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  1. This is a sad situation

    There will be no Fox Southwest on DirecT or Dish after Dec 31 as greedy Comcast will take over and wants more money

    I sure will miss the Astros, Rockets, Rangers, college and high school sports shows.

    Hope they can come to terms


    Where are you getting your information? It is true that the Rockets and Astros will be on a new regional sports network that Comcast is starting in the Houston area, but The Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, etc...will still be on FSSW. I have not heard anything about those channels going dark on DTV. I even googled it and did not turn anything up....source please.

  2. Overton Cumby rained out tonight. 1 game playoff tomorrow. Time TBA Location TBA.


    The game was called about 15 minutes before it was to start. Storms were imenent and neither coach wanted to start and have to resume tomorrow.

  3. I am not a Rhad fan either. It really feels like he is trying to hard and is very boring to listen to. It almost seems like he calls the play after it happens and not as it is happening.


    There have to be better guys out there. Heck...call someone up from triple-A. I know a lot of those guys dream is to work in the bigs. Many do a great job and have been doing so for a while. For some reason we picked a guy with no play-by-play experience. Why can't we do what the dodgers do and just use Nadel to call both sides. I know that Scully does TV now, but the first three innings are simulcast on radio as well.


    Nadel is smooth. Rhadigan is not. Please help....

  4. Gus really has turned them around. I saw them play in a tournament in Jasper early this season and they got trounced pretty bad. They could hit the ball back then though. All he needed was for the pitching to come around.


    I guess playing in a tournament with a couple of 4A schools and a couple of 3A schools got them ready for the playoffs.


    If thier bats stay alive they could continue to make a run. I played for Gus at Lee in the mid 90s. I had no idea he was still coaching until I saw him on the field in Jasper. It is a small world.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but Carthage still has a chance to win the district and get a bye in the first round.


    If they win Friday and Jasper loses, they would have to play each other for the district title and bye.


    I cannot imagine Jasper wanting to play Gilmer at Pine Tree if that is how it ends up....basically a home game for Gilmer and a long road trip for Jasper.

  6. So, it looks like Spring Hill will meet Lufkin Hudson in the 1st round, and Bullard gets a 1st round bye. Who is the third place team, Gilmer or Tatum, and who will they be facing?


    I believe it is Gilmer and they will play the runner up in 18-3a. That will more than likely be Carthage. All Jasper has to do is beat Center on Friday to claim the 18-3a title. If Jasper were lose and Carthage win on Friday, I beleive they would have to have a playoff game for the district championship. Jasper and Carthage split their two previous meetings this season.

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