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  1. I can't believe they are actually saying that coverage is worse than what Trump received. That in itself shows you just how onesided the MSM is. That cannot help themselves but lie continously. They are so full of .
  2. What do you expect from a democratic administration. If it isn't socialistic, then they sue. Anything to destroy state rights.
  3. Problem is, Barry doesn't know what the heck is being taught in other states, because he teaches in Texas. And CRT is not "on the books" in Texas, although I have known some teachers that were a little more liberal than most of us. So Barry is correct, it isn't taught in Texas, but the rest of the country--especially up in the northeast, who knows what they are teaching kids, because it sure isn't reading and writing or math.
  4. I think that OSU gets beat this weekend. I also think Michigan is in for a let down, but since Iowa's offense isn't that great, I don't know if they'll be upset, but sure am hoping so. Plus, I hope Alabama gets beat, just so they ain't in the freaking playoffs this year. Tired of them and Clemson every year.
  5. Good thing they fear it, because if it happens they'll run and hide from the action.
  6. Well I am starting a new business just for these types of things, unwanted batteries, nuclear waste. Zuco Illuminations--We Illuminate your Waste!!!!!
  7. By looking at that grading system, he would sitting every 6 weeks in Texas for grades. 55 is still failing in school, I don't care what school you go to.
  8. Team E Team F Team D Team C Team B Team A
  9. I'd like to have a list of those "white" corporations and those "black" corporations, so I know which ones to support myself. And are they going to stop using "facebook" and Instagram since they are owned by "whitey"?
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