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  1. Not sure. I honesty think it's the crop of kids we are dealing with right now. Several kids in the senior class that in my opinion would be starting if they played. Kid with his picture in DCTF not playing this year. The transfer to Temple. Freshman QB injured something last year and apparently re-inured it again, so is out the season.
  2. He was a senior in 2022. He got hurt in the semifinals versus Lago Vista.
  3. I was pleased with the defensive front and the ability to actually run the football. Now, this was Taylor, and to be frank, they may struggle this year. I need to see more in the passing department in week 2. I thought the freshman had potential to improve this year, but the QB is once again out for the season another one of their top players quit.
  4. There were about 26 out today at the scrimmage. I know they got several more out.
  5. Taylor/Cameron Yoe Controlled: 1-1 Live: 7-7 All 1st team scoring. Cameron certainly has potential to be better up front defensively, and that is where there has to be major changes from last season. Lots of question marks on the offensive end. The Yoemen are used to having a big-time playmaker, and I'm not sure if that person is there this year. Taylor is well-coached, but they simply do not have much talent in the system. Taylor has over 1,000 kids in the school and will probably only have 2 teams.
  6. Ya, I'd say maybe more of a JV A/B possibility. I think you still have enough kids, but not sure if you have enough freshmen.
  7. That number is low. The average turnout the past 8 years (since I've been keeping track) is just over 96. Last year was 92. Low during that period was 86. I assume the freshman class is hurting the numbers as it's just a weaker class in terms of actual numbers and overall talent.
  8. Cameron Yoe - 82
  9. Hitchcock is a good sleeper pick. 7 on 7 did showcase what is their main strength - skill talent. If they can show some dramatic improvement on the defensive side of the football and play a generally cleaner brand of football, then they could be a major player.
  10. DCTF Top 10 1. Brock 2. Franklin 3. Lorena 4. Mt. Vernon 5. Jim Ned 6. Grandview 7. Malakoff 8. Columbus 9. Edna 10. West My Top 10 (from earlier this year) 1. Lorena 2. Franklin 3. Brock 4. Mt. Vernon 5. Malakoff 6. West 7. Columbus 8. Gladewater 9. Little River Academy 10. Diboll Note: I have Jim Ned in my others to watch, Grandview at 11 and Edna at 12. The only major difference is obviously Jim Ned. I'm just not as high on them as Jerry (or Jerry's computer). They will still be good and a potential contender, but I have leaned more towards Whitesboro and others in the preseason. I think they could end up a 15-20 type of team. I do not like Brock at #1, but I understand it. Brock is the most consistent 3A DI program in the state and will usually always be a top 5 team, so I see it. There is also no telling what kind of talent they have moving in. Brock is 1-2 against the Centex teams, losing to Lorena and Rockdale while beating Cameron (without Traion Smith in the 2nd half) in 2014.
  11. I would assume there is going to be a very good shot at that next realignment. It would probably be definite guarantee if 7A is introduced as the cutoff number would have to go down a bit. I would say Brock could be around +80-100 at the next alignment based on current enrollment numbers.
  12. Rockdale could potentially slide into consideration. They should be vastly improved being as young as they were. They just collectively don't have a ton of talent in the system right now and will rely heavily on what is the incoming junior class.
  13. The only thing I went back and forth on in this poll was who should be 1/2. DCTF may have it the other way. I've seen all the sub-varsity teams in the district, and Franklin does collectively have the best talent coming up.
  14. 1. Lorena - 10 all-district players return from a 14-2 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP team. 2. Franklin - 8 all-district players return from a 16-0 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP team. 3. Brock - 12 all-district players return from a 15-1 State Finalist Team. 4. Mount Vernon - 8 all-district players return from a 14-1 State Semifinalist Team. 5. Malakoff - 14 all-district players return from a 9-4 Regional Semifinalist Team. 6. West - 8 all-district players return from a 13-1 State Quarterfinalist Team. 7. Columbus - 22 all-district players return from a 10-3 Regional Semifinalist Team. 8. Gladewater - 8 all-district players return from a 9-3 Regional Semifinalist Team. 9. Little River Academy - 12 all-district players return from a 11-2 Regional Semifinalist Team. 10. Diboll - 12 all-district players return from a 10-4 State Quarterfinalist Team. 11. Grandview - 8 all-district players return from a 9-3 Area Finalist Team. 12. Edna - 11 all-district players return from a 10-3 Regional Semifinalist Team. 13. Llano - 22 all-district players return from a 8-3 Area Finalist Team. 14. Whitesboro - 9 all-district players return from a 9-5 State Quarterfinalist Team. 15. Shallowater - 12 all-district players return from a 10-3 Regional Semifinalist Team. 16. Bushland - 14 all-district players return from a 8-4 Area Finalist Team. 17. Yoakum - 9 all-district players return from a 7-4 Bi-District Finalist Team. 18. Cameron Yoe - 7 all-district players return from a 4-7 Bi-District Finalist Team. 19. Blanco - 18 all-district players return from a 5-7 Area Finalist Team. 20. London - 17 all-district players return from a 10-1 Area Finalist Team. Others: Iowa Park, Jim Ned, Breckenridge, Tatum, Mineola, East Chambers, Woodville, Anahuac, Hallettsville, San Diego.
  15. My top 5 games (back from 2017 when I came out with this list): 1. Newton (2012) 2. Tatum (2010) 3. White Oak (2013) 4. Daingerfield (2010) 5. Hallettsville (2013)
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