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  1. Not protesting. The games at Corsicana and Ennis were moved from next week and the officials were not notified. Games were supposed to be next week. Had to round up guys to call the games. Thankful guys were willing to work both games on short notice.
  2. Then I will assume they were not bad. Fouls were pretty even. I believe more penalties were called against van, but I don’t have the stats.
  3. Have not heard about it being canceled.
  4. Stepp said Troup is planning on playing this week.
  5. I don't believe 4A district Athens is in is allowing visiting bands to attend.
  6. True, but they also added a bunch of Viacom channels. I thought the price hike was a bit steep, but love that I got Paramount, MTV, Nick, etc
  7. I do not think they have added back the Sinclair owned Fox Sports regional networks. We have used YouTubeTV for a year and love it. Switched from DirectTV. Cheaper and more reliable. Wish I had done it years ago. They have FSSW and all of the ESPNs. Great for sports....if only we had some live sports right now. Also has all of the Tyler area locals.
  8. Dave Campbell's subscribers are getting theirs now. They are showing it will be the first week of July or so before they are on store shelves.
  9. Not a done deal yet. Most likely will be, but yesterday's meeting did not make it official https://twitter.com/Matt_Stepp817/status/1273665045361233920
  10. Would he go to Gladewater...or Crandall...interesting
  11. I assumed...but you know what happens when you assume!
  12. You are correct about the pay. Some people prefer to umpire baseball to softball. Different games. Softball is not always faster than baseball. Twice last season I started baseball games on fields right next to the softball field where the games were at the same time. Baseball was done first both times....they were not run rules. Still could use some good umpires. Let me know if you are interested. We will teach you everything you need to know.
  13. The 2020 High School Baseball season is just around the corner. The Tyler Chapter of TASO Baseball is accepting new members. We will provide you with all the training you need. Experience is not necessary, but is a plus. You can check out our new and growing website: http://tylerumpires.org You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tylerumpires/ Umpiring High School Baseball is a great way to earn extra money, stay involved in baseball, and give back to a sport that you love. I am know there are many arm-chair umpires on Smoaky. This is your opportunity to see if you have what it takes to strap on the gear and get behind the plate!
  14. Do you Lindale was 4 over the 4A D1 number last time...they are currently 5A D2
  15. Always looking for good officials. Join your local group and help change it for the better. Lots of armchair officials out there. Need more in stripes on the field!
  16. It is now Matt Stepp official BREAKING: Texarkana Liberty-Eyalu HC Steve Wells has announced his retirement; Liberty-Eylau is open #txhsfb @dctf
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