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  1. I don't trust anyone in the financial sector, that is why I have everything bookmarked on the computer, keep an eye on the market, and move my money as I see fit. I got lucky around 2009, moved a lot of profits into a very conservative account, just as the housing market collapsed.....saved thousands of dollars doing that....It was just an accident that I did it also....but sometimes a blind squirrel will find an acorn.....
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/sen-bob-menendez-indicted-over-gifts-of-gold-bars-car-apartment/ar-AA1h6sn2?ocid=hpmsn&cvid=40befac3c0e84c05a194ca1ffacd6045&ei=110 Which is worse, Lauren Bobbett and another consenting adult, fondling each other in public, or a senator who is being indicted for bribery? Will this be Conservatives v Liberals? (below)
  3. NO, I won't get much from social security....because I am in education and we have to deal with the "windfall" provision, which should be illegal....but the government wants their money. No, my retirement funds will be from TRS, Roth IRAs, and several 401K and 403B plans that I have had over the years, making money.
  4. I would bet, if he were vested in the company, a certain number of years, he got his money, plus what the company had put in, plus the interest. I know that when I was with TXU, I put 12% into the 401K plan, they matched up to 6%, and when I left the company I received all 18% of the money......I chose to get it in stock, which has split 3 times over the past 30 years, and is today trading at over $33 a share, and the most I paid for a share was $23. I still have all the paperwork from there locked away in a safe....LOL
  5. Social Security is a ponzi scheme, where one generation pays for another generations retirement, whereas TRS is investing our money into the markets. Over the past 30 years of education, I have gotten a 5% return on my TRS investments, very conservative, but very safe, I don't have to worry about losing money with the TRS system. And at the end, I can, if I want to, take all that money out in a lump sum, whereas with Social Security, if I don't take it, I lose it. There is a difference between the 2, I just hate the fact that the state is making me, as you say, place 7.7% per year into their system, and NOT matching it, when they are suppose to.....with their "so-called" budget surplus, they could pay into TRS what is suppose to be in there, and still have $30 billion dollars in surplus, according to their numbers....that the ultra right seems to believe.....SMH
  6. Or maybe this is what you find if you found @RETIREDFAN1 home........
  7. A great reason to save the taxpayers some money on social welfare programs.....cut there unemployment benefits off, they can either starve, steal, or work. Anyone with 1/2 an ounce of self pride would be going to work anyways, but we are a nation of takers, not givers these days.
  8. And we shouldn't have to pay into Social Security, but we ain't voting on that.....Because it is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme, where one group of people pay for another groups retirement. And while I am not totally on board with this "proposition" I would be more in tune with it if the state was paying into it what they are SUPPOSE to be paying into it. Which would mean more INTEREST for teachers, as @RETIREDFAN1 said, it does purchase into private equity and has made lots of money for the system. Whereas, SS is nothing more than peter paying paul.
  9. I can promise you, the teachers are not saying that......anytime we can go from 30 kids a class to 29 kids a class we feel relief.
  10. In Education, you don't have to pass just a single test to be certified...... If you are planning to teach at the secondary level--then you have to take the "secondary education professional test" first.....then whatever subject you want to teach or think you should teach, has another different test, you have to take, prior to becoming a teacher. If you want to teach Elementary--you have to take their tests.....and if you want to teach ANY level....there are tests for those. I am certified to teach secondary education--6-12, plus, I can teach History, Government, ALL Levels of Physical Education, Business Management, and Economics. Having paid and passed all of those tests, just to be allowed in a classroom. And when I was in college, if you had a DWI while in college or prior--you were NOT allowed a teaching certificate......don't know if that rule has changed. A friend spent 3 1/2 years in the education classes to find that out prior to student teaching. Wasted a lot of money to NEVER be able to teach....something that should have been told all students the day they walked into a dean's office for education.
  11. Having taught in several states and looked into several others, the standards to become a Teacher in Texas are much higher than in many other states. And most will accept a Texas Teacher certificate because of the ACTUAL STANDARDS that we have in this state, while Texas will not randomly accept other state certificates. But then again it is Colorado they are talking about......so anything is possible. Heck, they'd rehire @RETIREDFAN1 if wanted to teach again, just because of the shortages.....if we could only get more parents to homeschool, the public schools wouldn't be so crowded.....
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