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  1. Waskom by 21+ dead serious speed is the difference you all might think I'm crazy but come Friday you'll see!
  2. Agreed! Arp players you have nothing to hang their heads about they played a heck of a game tonight this game was out of their hands tonight can't say it more plainly than that hope all the seniors have a blessed future. As for Waskom lick those wounds and buckle up that chin strap and get ready for a war!
  3. Trust me these calls aren't going both ways but whatever helps you sleep at night lol it would be different if it was just me saying but apparently everyone else sees it! Except Waskom fans of course
  4. These refs are terrible!! Why don't they just give Waskom the game!
  5. Arp 12 Waskom 14 at the half man them tigers came to play tonight keep grinding it out boys!
  6. zzzzzz...I'm sorry what did you say?? Lol get over yourself bro worry about tomorrow
  7. Good clean game on both sides fellas great game Pewitt nothing to be ashamed of here guys great season to the seniors and I wish you a blessed future!
  8. Yea yea yea shut up and eat!! Shoot and brick time boys! Lace me up boys!
  9. Did I not say WR wins by 2 td's?? Eat crow PP heifers!
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