and can tackle. Secondary are ball hawks. So if Kennedale elects to pass, it’s probably not in their favor. I look for this game to be a battle until late in the 3rd Qtr. VILLE’s D will get several stops on Kennedale’s offense which will put Kennedale in a hole they cannot clime out of. The VILLE’s balanced spread will take control and force Kennedale out of their comfort zone. VILLE by 14
  2. No sir. That game was without Sville’s RB for 3 Qtrs and QB Jones’s second game back on the season. Game was a lot closer than the score reflects. I will touch on Graham a bit. The beat Graham, PG will need to have defense and an offense hat is balanced with pass and run. Defensively, a team needs excellent OL and DL play, LB’s that are intelligent and have a nose for the ball, and a secondary that can cover like white on rice. Any weakness on defense, Graham will exploit. They are the team to beat in 4A D2. PG needs to have their best game of the season to beat them. And I know some will say,
  3. Stephenville’s defense proved they could slow down one of the states top QB and RB duos. Next up, Kennedale and their daunted wing-t offense. The Ville is very familiar to the wing-t and Kennedale of recent years. Should be another dandy.
  4. After a rough couple of seasons, Stephenville is back. Mostly juniors this season and have grown up fast. Best Jacket defense we’ve seen in a long time. Offense is starting to gain steam.
  5. Brownwood is a storied program and one that many coaches would love to land as the AD/HC job. With the talented classes coming up for the next 3 years, who wouldn't want this job. But this is comical! http://brownwoodexaminer.com/2016/03/25/mac-brown-shows-interest-in-brownwood-job/
  6. You pretty much hit the nail on the head there bluetopper. That area is still growing and an attractive place for families fanancially sound to live. I watched them play Graham in Graham earlier in the season. It was an absolute slug fest and an all out war in the trenches. Argyle won 35-27. It was back and forth the entire game. It basically came down to the team that commited the least anoumt of mistakes. Argyle is beatable though. It will take a team with an explosive offense or a ground and pound style with big strong linemen. The key to slowing Argyle down is having a very good strong D-l
  7. I wouldn't say the Wolverines were small. Maybe not as thick, but some big ole boys. See below roster from Cody's corner! http://stephenvilleyellowjackets.com/index.php?topic=1785.0 South Anchorage Offense Position Player Class Height Weight LT #50 Mervin Taha Sr. 6'0 230 LG #71 Nathan Lujan Jr. 6'2 265 C #51 Matthew Koegh Sr. 6'2 225 RG #72 Ben Hopp Sr. 6'0 190 RT #58 Jordan Moore Jr. 6'4 235 TE #80 Alain Devoe Sr. 6'2 225 TE #88 Jared Hudson Sr. 6'2 220 WR #13 Justice Augafa Sr. 5'11 185 WR #23 Nicholas Settle Sr. 5'8 155 QB #4 Colin Thompson Sr. 6'1 215 RB #3
  8. I agree blackflag79. It must be a great feeling to play a Texas HS football team if you're from another state. Across all levels, it offers the best HS football in America. I'm sure they will be well coached and talented. They are the #1 ranked HS football team in Alaska.
  9. It's that time! Stephenville Yellowjackets vs Anchorage South High (AK) Wolverines this Friday in Stephenville at Tarleton State University. Here's some more information to review. Their RB looks pretty quick!! http://www.hudl.com/team/18961/highlights/71626901 https://plus.google.com/photos/107982745568890740260/albums/6048674101941592225?banner=pwa#photos/107982745568890740260/albums/6048674101941592225?banner=pwa http://nationalhsfootball.com/2014/0...tate-showdown/
  10. Cool stankylegg. Dist 3 and Dist 9 are by far the most competitive districts in 4A this year. For the record, Big Spring lost to Stephenville in Regionals.
  11. Stephenville 2014 Realistically, being ranked #1 by most polls in 4A D1 is being optimistic considering we lost most of the OL (which wasn't the best they've had) and a couple of key defensive players. Having one of the nations top QB's returning and a stud Soph RB helps. There are 3-4 "new" WR's. Two are move-in's and 2 are promoted JV players. So far, they look solid and are all 6'1" plus. The strength this season is definitely going to be the offense. The defense added a couple of speedy corner backs and have the LB's returning. I can see Stephenville losing 1-2 games maybe more
  12. There's a long list of great games I've seen. If I had to pick 3, they would be... '96 Brownwood vs Stephenville for the district title @ Brownwood First year of overtime for HS football. Game went to 3OT's and Brownwood pulled it out. All 10,000+ fans on their feet from the start of the 4th Qtr. Amazing game and atmosphere. '93 Stephenville vs La Marque for the State Championship @ Austin's DKR Stadium. Stephenville's first State Championship win against a very talented La Marque team. I remember at halftime thinking how La Marque seemed to be the stronger team. Art Briles made
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