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  1. Maybe not... https://www.si.com/mlb/rangers/news/texas-rangers-could-get-broadcast-rights-back-before-2025
  2. Here is a turf version of what they have in Frost. Ft. Worth Southwest Christian
  3. Get off the message board and come join us. We could always use the help.
  4. I officiate. I wish I could watch all plays in slow motion. All officials would miss less calls if they could slow the action down.
  5. I could see that....Both Rockwalls, Both Forney's, Legacy, Royce City, Longview, Mesquite and Horn. I could also see a 7-team district where the Mesquite schools get shuffled with some Dallas schools. Royce City is opening another school soon at it should be 6A very quickly as well.(not sure the exact ETA)
  6. It was the first game i have not attended this year. Happy they won. Hard to believe they could be a playoff team...even harder to believe that with a win, they would host a playoff game! New coaching staff are great people. Hoping they are in it for the long haul.
  7. I think it would be very hard to figure a scenario where Legacy does not make it....with wins over Horn, Mesquite, and RC...it would take a lot for them to be on the outside looking in. Most likely, their game with NF this week is for who is the higher seed that goes division II and gets to host a playoff game. I guess RC winning their last 2 could possibly put them in a tie with Legacy and Heath...if both lose out. So, Heath winning this week would set the playoffs....that would make the game between Legacy and NF a true seeding game...and Would put Rockwall and Heath 1-2 in the D1 bracket due to both Rockwall schools being larger than NF and Legacy.
  8. Legacy tried a lot of deep shots last night. QB overthrew most...and others were into bracket coverage. If the O-line can gel and give him time and allow the running game to pick up steam I think they will be alright. On the scoring drive, the offense was clicking. New system. A lot different than what Willis ran. That Lufkin running back committed to Notre Dame is very good.
  9. Tyler High has one at Rose on Friday. Fruitvale is hosting a 6-man scrimmage tomorrow as well.
  10. His Overton team was good. Thought he could get it rolling if he stuck around.
  11. Thanks @MattStepp missed that opening.
  12. Is Cleveland not still there. Had a good team this year.
  13. Yes the District has one AD. The football coach on each campus is the HFC and Athletic Coordinator for several sports. Each High School has several Athletic Coordinators that oversee several sports.
  14. Been around for 25 years. Their losses were to other private schools, but non district.
  15. If we are not able to recruit more committed long term officials the state of officiating in 10 years is going to be very interesting. Most of the older officials have been committed to officiating for a long time. They study, learn the rules, and have lots of experience on the field. The newer guys that come in don't typically stay around long enough to be considered veterans. Hopefully we will be able to to stem the tide, but it could get worse before it gets better.
  16. With spread offenses it is the only way to go. Hard for 5 guys to see it all. Actually have less flags with 7-man crews than with 5.
  17. Not exactly accurate. Knew a while back. But communication between officiating chapter out of Longview and school could have been better.
  18. It should not get worse throughout the season. Varsity officials are chosen by the coaches back in the spring. Coaches mostly at smaller schools have known for months that they would most likely not a have a crew for a particular Friday night. They just wait until the last minute to move the games. We actually have a good number of officials right now, but we would love to have more for next season. The problem is getting officials that want to start and lead new crews. Hopefully we will have some guys step up. I believe this current week was one of the hardest to cover in the Tyler/East Texas area for the season.
  19. I believe Blackwell is still there. His Assistant Head Coach took the Canton Job
  20. Unless I missed it, I don’t see the name of the new hire.
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