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  1. Heard they gave old RR a call
  2. David Nunn would be a good choice
  3. Dang that's quite a difference
  4. Even Supts. Little Elm ISD superintendent Daniel Gallagher (announced Feb. 14, 2022) Plano ISD superintendent Sara Bonser (announced Jan. 26, 2022) Dallas ISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa (announced Jan. 13, 2022) Fort Worth ISD superintendent Kent Scribner (announced Jan. 13, 2022) Northwest ISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren (announced Jan. 13, 2022) Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Superintendent Steve Chapman (announced Dec. 14, 2021) Richardson ISD superintendent Jeannie Stone (announced Dec. 13, 2021) Mesquite ISD Superintendent David Vroonland (announced Dec. 13, 2021) DeSoto ISD Superintendent D'Andre Weaver (announced Nov. 15, 2021) Lewisville ISD Superintendent Kevin Rogers (announced Nov. 2, 2021)
  5. Was realignment that bad or is it something else?
  6. Not sure but would be the dude if he is. Only requirement that he would have is to be able to shoot squirrel's around the campus year round
  7. Lance Wood from Logansport is the Dark Horse in this Race
  8. With the Principal being an old Carthage boy, maybe he can recruit one of the dudes off Surratt's staff to come over and straighten up the Big Blue
  9. Any word on Coordinators coming in with JA
  10. He get put in the same district with Shiner ?
  11. Trap, Sweep, Belly, Bounce, and Boot- Run out of 3 or 4 Formations.
  12. Wing T Coming to the Big Town of Marshall ????
  13. Dont you have to cut off the end of your pinky finger to get into the Slot T Cosa Nostra?
  14. Looks like the Basketball Dynasty Greg Jenkins started is still rolling !
  15. As long as none of the boys in Blue come West and try to put that Tight Punt Formation of an offense in the Tigers might get back on track.
  16. Word is 2 DC's are in the mix. One Lost to the other in the 4th Round
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