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  1. Hey, Hey, Hey, the liberals at Martha's Vineyard did a lot, they cried, they yelled at the sky, they blamed DeSantis, and then they called the National Guard. Because that post that Barry posted about different faces--that really explains the liberals, not the conservatives in this country.
  2. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you. There are lots of things that could change when it comes to the environment. For every tree we cut down, we need to replace it with 2, for future generations. We need to keep the trash out of our oceans, lakes, and rivers--especially the plastic stuff that can be recycled. We all need to recycle more. We need renewable resources, to help keep our air cleaner. And it should all be done with private money--because people who invent the best things, don't come from the government, they come because of insight, education, and competitiveness.
  3. The guys says he ran over him because they got into an argument wherever they were. Called the "kid" an "Extremeist Republican". What the heck is an "Extremeist Republic", I have noticed, with my very large paint brush, that the Liberals can't handle disagreements, so they go to violence, name calling, or just running over people these days. And yes, I used a very large BRUSH.....
  4. The overwhelming majority of students fail the exam. After twelve years of administering this exam, only 348 students have passed out of 2,176. A shameful indictment of our K-12 education system. Those 348 students were mine.......
  5. You are always telling people they hate something, you just have some much hate inside you. I don't hate our government, considering that it is the best in the world--IMO, i just want our government reigned in, it is too big, and thinks itself is too special and can do whatever it thinks it can. Which is why most governments fail, because they think they are better than the people they rule. Are you a science teacher? If so, maybe you should do your own research, if not, quit posting science OP-EDs and maybe you won't be hating on everyone that disagrees with your MSM OP-EDs. SMH.
  6. Well, I can't afford beach front property, and if I could, it would be in Central America, because the prices are cheaper and on the Pacific side, storm in that area are not as bad as you get in the Gulf and Carribbean. But I am looking for a small island off the coast of Panama right now. All I need now is the money for a boat, have the money for the island and home, but gotta have a boat to get there and fish.
  7. Climate change has been around for ever. I remember in the 70s that the world was headed to another "Ice Age", haven't seen it yet. Then all the ice was going to melt and we would all drown. Hasn't happened yet. Does man contribute to climate change--I am sure we do. But government overreach is not how to correct it. Educating people on conservation, using new technology to clean the air and waterways, and yes, even renewable resources should all be used, but you should NEVER kill your economy or the livelihood of the people of your country because some scientist thinks one way, based on his government funding.
  8. Just another method of trying to change the subject, since he knows that these people are CRIMINALS and LAWBREAKERS. It's the democratic mantra--change the subject to racism as fast you can. And that is what Barry has done. It has nothing to do with their faces or the color of their skins--it is about following the RULE OF LAW--maybe when you learn that, you can accept the fact that these people are CRIMINALS!!!!!!
  9. This thread, coming from a person that calls us haters and heartless. What a piece of work.......
  10. Here is your "legal process"--I hope that it is not an order from the top officials and just a guy or tow overwhelmed because our leaders will NOT do their job and secure our border. Yes, we know that the VP said it was secure, but she lies more than a hooker in Reno. I mean, even the US government calls the ILLEGAL, yet some think they are following a legal process. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! So much for "legal Processing". The last line says it all, while 45% of migrants don't show up now, we are releasing people into our society that can't be tracked, and probably will never show for their "formal hearings". WoW--trying to use "legal process" just bit you in the https://www.foxnews.com/politics/border-patrol-ordered-agents-not-assign-migrants-registration-numbers-clear-over-crowded-facilities However, the OIG report also determined that Border Patrol did not always assign alien registration numbers, or "A-numbers," which are necessary to create files on illegal immigrants. A-numbers allow immigration officials and law enforcement to track and locate a migrant’s file for a complete history of their immigration encounters. It also contains critical documents such as immigration forms, agent narratives of apprehension, and records checks. During these periods, Border Patrol headquarters directed agents not to assign A-numbers in an effort to reduce processing times. These decisions were communicated through informal emails or orally during daily musters, the OIG report said. The report concluded that Border Patrol’s informal and expedited practices for processing migrants "could jeopardize the Government’s ability to track migrants released into the United States and ensure migrants appear for immigration proceedings."
  11. These people are ILLEGAL CRIMINALS entering our country and you are comparing what he did, sending them by air to Martha's Vineyard, to a slave ship. You have really sunk to a new low. Not even close to funny, but then again liberals can only attack, instead of asking the government to follow the laws of the land. You will get what's coming to you, karma is a female dog.
  12. I definitely agree with that statement. I wish our laws forced companies to hire US Citizens, and were fined like the devil for hiring ILLEGAL CRIMINALS. But it seems if they get to stay here waiting for a court date for their Asylum hearing--that only 55% show up for, they are given a work permit by our federal government. Another treasonous act by the party in power. And if the GOP were doing that, they would be treasonous also.
  13. For the liberals, its all about what power they can get, for the GOP it's all about the cheap labor. For those of us that expect the rule of law to take place, well, we want to live in a lawful country not invaded by ILLEGAL CRIMINALS. But remember, we are not good, yet most of us are the ones that keep the lights on for this country, and yet, liberals continue to destroy the very foundation of the nation. It's okay to be an immigrant, 99.9% are or were at some time, but there is a correct way to do it. Liberals don't care or give a about the laws as long as they get more voters and can attack others who disagree with them. Take the present company....always in attack mode, just like the MSM tells him to do.
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