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  1. Lazy Azz fans get off the couch get in the hoopty and go watch a Game. This Livestream BS is killing the Crowds at HS football games. I understand Grandma an Pa down at the Nursing home, but come on man !
  2. Was there an altercation between a player and coach on Mt. P sideline
  3. Maybe if their OC would quit trying to Pic plays from other OC's during games and go make some adjustments .....you never know what might happen
  4. RED ZONE https://www.kltv.com/2023/09/21/whitehouse-coach-says-team-is-all-in-culture/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ#lmuiv4e6ajh2h8l9nkp https://www.dailysentinel.com/sports/dragons-look-to-spoil-wildcats-homecoming/article_ac5f06b7-c213-5a29-9c4d-01ff75060d3f.html
  5. 300 on ground 250 thru the air !
  6. Along with Turnovers and Penalties
  7. He's Back, the Crappie musta not been biting on Caddo !
  8. Sounds like the Hens in Henhouse are bossin the Rooster around LOL!
  9. I wonder what Roscoe, Enos, and Cooter are gonna do now
  10. Did the Head Steer jump the fence jump over in Maverick land ?
  11. Are their $$$ issues worked out?
  12. I bet that guy has applications on file at every school East of Dallas
  13. Then there were 3
  14. Not gonna be inside
  15. Any movement? Is the Board still just worried about Baseball or has that changed?
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