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  1. If we are not able to recruit more committed long term officials the state of officiating in 10 years is going to be very interesting. Most of the older officials have been committed to officiating for a long time. They study, learn the rules, and have lots of experience on the field. The newer guys that come in don't typically stay around long enough to be considered veterans. Hopefully we will be able to to stem the tide, but it could get worse before it gets better.

  2. 2 hours ago, blesseddaily said:

    Saw where one team had to change their sub-varsity games to Wednesday and Varsity games to Thursday!! Is this going to become more prevalent as the season goes??

    It should not get worse throughout the season. Varsity officials are chosen by the coaches back in the spring. Coaches mostly at smaller schools have known for months that they would most likely not a have a crew for a particular Friday night. They just wait until the last minute to move the games. We actually have a good number of officials right now, but we would love to have more for next season. The problem is getting officials that want to start and lead new crews. Hopefully we will have some guys step up. I believe this current week was one of the hardest to cover in the Tyler/East Texas area for the season.

  3. 1 hour ago, Slickarick said:

    That's a very nice Accomplishment, I haven't been keeping track. What happened to Ellis?( last time I kept track lol)

    Since he left Central Heights he has moved around a bit.

    Panola JC
    A JC in Oklahoma
    Los Angeles Dodgers Organization
    Now at Bullard.

    Good coach.

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