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  1. Since there are possibilities that I won't be on the computer tomorrow--Thursday, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much turkey, save room for the pumpkin pie, and the football games......
  2. I am glad that Mr. Fierro was able to take down the gunman, that was brave and courageous. But when it comes to gun control--it wasn't the gun walking around shooting people, it was a PERSON walking around shooting people. It seems as liberals want to make it about the guns, when it is about the people behind the guns, because no matter how many guns the "lawmakers" want to take--the bad guys will always find the gun they need to shoot people with. Because if gun laws worked--then Chicago, New York, & every other liberally run city would be bastions of safety......
  3. Mississippi State Cincinnati Texas Arizona NC State Ohio State Clemson LSU USC Texas Tech *Tiebreaker: Mich-OSU total score 78
  4. Well as we saw this past Saturday--anything is possible.....that's why they play the games on the field.....
  5. Quinnipiac is undefeated right now....
  6. Doesn't really matter as the Democratic party continues to move to the left, he will not go against that movement. Hopefully someday the people of this nation will figure out that ALL politicians are only in it for the MONEY & POWER to control others. It seems a lot of folks are hard headed though.
  7. Fixed your quote.....that's what liberals really want, someone to hold their hands all day long....
  8. I still think they take a 1 loss OSU/Michigan over Alabama/Oregon if Clemson & USC lose another game....... It would be strange to get 2 Big Ten schools in the playoffs with 1 SEC school......
  9. You are correct there.....There are some people that just shouldn't be allowed to breed.....
  10. I don't think Alabama squeezes back in unless A&M beat LSU--which could happen....at least I hope so.
  11. I don't know, I think Clemson wins, because they have a 40 game home win streak, plus South Carolina will still be hung over from beating Tennessee.....
  12. I see they are recruiting for Track Season already......
  13. But still, you need to be better than 6-6 every year to get a Top 10 recruiting class, unless of course you are A&M (tongue in cheek).....
  14. Well, things are looking pretty bleak for some teams. It comes down to whether USC or Clemson can win out. I have to wonder, if Ohio State Beats Michigan, TCU, Georgia win out. Clemson & USC wins out--who will get picked to play in the Final 4? Clemson or USC? I would say USC--because if they win out--they would have beaten the Notre Dame team that pounded on Clemson. JMHO.
  15. I can't believe that Miami is ranked in Top 10--that blows my mind considering how they have been beaten this year.....But I guess scantily dressed people on a beach all year long does have its appeal.....
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