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  1. And because no one runs the triple option anymore, it is hard to defend, especially once the fullback gets to the second level. If you have a bruising fullback, those safeties don't want anything to do with him, they dive and he is off to the races.
  2. And hopefully we will have someone that optimistic after this joke of a puppet has left office, because this guy makes Carter look like an angel in the white house. SMH. I guess hating corporations is part of the liberal mind set. Anyone that is for more taxes on anyone or anything is nothing more than a liberal government should run our lives person. What is killing our country is that GOVERNMENT has become overbearing--worst than King George III ever was.
  3. Well, I can say that my district will be sending their students to those East Texas Junior Colleges--Like the "Princeton of the Piney Woods"--Panola, or many will end up in the ACC--Angelina Community College. There is also "THE" TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE"--a little closer to home.
  4. Because the people allow that to happen by the way they vote. Certain groups are pandered to by politicians, and this is what happens when you take "common sense" out of politics.
  5. This is what is called pandering to a group. Liberals will do anything to keep power, no different than conservatives. There are no such things as moderates anymore. If this isn't reverse discrimination, I don't know what is. This is why unions are no longer needed in this country.
  6. I had them all, except for number 15--does SFA offer a class in waterboarding. The closest thing I could find was a "waterskiing" class--Is that close enough?
  7. Hey, they have finally found a way to use the money that obama gave them, spend it attacking others, very similar to democratic methods, except they go for the juggler with first stab, while dems like to torture the people.
  8. Only for those that believed their liberal bias back then--but then again, you fit that don't you......
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/biden-white-house-press-secretary-say-inflation-was-zero-in-july-heres-the-actual-number/ar-AA10wzfs?li=BBnb7Kz Before speaking about the bill, the president said “I want to say a word about news that came out relative to the economy, actually, I just want to say a number. Zero. Today, we received news that our economy has zero percent inflation in the month of July.” It must be said that liberals have a funny way of doing math--which seems to stem from all the idocracy in the schools that have to teach kids "funny" math, instead of simple, basic, get the correct answer math. I just can't figure out how 8.5% is Zero--but can a liberal please explain this for me. And yes, I know, it did not go up or down in July--so whoopie, inflation stayed at its current 40 year high. You liberals should be proud of that. I can't remember that last time I felt like this nation was headed by anti-americans--even during the obama years, I didn't feel they were anti-american, just wanting to change from capitalism to socialistic capitalism. But these people running the puppet strings are out of control and should be tried and convicted of treason--considering they are NOT following the Constitution or defending it.
  10. I have to wonder why accountants would need firearms and have to use deadly force? And liberals wonder why people think "conspiracy theories"! I am betting that @EnjoyLife is loving this, since he is so anti-corporate.
  11. Don't care about Chicago, New York, or the Swamp--they can all continue to get ILLEGAL aliens and their crime can keep rising. Why should the GOP have to worry about those places, considering the Democrats do NOTHING to control the influx of ILLEGAL activity at the United States border--each and every one of them are NOT doing their job to uphold and defend the Constitution and the United States from foreign invaders.
  12. Actually, my district doesn't give a choice, and neither does Chik-Fil-A here, because my daughter has to also. The only checks my district writes out are for reimbursements because of travel. Otherwise, it's straight to your account. But I have 3 accounts already set up, I might have to go and change the amount for each if that $600 thing is for real. Still the IRS is nothing more than the American Gestapo.
  13. While I have "some" liberal views socially in some instances--I am very financially conservative and do understand the difference between common sense and idocracy--I mean liberalism about government.
  14. I wish it were that easy, considering almost all companies do it now.
  15. The young people, must be a tik/tokker also--20 seconds of information and you know the truth. It must be sad to be a liberal, they must all have ADHD ADD and every other acronym possible, that they can sit long enough to read and understand a situation outside of a "headline".
  16. That is why we are on the road to ruin. Because many people believe the Constitution is a living document, and while it is changeable, there are only 2 ways to change it, neither of which is being done. It might be time for a little Thomas Jefferson--the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it's natural manure.
  17. But companies are not going to deposit your pay check in $500 intervals, unless you go through all the paperwork to send your check to different accounts with automatic deposit. Which could be done, but what a pain in the rear. Plus, these guys won't be smart enough to twittle their thumbs-because they won't be anything more than political hacks for either side of the aisle. Nothing more than the American version of the Gestapo. Because they won't be going after corporations, who will have the best lawyers and accounts working for them, they will have to go to the small businesses and regular people to make sure that you are paying your "fair share". Which NO liberal in the history of the website has ever been able to define. Democrats never learned from Bill Clinton--you don't get surplus budgets by continuing to over hire in the government. You get surpluses when you cut jobs and programs. SMH. Liberals are so sad.
  18. So let's keep sending them to the most crime ridden cities. I think we should be sending thousands, not hundreds to those cities, including Chicago. They need some there also.
  19. Gee, I am under the belief that we are pretty much an oligarchy right now. So do you support the current administration--the one rich, oldest white man? And the culture wars have been around for centuries, but in this century they were highlighted by an ex president that promoted party politics over bringing a country up--such as his GOP war on women, hispanics. But I am sure that you will provide us an OP-ED saying that Trump did something--but it was the president before him that made a culture out of blaming the other side for everything--and still does it.
  20. National Bureau of Economic Research--non partisan--Truly believable. NOT!!!!! Investopedia--group of actual investors that actually know money, recessions, bull and bear markets-- A little more believable though.
  21. Another OP-ED, I thought that maybe he went to the Himalayas to find himself and think for himself, but naw, it the same ole, same ole.
  22. He's back, and it still in hate with a former president.
  23. Probably closer than they have ever been. I didn't watch the video, so I don't know for sure.
  24. They had better be prepared for that tank I am purchasing. http://www.exarmyvehicles.com/
  25. Meaning some people have to learn to cook. So we are taking this opportunity to allow our children to learn to cook for us, and allowing the Mrs. & I to have some free time, to post on this thread.
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