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  1. I believe Blackwell is still there. His Assistant Head Coach took the Canton Job
  2. Unless I missed it, I don’t see the name of the new hire.
  3. The talent he has coming at CHill is legit. This year was supposed to be a building year and almost made it to Jerry World. The should be really good the next three seasons. Not saying he won’t leave, but I would be shocked.
  4. Heard Sitton from Rusk is a possibility, but I have no clue if he is man.
  5. There might be one or two games on Thursday Statewide. Most will be on Friday and Saturday.
  6. He is a good football coach. Now he is just the AD.
  7. Since he left Central Heights he has moved around a bit. Panola JC A JC in Oklahoma Rusk Los Angeles Dodgers Organization Now at Bullard. Good coach.
  8. https://tylerpaper.com/sports/edgewood-head-football-coach-kevin-bachtel-to-become-defensive-coordinator-at-howard-payne-university/article_9703e250-9820-11eb-b6ee-9b52a835fc7e.html?fbclid=IwAR19VHX-Ed5q06GMPenlYoUbfRqujtQqg8w7GfKWcpm753kQatpnH6AWEQY
  9. Disliked by officials. The point was to social teams and coaches. Most schools did not use it that way. They just had there coordinators and sometimes entire team in the sideline between the 10 and 25!
  10. Liberty Hill coach passed away, so that will be an opening.
  11. Did not think about that. I just knew they removed some home seats for the press box. Legacy and Tyler High’s bands have been sitting in the scoreboard endzone area this season.
  12. After the new press box was put it in the visitor side actually has more seats than the home side at Rose.
  13. Not protesting. The games at Corsicana and Ennis were moved from next week and the officials were not notified. Games were supposed to be next week. Had to round up guys to call the games. Thankful guys were willing to work both games on short notice.
  14. Then I will assume they were not bad. Fouls were pretty even. I believe more penalties were called against van, but I don’t have the stats.
  15. Have not heard about it being canceled.
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