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  1. D12 was crazy. I still think Columbus is the best team out of that district. I've personally seen Columbus, Hitchcock and Yokaum and I may go to the Franklin/Hallettsville game on Thursday. Edna should be in the semifinals, so we will see what kind of fight they put up against region III this season. That game really hasn't been pretty as of late, and by the time the final rankings come out, I may not have a region IV team in the top 10. We will see some really good bi-district matchups, particularly out of region III. Lorena/Columbus is by far the top game to watch. In general, the 11/12 games will be fun to watch. Academy actually looked pretty good versus Franklin last night. Unlike Cameron, they were physical at the point of attack and came to play. If you don't show up to hit someone in the mouth in a game with Franklin, you're going to get run over.
  2. 1. Franklin - W 27-15 over Academy 2. Brock - W 48-0 over Pilot Point 3. West - W 56-0 over Inspired Vision 4. Malakoff - W 48-0 over Groesbeck 5. Columbus - W 35-0 over Hempstead 6. Edna - W 61-8 over Aransas Pass 7. Lorena - OFF 8. Whitesboro - W 69-29 over Ponder 9. Grandview - W 59-0 over Dallas Madison 10. Pottsboro - W 47-28 over Mt. Vernon 11. Hitchcock - OFF 12. Winnsboro - OFF 13. Cameron Yoe - W 35-14 over Troy 14. Shallowater - W 38-0 over River Road 15. Bushland - OFF 16. Mount Vernon - L 47-28 to Pottsboro 17. Woodville - W 19-0 over Westwood 18. Llano - W 49-6 over Ingram Moore 19. Jefferson - W 50-14 over Sabine 20. Paradise - OFF Others: Orangefield, Goliad, Anahuac, Tatum, Jourdanton, Yoakum
  3. Yoe/Hitchcock could be somewhere like Waller.
  4. Hallettsville should beat Yoakum and that would force the 3-way tie, meaning positive/negative points should come into play. That means (assuming 17 points) Columbus: 12 (lost to Hitchcock by 5 and beat Hallettsville by 17+) Hallettsville: 0 (lost to Columbus by 17+ and beat Hitchcock by 17+) Hitchcock: -12 (lost to Hallettsville by 17+ and beat Columbus by 5) The district should be decided in one of two ways, if i'm not mistaken. If they go in point order, it's pretty simple. I have also seen the most positive points be the 1 seed, then the remaining two seeds would be decided by head-to-head. Regardless, it does not matter, as Hallettsville beat Hitchcock, so they would be 2 regardless of the tie-breaker rules. So, that would mean: 1. Columbus, 2. Hallettsville, 3. Hitchcock, 4. Yoakum Now, if Hallettsville loses to Yoakum, then Yoakum would be in the 3rd slot and Hallettsville 4th.
  5. 1. Franklin - W 63-7 over Cameron Yoe 2. Brock - W 74-27 over Ponder 3. West - W 63-0 over Dallas Gateway 4. Malakoff - W 55-13 over Mexia 5. Columbus - OFF 6. Edna - W 45-0 over Mathis 7. Lorena - W 49-21 over Troy 8. Whitesboro - W 18-7 over Paradise 9. Grandview - W 41-7 over Whitney 10. Hallettsville - W 42-21 over Hitchcock 11. Hitchcock - L 42-21 to Hallettsville 12. Pottsboro - W 31-14 over Commerce 13. Winnsboro - Play 10/29 14. Mount Vernon - OFF 15. Cameron Yoe - L 63-7 to Franklin 16. Shallowater - W 48-20 over Muleshoe 17. Bushland - 62-12 over Dalhart 18. Woodville - W 44-0 over Crockett 19. Llano - W 17-6 over Blanco T20. Jefferson - W 30-28 (OT) over Tatum T20. Paradise - L 18-7 to Whitesboro Others: Orangefield, Goliad, Anahuac, Tatum, Jourdanton
  6. You're correct. The only two stadiums in the district that have good seating would be McGregor and Lorena. Academy is awful and they need a major overhaul of all of their athletic facilities. The thing I personally don't like about Franklin is how the stands were built. Capacity is fine. You can be on the top row and not have much of a different viewing angle from someone on the bottom row. I personally feel like Madisonville did it exactly how it should be done. Crockett is also nice. I haven't been to Teague, but it also looks nice. Rockdale completely balked on their stadium design. Groesbeck has always been one of my favorite small school stadiums. Quirky and unique.
  7. There is no question that rain would be a huge factor and would certainly favor Franklin. Cameron runs a total of 3 formations, all out of the gun. No tight ends, no heavy packages.
  8. New Baden is solid. Had the chicken fried steak and was impressed. Overall, the best place in the Centex area for food is Billy B's Sale Barn Cafe in Groesbeck. Really good salad bar and you can include it as a side. As far as the game goes, we may be looking at the two best offenses in the state. If Franklin is attempting one or two passes on the night, it means that they're going to be racking up a ton of yards of the ground and scoring on most possessions. The Lions will run the ball, but it will be up tempo. Get lined up quick and go is what an effective slot-t is all about. The Yoemen will want to be balanced out of the spread, but I could see more of an air raid type attack. If Cameron plays as they have the last few weeks, Franklin will win this game by a few scores. If they play up to their capability, it could go either way. A game in the 50s both ways is probably a good bet.
  9. Notes: 1. Nice win for West. To beat Grandview by 3 scores definitely solidifies their top 10 ranking. 2. It sounds like Lorena/Franklin was a classic. I know Franklin went up by 14 twice, but Lorena came back both times. Looks like they had a chance to tie it at the end with a 1st and goal (???) at the 3 but fumbled with less than a minute to go and somehow Franklin got another TD. 3. Shallowater with what was the biggest shocker of the night. They were up big a good portion of that game and came away with a 2-score win. Bushland was favored by 4 TDs.
  10. 1. Franklin - W 49-35 over Lorena 2. Brock - W 18-13 over Paradise 3. Cameron Yoe - W 47-21 over Rockdale 4. West - W 38-21 over Grandview 5. Malakoff - OFF 6. Hitchcock - W 55-0 over Hempstead 7. Columbus - W 35-12 over Yoakum 8. Edna - W 21-7 over Goliad 9. Lorena - L 49-35 to Franklin 10. Whitesboro - OFF 11. Grandview - L 38-21 to West 12. Pottsboro - W 52-7 over Rains 13. Winnsboro - W 39-36 over Mineola 14. Mount Vernon - W 44-24 over Commerce 15. Shallowater - W 43-28 over Bushland 16. Hallettsville - OFF 17. Bushland - L 43-28 to Shallowater 18. Woodville - W 44-0 over Crockett 19. Llano - W 17-6 over Blanco T20. Tatum - W 56-34 over Sabine T20. Paradise - L 18-13 to Brock Others: Orangefield, Goliad, Anahuac, Coldspring
  11. I can't argue too much. I still like Hitchcock/Columbus a bit higher than that, even though I really was surprised to see that result last week. The Columbus non-district schedule did not do them many favors. I don't really pay too close attention to the Maxpreps rankings, but I do like to look at the SOS column (last column, attached). I do believe Bushland deserves top 10 at this point. I also feel Edna has definitely been the most impressive region IV team.
  12. Well, it's top 4 right now, but that will more than likely change these next two weeks. One of the three will probably end up around 10 or so. Regardless, 3 really good football teams.
  13. 1. Franklin - W 49-14 over Troy 2. Brock - W 39-35 over Whitesboro 3. Cameron Yoe - W 58-21 over McGregor 4. Lorena - W 63-20 over Rockdale 5. West - W 89-0 over Maypearl 6. Grandview - W 69-0 over Dallas Invision 7. Malakoff - W 77-0 over Eustace 8. Bushland - W 68-0 over River Road 9. Hitchcock - W 33-28 over Columbus 10. Columbus - L 33-28 to Hitchcock 11. Edna - W 46-0 over Industrial 12. Whitesboro - L 39-35 to Brock 13. Pottsboro - W 36-35 over Winnsboro 14. Winnsboro - L 36-35 to Pottsboro 15. Mount Vernon - W 77-27 over Rains 16. Hallettsville - W 41-0 over Hempstead 17. Diboll - W 54-26 over Shepherd 18. Woodville - W 56-12 over Huntington 19. Llano - W 35-7 over Marion T20. Breckenridge - L 28-21 to Vernon T20. Shallowater - W 71-39 over Dalhart T20. Tatum - W 46-14 over White Oak T20. Paradise - W 48-14 over Peaster Others: Orangefield, Goliad, Anahuac
  14. With regards to region I, I still have Brock as my favorite, so that is why Bushland is a little lower. If I did not still feel as strongly about Brock, I'd have Bushland in the 3 slot and Brock at 9. I could certainly be wrong, and that will play out over time. On a side note, Bushland has been the highest rising team out there. They are opening a lot of eyes and have been fairly dominant.
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