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  1. I believe Blackwell is still there. His Assistant Head Coach took the Canton Job
  2. Unless I missed it, I don’t see the name of the new hire.
  3. The talent he has coming at CHill is legit. This year was supposed to be a building year and almost made it to Jerry World. The should be really good the next three seasons. Not saying he won’t leave, but I would be shocked.
  4. Heard Sitton from Rusk is a possibility, but I have no clue if he is man.
  5. There might be one or two games on Thursday Statewide. Most will be on Friday and Saturday.
  6. He is a good football coach. Now he is just the AD.
  7. Since he left Central Heights he has moved around a bit. Panola JC A JC in Oklahoma Rusk Los Angeles Dodgers Organization Now at Bullard. Good coach.
  8. https://tylerpaper.com/sports/edgewood-head-football-coach-kevin-bachtel-to-become-defensive-coordinator-at-howard-payne-university/article_9703e250-9820-11eb-b6ee-9b52a835fc7e.html?fbclid=IwAR19VHX-Ed5q06GMPenlYoUbfRqujtQqg8w7GfKWcpm753kQatpnH6AWEQY
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