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  1. They don't look like a 1A baseball team
  2. According to TAPPS, there enrollement for the last realignment was 182. 199 is the UIL cut off for 1A...so they would be a large 1A school based on enrollment....as far as competitiveness in baseball I would say they could win good 2A districts and compete and make playoffs in most 3A districts. Not sure about football.
  3. Any Idea why the UIL web brackets shows Troup already beating CH 2-0 and advancing to the Regional Qtrs....just curious...I thought it was a three game series this weekend....I do not think I am a fan of the new Max Preps brackets on the UIL site...they don't seem to be updated as well as the old PDF brackets were.
  4. Woodville and Garrison play game(s) today starting at 2 in Huntington.
  5. According to SETXsports.com Hemphill won 5-3.
  6. Mt Vernon and Elkhart are both top notch
  7. Mike Carter would be a lot better if they would but those fences in front of the dugouts in 1/2...I understand the purpose, but I am not sure why they are so tall. Cut them down to leaning on height and make them look nicer. It is a shame that TISD has messed with such a nice park by installing awkward fencing.
  8. White Oak is also playing a warmup game on Friday...so that might dictate some of their pitching strategy as well.
  9. TJC does not have a field. They call Mike Carter home. So I am sure that is where this game will be played.
  10. Burton has a pretty bad drop off in one corner of the end zone near the locker room.
  11. Troup 8 Winona 6 Played Saturday morning.
  12. From the tyler paper website Cayuga’s Jenkins going to Tenaha Greg Jenkins is stepping down at Cayuga and taking an athletic director position at Tenaha. Jenkins, who has served as the Wildcats’ head football coach, head basketball coach and athletic director, will oversee Tenaha’s basketball, baseball and track programs. He will also be an assistant head football coach. “Sweet gig,” he said by text message Monday. Tenaha head football coach Greg Ward will be the AD over football, cross country and soccer. Jenkins’ resume at Cayuga includes state titles in football (assistant coach) and basketball (head coach).
  13. Sometimes the losing coach will tell the umpire he is ready for the game to end and the umpire will call the game.
  14. Livingston has actually had some competitive teams in a very tough 4A baseball district in the Beaumont area. They have had a couple of really good pitchers come through. Hemphill is 2A, but the guy that pitched last night (Justin Twine) is the real deal. Great ball player.
  15. Where are you getting your information? It is true that the Rockets and Astros will be on a new regional sports network that Comcast is starting in the Houston area, but The Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, etc...will still be on FSSW. I have not heard anything about those channels going dark on DTV. I even googled it and did not turn anything up....source please.
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