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  1. It'll be interesting to see what happens in Cameron. In all his years as head coach in Cameron, Rhoades lost to schools in the playoffs: Daingerfield - 2010 - state - great game Tatum - 2011 - area - Tatum went to the semis - both teams were better the year before. Brock - 2015 - state - The late Traion Smith broke his leg right before half. The talent is there to win, make no question about it. It may take a year to get everything back in the right direction, but this program is going to win football games moving forward.
  2. Got ya. I've seen all of those QBs in person, and you would be correct there. I managed to watch Malakoff in 6 different baseball games this year, and saw the Driskell kid pitch twice. Little undersized but I'm sure he's a competitor.
  3. Sub-varsity programs still winning as usual? This is the only info I don't have for my poll that I wish I had access to.
  4. DCTF 1. Jim Ned 2. Brock 3. Gladewater 4. Tatum 5. Malakoff 6. Industrial 7. Grandview 8. Lorena 9. Pilot Point 10. Hallettsville My Top 10 (released a while back on Facebook) 1. Jim Ned 2. Brock 3. Malakoff 4. Columbus 5. Hallettsville 6. Grandview 7. Gladewater 8. Lorena 9. Yoakum 10. Pilot Point Note: I have Industrial at 11 and Tatum at 12. I think the top 2 in this poll were obvious coming into the season. Those were going to be your top two teams, no questio
  5. Cameron is going to struggle a bit right now in 7-on-7 due to the fact that there are a large amount of starters out still in baseball. Lorena is actually playing Cameron this week in the area round, so that's pretty impressive for them to qualify in this opener. Biles knows what he's doing.
  6. Those should be standings. In terms of D13, Kaufman/Ford may have been pushed back to this week. Weather has not been great as of late and not everyone played their makeup games on Saturday. With that game in the mix, the actual amount of games is correct.
  7. I think somehow a score may have been reported/entered twice. I believe those standings are now correct.
  8. Austin Westlake asst.
  9. The pressure involved with Westphalia should not be comparable to Cameron. The Cameron AD/HFC is a challenging job, and it certainly takes the right person to handle the pressure involved with that position. As far as volleyball goes, I think there may be someone with head coaching experience that was previously in Cameron's district that might be in play.
  10. I'm sure Buckholts has a few opens seats.
  11. Crystal ball prediction: experienced offensive coordinator.
  12. The absolute right decision was made to bring Rhoades back to Cameron. It's one thing to get a coach with a proven track record, but it's another thing to get one that knows the community and kids. Cameron is a place where a good coach is going to win games; it's simply a proven fact with the history of the program. This would have been the equivalent of York returning in the 90s. The big hires now will be the coordinators. In terms of talent, I'm not going to say Cameron is quite as loaded as 2012, but there is certainly adequate talent to win and win in the playoffs. The Yoemen ha
  13. You may be on to something.
  14. A recommendation will be brought to the school board on Monday.
  15. Don't overthink things.
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