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  1. Do you Lindale was 4 over the 4A D1 number last time...they are currently 5A D2
  2. Always looking for good officials. Join your local group and help change it for the better. Lots of armchair officials out there. Need more in stripes on the field!
  3. It is now Matt Stepp official BREAKING: Texarkana Liberty-Eyalu HC Steve Wells has announced his retirement; Liberty-Eylau is open #txhsfb @dctf
  4. BREAKING: pending board approval Maud is expected to name Tyler Chapel Hill DC Josh Turner as their next HFC #txhsfb @dctf
  5. https://twitter.com/Matt_Stepp817/status/1107815192178671619
  6. TAPPS Class 5A boys basketball semifinal: No. 4 Frisco Legacy Christian 61, Bishop Gorman 43, final. Bishop Gorman finishes the season at 18-11. Frisco Legacy Christian (26-9) advances to face either Houston Lutheran South or Fort Bend Christian. @etfinalscore
  7. 7on7 is not a UIL thing. I get it you don’t like them, but this seems like a safety issue. Heaven for bid we protect kids. What started off as a non contact game has slowly changed to more contact from overagressive players. I think this is a good thing.
  8. So how can this be official if Hooker has not left and the job is not open.
  9. It would be unnecessary roughness...or Unsportsmanlike conduct. The QB is out of the play. As a referee I am protecting my QB on that play. It is different if he gives an option look, but he was just standing around.
  10. Or it could have been freshman players making freshman mistakes. I am sure there is football chapter that would love your help.
  11. Thanks for the update...you can ignore the PM I sent you a moment ago.
  12. I heard the games were moved back to Thursday...can you confirm when they will be played?
  13. There is not a three hour rule unless the chapter of officials says they will only work for three hours. The officials don't get paid for scrimmages, the chapter does. I believe the current fees are $125 for the first three hours and then $75 per hour after that. I worked a scrimmage that lasted 4 1/2 hours on Friday night....could have been longer but one team decided they were done. In Tyler we try to stay until the scrimmage ends. When you play freshman, JV, and Varsity it can be a long night for the officials, but we love what we do. Just glad the real games start this week.
  14. Surprised that they did, but glad they can wear the jerseys that they spent money to purchase.
  15. The people at the state level that are serving as the uniform police so each individual refereeing crew won't have to.
  16. A life lost way too soon. He was heading home from a Football Officiating clinic in Tyler.
  17. @REBgp I think Evadale's new uniforms will be fine...but my say is not the one that matters.
  18. The onus is on the officials to enforce the rule. Yes, there is a chance that one crew would enforce the rule while another would not. The different officiating chapters are supposed to get pictures of questionable jerseys and advise the members as to which jerseys are legal and which are illegal. This has been taught to the coaches at the coaching convention a couple of weeks back as well. There is even an email address where coaches can send pictures of their uniforms to inquire whether or not they are legal. The hope is that all officiating crews enforce the rule the same.
  19. Yep the numbers have to be a contrasting color...The outline does not matter....the number has to be contrasting. Hard to see from the press box and on film. NCAA changed the rule several years ago...the UIL has had a exception on the books, but it goes away this season. JT will not be the only team that won't get to use new uniforms....It will cost them a timeout each qtr if they choose to wear them. If they are out of timeouts...a five yard penalty.
  20. Might be illegal. UIL exception to the NCAA rule expires this year.
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